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Sanat Kumara On The New Pope and More...

This is worth reading and listening to as Linda's voice carries a wealth of energetic codings above and beyond  the content of the words.  Amazing content from the most reliable of sources...DT the ET

An Hour with an Angel, March 18, 2013, with Sanat Kumara

This preface is from Steve Beckow's posting on The Golden Age of Gaia website:  
Ellen has been blazing hot in getting the transcript of today’s An Hour with an Angel out, which saves me needing to put out an article by way of preview. What I feel is so newsworthy that would have me “rush to print” is Sanat Kumara’s discussion of what’s so and what’s not so about Pope Francis. 

Sanat tells us that Pope Francis is overlit by his namesake St. Francis and that he’s here to clean up the Vatican. So the clean-up crew has arrived. Yes, Francis is a Jesuit but there too, can we not expect that reformers would go into organizations that need reforming? So he asks us not to deny Francis the opportunity to do his work but to send him love and get behind him.

He goes on to discuss how we continue to be in the stage of clearing. As lightworkers we’re also clearing for the collective. He says that we have increased the number of those who would ascend (if Ascension happened today) from the 30 percent it was at in December 2012 to 55 percent now.

As lightworkers we’re “90 percent there” he tells us. Here he has switched from talking about numbers to talking about percentage of the process of Ascension. 

 He tells us that Ascension is both gradual and sudden and very individual. There is a gradual build-up and then a “snap” or “jump” and when and how is different for individuals. 
He answers the question why so many planets and galaxies are focussed on what happens on Earth. Why? Because we are the first planet that will ascend under the new arrangement in which we preserve the physical body. So we are setting the mold. That also explains why they are taking such care with us. We are the ones who will determine what works in this process and what does not. Altogether a very revealing session from the great being known as “Raj.”

An Hour with an Angel, March 18, 2013, with Sanat Kumara

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest today is Sanat Kumara. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.
Steve Beckow:  Thank you, Graham, and Sanat prefers us to call him Raj. For the benefit of our new listeners, Raj is the Planetary Logos, and is known, to all of cultures. To readers of the Old Testament he’s known as the Ancient of Days; to Hindus as Skandha and Subramanya, to Parsees, as Ahura Mazda; to Buddhists, as Dīpankara Buddha; and to Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl.

So welcome, Raj. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you.

Raj:  And welcome to you! And yes, I do prefer Raj, although many still choose to call me Sanat Kumara. And to tell you the truth, I will answer wherever you call me, and by whatever name.

I bring you golden greetings of joy, of abundant radiance, as your Planetary Logos, as your brother, as your friend. This beautiful planet, Gaia, that I have guided and had the honor of serving, and in many ways of overseeing for so long, goes forward on her journey.

But I do not simply come this day to speak of that, because as the human beings, and as part of this Ascension process, I want you to know that you also go forward. And you go forward along the golden pathway, the pathway of righteousness, the pathway of truth, the pathway of alignment with your divine self.

And it is that divinity that you have carried within you since the very beginning, and that you will carry within you until the very end.

You are doing well, my friends. And you say to me, “Raj, what does that mean?” Well, I do not tend to simply speak euphemistically. If you were doing poorly, if you were off track, if you were taking a detour, guided or not, then I would speak to this.

But individually, particularly to those of you that I address this night, and every night, those who are eager to hear these words, you are progressing towards your journey’s end, or shall I say this phase of your journey, (1) the end of which is the new beginning of being fully and completely anchored in the truth of your multidimensional self.

Now, you know that I will not say “On March 19th, 2013, you will ascend.” But I will say to you, and what I will gladly say to you, if each and every hour, each and every moment of each and every what you think of as your days, you are ascending.

Do you wobble? Do you step back at moments? Do you divert your attention from the truth of who you are and the truth of your journey and pathway? Do you sometimes still doubt or fall into disappointment or anger? Yes.

My goodness! You have not perfected and entered fully into your divine self. That is the process that you are in the middle of. And in fact not even in the middle of, but at the tail end of.

Does this mean, this meaning of Ascension, that you are perfect gods? No. But what it does mean, if you are within the perfection of your sweet self, of your mission and purpose, the totality of your being, the totality of your heart consciousness, the anchoring of your abilities, your qualities, your talents, the fulfillment of your desire to be on Earth, in form, at this time, it was never your plan to be absolutely perfect.

And at the same time what I say to thee, my beautiful friends, if you have never been more perfect.
Now, how is that to start? Welcome.

SB:   Thank you, Raj. And you know how eager I am to hear you speak about Ascension. But I do have to ask you a rather serious and difficult question at the beginning because it’s a matter of much discussion among readers of the blog. And that’s about the new Pope.

