Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-12-20

Pueblo Memories...Rock People In Party Hats

Git yer Free Cosmic Lightshow! All you have to do is get up & Look Up at the cometary shaved Ice:

Panicky, adrenochrome-Jonesing death-cultists activate more Manchurian hitmen: dwindling Ammo:

Planetary Liberation - never a dull moment regardless of your Chosen timeline; amphibian Kekfest:

Sir Patrick Mack rocks the Casbah and certain Baltimore neighborhoods; Pursuity Frens Dig:

This is the biggest Boom of the week; POTUS reversing Big Pharma's poison-for-profit Scam; YES:

Here are some 'answers' for you truth-seekers out there; David Icke, Denise LeFay and Rapp Man:

I’ve always liked the ego-diminishing quality of Initials as last names; Keep it Simple:

Are ya green enough to take the test?

If you still harbor any misgivings about societies ‘strange goings-on’ Blossom & friends will Clarify:

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