Sunday, August 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-16-20

 We're Watching A Movie...

A Cliff-Hanger Fer Sure, Ayup

Ben Garrison is our opener today; enjoy his cartoons as well as his Curmudgeonly Commentaries:

Beirut – Accident or “New” Bomb Blast? Inquiring Minds already know, they're doin' the DEWS:

Shit be gettin’ Real at the ole’ DOJ with the new Sheriff in charge of the Indictments:

No lies, no lock-down and no more Rona...Hmmmm...My amphibian senses prik up; Ribbit:

When all Cancel Culture creeps troll Hannity; you just Know he’s right over the Target:

Eagle Medicine is very powerful; best respect our Spirit Animal Guides and their Medicine:

My Tibetan teachers call these practices Maitri and Tonglen - foundational for the Bodhisattva:

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