Sunday, August 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-29-20

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Sandra Walter shifted into her 'Earthbound Emanation' to grace us with this Wisdom;  best listen Up:

Those Frog Pond Hits just keep coming; hit the mattresses, make the marinara & get Symbolic: Ribit:
A patriotic militiaman takes one for us All; now he's got a pit-bull lawyer to handle the Swampies:

The Bee-peeps are very close to the truth here; we suggest a viewing of 'Jupiter Rising' for Sauce:

We've got lots more Bad Orange Man news for ya in this little collection; git sum organic Popcorn:

Q is officially out of the closet, Business Insider gettin’ Red Pilled fer shure; all Q publicity Helps:

David Icke is finally gets his props for being a Forerunner of The Great Awakening; Grok-A-Topia:

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