Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-19-20

The Climate Change Scow Is

Taking On Water And Sinking Fast

With Al Gore and Greta aboard the global climate change scow has hit a Truthberg & is Sinking:

News Flash -China is no longer Cabal controlled; the Xi Clean-up is Ongoing; Kung Hei Fat Choi:

Covid-19 out of the medical mafia closet and exposed; Killary acolyte Adair is going full on Fascist:

Sum Motorized Memes for our rolling shit-show of Planetary Awakening to our Innate Sovereignty:

The satanic Billionaire Bad-Boys Cult is unraveling magnificently from Aspen to the Riviera:

He's draining the Cedar Swamp [WH] style; big Booms break deep state bonds; Alahu Orange Man:

There's nuthin' but Ghosts and Empties at the DNC low budget Clownfest; it’s BYO Bullshit: 

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