Friday, August 7, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-8-20

Ain't It Great, The Lion's Gate...

 Our Lady of Mt. Shasta, Sandra Walter, kicks off this 8:8 full plate of juicy Galactic fare: Manga:

Don't worry America, I got this! Sorcha does the Guns of August thing, Ya' know Man:

Here we go with some major push-back against the psycho eugenics of the Death Cultists: Grok On:
Special Ops timed blackout to give access to teams while electronics are Off; mopping up - OyVey:  

BOM twists his nipple-rings and Governor Cuomo flip-flops, with a sly Moaning Lisa smile; Kek:

Woof! This swamp draining has turned into the whirlpool from hell; time to bring in the Angels:

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