Sunday, August 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-23-20

Don't Let This Happen

To believe in something many folks need to see it in it's Hi Def flat screen glory first; Oy Vey:

Badly done Cabal False Flags planned to set Q up for atrocity charges - Laughably Amateurish: 

Good video history of the Venetian Black Nobility families and their Knuckleheddedry: Dig Deep:

Melt-down at the crumbling UN; their demise is imminent as per Bad Orange Dude; Git Sum:

Q is coming out of the digital closet and shit-libs explode in Rainbow Rage; Kekfest:

Trojan DNC is in total panic as the Conspirators are labeled for what they are - Traitors:

Creator closes this one out with a heartfelt plea for us to exercise our Divine Compassion:

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