Thursday, August 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-20-20

Beware The DNC Bla-Bla Blues

We're getting postcards from 'the Road' as Our Lady of Mt. Shasta cruises her way on Home:

And we got the latest, spittle drippin' righteous rant by ECETI James for his 'big picture' Frens:

The Bannon Bust was a long time coming; inquiring amphibians want moar Zygotes; Gaak:

Itching to get back to ‘Kansas’? Wish hard and tap those Birkenstock cork heels Together:

Rat squad's off-shore piggy bank exposed; nuthin’ to do with ’poverty’ at this Thug Tank - Yuk:

Pro-active POTUS has been cleaning up and protecting the Energy Sector all Along; Light it Up:

Yup, it's the nefarious M.O. of the entire Pedowood entertainment industry up to this very Day:

The Hathors are rattling the sheeple pens and waking aging psychics up in the middle of the Night:

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