Thursday, March 28, 2013

Synopsis of An Hour with An Angel: Archangel Michael on Current Events, March 24, 2013

  Posted By Steve Beckow - 3/27/2013

Rather than tack a long preamble to Geoffrey’s interview with Archangel Michael, let me offer these notes in a separate post.

Archangel Michael looks at what’s happening with Israeli young people and others who want peace in the Middle East. He gives the deeper signifcance of the incident that happened with President Obama’s car while in Israel. He says that much disagreement in the Middle East is about control.

He discusses how Pope Francis has more or less thrown away the papal throne. He is not overlighted to proceed in the way of pompous displays of power and control. He says that several galactics were present at a recent ceremony.

He discusses the significance of the financial crisis in Cyprus and the stage we’re at with the transition to the new economy.  It is the old system crumbling and the new system arising. There won’t be a violent end to the old system but a balancing and arising on the new. He says that Christine Lagarde has had a real turn-around and is working for the new reforms. The raid on her home was designed to suppress reformist information but it won’t be successful.

Archangel Michael calls Jack Lew an “angel for change.” My experience of AAM is that he does not use words lightly. More on that later, perhaps?  He describes how Putin is emerging from containment. Putin is just one of the world leaders who has realized what it means to be a leader and who he serves.

He asks us to forgive the old leaders who are exiting containment and have changed their allegiance and to allow them to do their new work as the transition team to bring in Nova Earth.  He discusses where our desire to punish comes from.

He reveals that Turkish Kurd leader Abdullah Ocalan has been “visited” in jail and has had a change of heart and his example of wishing to make peace with the Turkish government will be followed elsewhere.

He states that there will not be only one event that signals that we are in the time of rapid change but a series of events, or as he prefers to call it, a turn of events.

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