Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-26-20

The Calm And Beauty Before The Storm

Some pertinent Q&A from Lorie Ladd for your consideration as more 3D fecal matter hits the Fan:
Only failed dams cause this type of flooding; potable poaching rampant WW - Watch the water. -Q

VR tech creates the illusion of in-person legitimacy; don't forget - social isolation is systemic Torture:

Rabbid Pelosi clone drenches microphone in reeking spittle; freaks-out gobsmacked MSDNC Host:

It's no longer 'good to be the King (or Prince)' Mel, time to work on some new pedo One-liners:

Quantum thanks to Suzanne M for the work-up on this oh so angelic Shanta Gabriel Missive:

I distinctly remember my first Orange Sunshine induced glimpse of Creator's Perspective in 1968:

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