Wednesday, August 19, 2020

GAB: The Antidote to Censored Social Media

Posted Today On Gab

The redpilling of normies is almost complete. Or at least the convincing of people that can still be convinced to change sides or wake up is almost complete.

What we have remaining after that are the blm/antifa/e-thot/college brainwashed types that don’t stand for anything. These people (almost 100%) are doing this because it’s “cool” and accepted behavior. All of this is being propped up by celebrities, globohomo,, late night comedy, and basically all media. Very few of them are actually ideologues that hold opinions or even really have an outline of what it is that they want. They think it’s the “cool” and trendy thing to do, so they do it. It’s basically a fashion statement for most of them. Once those artificial support structures come crashing down and Trump/Q people become the popular and accepted side they will join us no questions asked, no convincing or “redpilling” required. They are incapable of standing up to scrutiny, and don’t actually stand for anything so once the culture shifts (and it will) to start putting scrutiny on them, and they become targets of jokes and harassment they will just glom onto whatever the next “cool” thing is. Which is us. They are quite literally mindless husks that have never thought critically on anything. Textbook definition of useful idiots.

That’s why winning the culture war is so important. That’s why platforms like gab are so important. The only question is how long will it take? Hold the line, and don’t worry about “redpilling” people that are cognitively incapable of it. The culture must shift in our favor In order for them to change.
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