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Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 1/2

 Another masterful and timely compendium by Brother Beckow. You can read the original and many more fascinating posts on his website:

Lightworkers 2123I’d like to spend some time looking at the advice the Company of Heaven gives us as wayshowers, lightworkers, and lightholders as the human collective journeys towards full restoration of consciousness on Earth.
SaLuSa congratulates us on picking ourselves up after our disappointment over 21/12/12.
“It is pleasing to see how quickly you have set aside your disappointment at the nature of Ascension as experienced on the 21st December. After such a long period working towards it, it is natural that you expected it to lift you up considerably more than it did. Yet you have been lifted into a higher vibrational level as some of you are now realizing.”  (1)
The most noticeable change, he says, “has been in a greater degree of control and calmness, and an ability to express a level of Unconditional Love that you may not have felt previously. The overall effect is of feeling at One with All That Is and the realization that you are all connected.” (2)The Divine Mother praises our strength and determination, which she says is forming the template that will be used elsewhere.
“The strength, the incredible strength of the human spirit, whether you are angel, starseed, earth-keeper, way-shower, pillar, or gate-keeper, is unknown elsewhere, unknown. That is why you have chosen and stepped forward and been part of this plan of physical Ascension.
“Your strength, your determination, your hope, and you are teaching many throughout the galaxies, you are forming that template, you are holding the energy for this to happen elsewhere. You are far more clear and loving and determined and joyous than you know.” (3)
What advice has the Company of Heaven for us now as we face the post-21/12/12 world? First they remind us that we’ve come to Earth to serve, according to the angels, a group speaking through Tazjima.
“All of you came with specific missions or dharma to complete. Some of you are not aware of what this work is supposed to be. It will become more apparent in the days and months to come and you can assist in opening up to the possibilities by learning to accept yourself as you are.” (4)
This is a confusing period because the dark has been defeated in major ways but still thrashes around. As  SaLuSa notes, “You came to Earth to experience duality and you are still experiencing some of the ‘fall out’ even as it has completed its cycle.”  (5)
It’s a period of tremendous change as the old leaves and the new arises, as Tazjima’s sources say. Governments will not be able to fix things any more, adding to the confusion.Lightworkers 40389
“This is a period where much change is manifesting into your daily existence as what has been dominant and a power in your world is now in the process of becoming undone and leaving. Institutions that once were the foundation of the community are being exposed as something else.
“The revelations will continue to come, fast and furious, creating much upset and unrest among the populations. Governments will be unable to provide the support needed for fixing things as their monetary supply dries up or as the people rise up in rebellion over austerity measures and increased taxes.” (6)
The Ascension expected on 21/12/12 gave us “a very pointed focus,” SaLuSa says. But but now that that has passed, “it is more open as you have many events to experience and are not sure when they will take place. … We would say focus on your collective understanding of all that is to come of the higher vibrations. You will then be doing as much as can be asked of you, and speeding up the changes.” (7)
We’re assisting in the birth of the new world, Tazjima’s sources say.
“A new world is coming into being and you are here to assist in its birthing. You are the midwife and the pregnant woman, the father and the mother. Together you are bringing forth the Christed child, within yourself and your world. The Christed frequencies are returning to this world and you, with your glorified light body and unified force field, will anchor those energies here.” (8)
Ours is a holy purpose, they say.
“You chose to be here for a purpose, a holy purpose. Open to your greater being and discover that purpose for yourself. We believe that you will be amazed to see how gifted you all are even now. You have vastly underestimated your capacity for creation. Now you have an opportunity to begin to utilize those skills that you have mastered in other dimensions, to bring them into physical reality, on this planet, here and now.” (9)
As the people begin to awaken, they add, “initially they may be angry, even as some of you the lightworkers are still angry, directing your thoughts towards what you see as negative in your world.”  (10)
Some will reject what we have to say, but we needn’t worry about them, the Divine Mother tells us.
“Do not worry your hearts about those who are reluctant to accept what you offer or do not respond well. Just keep up your work and go on about your mission with tolerance and acceptance and understanding that each is proceeding along their path in the perfect way for them.” (11)
One of the roles we play is in transmuting dark energy SaLuSa explains: “There are uncompleted actions that bring the dark energy to light for cleansing, and this is where you come in.” (12) Tazjima’s sources agree:
“Many of you have simply come to transmute the energies as they move through your bodies and to go through the process of reconnecting to spirit, a connection that most of the population has lost, even if they consider themselves to be spiritual people.” (13)
As we feel the dark energy rising, we need to be careful what we as lightworkers focus on, they recommend:
“We would gently suggest that you move your thoughts away from the rapidly decaying elements of the old paradigm, as it will continue to break down on its own without your assistance.
“Remember that you are creators. Your thoughts are more powerful than most of you understand right now. What you focus on the most becomes what manifests in your world. Learn to keep your thoughts focused on more positive outcomes even if they do not manifest directly; they will soon enough.”  (14)
SaLuSa tells us lightworkers that “we look to you to lift people up, as the time has long gone when you felt reluctant to express your views. Be open without being too heavy and having said your truth leave it at that, and you will be doing the best for those around you.” (15)
Jesus through John Smallman speaks to the same theme.
“The energy of the old ways still maintains its hold on those who have bought into authoritarian attitudes as a way to feel secure, and the results of that are apparent in areas where the authorities continue to maintain order by means of enforcement.
“You, the Light-holders and wayshowers, are changing that by extending outwards from yourselves the ever-intensifying, divine field of Love, into which you are permanently integrated and anchored, and by intending to share it with all of humanity.  You have been doing this for most of your present earth life time, ever since you awoke to the reality of your essential spiritual nature and became aware that your reason for being embodied was to assist in this massive task of bringing all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.” (16)
SaLuSa invites us to concentrate on projecting our love out into the world. Not all of us have major roles to play, he says.
“At the very least project your Love and Light at every opportunity and you will be doing as much as can be expected of anyone. You do not all have to be in a major role as you are part of the team, and believe us that every contribution counts as far as the outcome is concerned.”  (17)
The Divine Mother suggests we fill ourselves with limitless love.
“Make way in your hearts for even more Love and Light to enter as the days go on. Fill yourselves up with it without limit. With this you will raise the frequency even further and thus allow the masses to lift and be ready for further ascension. …
“Be at peace in knowing that you are fulfilling your mission by holding as much Light and Love as you are able, constantly transmuting old and negative energy for yourself and all around you at the pace and degree that is appropriate and comfortable for you.
“Pay attention to your own heart and allow yourself to accept as much Light and Love as you can hold, my dear ones.” (18)
By constantly doing this, we’ll transmute the darkness, she says.
“By constantly doing this, you have transmuted much energy into crystalline gold glimmering particles of Light that is becoming the sustaining essence of energy that many can feel in a palpable way. Many can also see it, and dear ones, we can see it so plainly from our perspective.” (19)
Some events, like Disclosure, will produce some fear among the population. We have a role to play in transmuting that fear, Ashtar reminds us.
“The outside events which we have referred to and which show humanity that Disclosure is here are on your door step and will happen very shortly. And by this, we mean ‘soon’ in your language.
“Prepare yourselves because when this happens the work of our ground forces, which you all form a part of, goes off like a rocket. You will have to stand by your sister’s and brother’s side and give them a helping hand to get used to this new reality– which is, in fact, the only reality which exists.” (20)
We’ll continue tomorrow to look at more government- and community-related roles we may wish to take as lightworkers and Earthkeepers.
(Concluded in Part 2.)


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