One reader writes in that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is accused of a numerous…. — well, this is a paraphrase of what she wrote — numerous human rights abuses and acts of corruption, of representing an order, the Jesuits, that has historically oppressed people and committed crimes against humanity, which this reader says makes the new Pope liable for immediate arrest and sentencing under international law.

Now, of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty of anything, so I’m certainly not trying to invest the reader’s words with some sort of finality, but would you address the reader’s concerns? And after that we’ll have other questions for you about the Pope.

R:  What I am asking of you, of your hearts and of your beings, is first and foremost to look at the purity of this individual. And it is seldom that we would use these words. Now, has this one been positioned in a country and in a nation, and yes, even in an order where there have been numerous human rights offenses?  Yes.

But when you are also looking and wanting to seek out and try and discern and discredit an individual who has been chosen — is chosen — and I’m not talking about chosen by a college of cardinals, I’m talking about chosen in a much larger sense — and your beginning point is to discredit and pull down this individual, then what you are also doing is, first, you are staying stuck in the old reality of the Third Dimension and you are looking for reasons to anchor there and to anchor him there when that is not where any of you belong.

There is a point to what I say. And perhaps it has been said more eloquently before. There are very few human beings upon the planet who have never done anything that is harmful, cruel, unjust, unkind, unloving and out of alignment with the truth of who they are.

And you say to me, “Oh, Raj, this is ridiculous, what you are saying. This is a matter of degree. We are not talking about someone speaking an unkind word, we are talking about human atrocities.”
And I am telling you that this individual has not been responsible for human atrocities. Has he been affiliated, and in a position where he has been holding the light and shifting the energies? Yes. Has he been in a position where he has been humiliated, where he has humbled himself to serve? Yes.

I am telling you — and this is one of the primary lessons; it is a good place for you to start, Steve; it is one of the primary lessons that Earth and human beings are learning at this juncture. And it is the lessons and the quality, not just the lip service, but the quality of forgiveness.

Not of being blind, not of overlooking what needs to be corrected. I would be the last one to suggest that. But where is the clemency in your heart? Where is your desire to start afresh in a very different reality, where in fact those qualities of atrocity, of abuse, do not exist?

So, what you are saying, inherent in the question, is the same division that has hampered the forward movement of the collective. It is the choice that some can come and some can’t. And that is neither loving or kind, but it is also the antithesis of what the human collective on a soul level has decided.

So your real question is, does this individual, Francis, have the bona fides to assume this position of trust of the papacy, to be the leader of many? And whether you agree with this institution of the Catholic Church and the history of the Catholic Church, and many of the wrongdoings that have been committed in the name of Christ and God and the Holy Mother, or whether you do not, it is a new day.

And so what I say to you is that this individual, this man, is very humble, but meaningful individual, has chosen and been chosen to step forward in this role during a time of very important transition. It is always interesting that so many are eager to point out to the shortcomings of a figure, whether it is a family member or someone in a position of public notoriety.

But if they are going to do that, then it is also necessary to point to the fullness of the picture of the individual, what they have done right. And your question does not speak to that.

So I say to you, I say to you as one not interfering with human will but certainly guiding it, if I am permitted to do that, that this man — because that is what he is; throw away the concept of saint or sinner, please; it serves none — this man steps forward with a true desire to serve and to transform an institution that is in dire need of transformation.

SB:    All right. Thank you. That’s probably going to be very helpful to a lot of people. There’s a second rumor going around that he’s a walk-in. Is that rumor true?

R:  There is a difference  between what you think of as a walk-in and someone who has been overlighted. And I know your readers are well aware of these differences, but just in case, I will just briefly review.

A walk-in is when the soul has reached exit points, or through prayer and pleading, a direct plea for divine intervention, completely vacates the body and thereby leaves and allows another to take up residency, usually for purposes of that soul to complete their journeys and the mission and purpose that they wish to complete upon the planet.

There is no desire on the part of Francis to do that. This is a position that he has not wanted, and wanted, and been guided to, oh, for decades. And as you well know, there are many political divisions within the Catholic Church that did not want either a Jesuit or someone that was not of their own ilk, particularly someone who is not European [to be in the papacy].

This one has known for a long time of the pathway that he was guided to. And he has committed his entire life to the devotion and service to the Divine Mother. He is much like you, my dear friend. (2) And he is much like Yeshua, knowing of his path, knowing of the journey that lay ahead, and in some ways just wishing that it was more pedestrian and that he was left alone to live his life quietly with his family.

But that is not the path of this one. So, let me be clear: Is he a walk-in? No. But having said that, he has been overlighted directly, not only by the Divine Mother, because that has been in place for a long time, but also by what you think of as St. Francis. Hence his name.

Now,  what does overlighting mean? The overlighting means that our beloved brother Francis adds his energy, his focus and his concentration, his delight, to the energy of this Pope called Francis. So you may think of it in some ways as cohabitation. It is not that Francis, St. Francis, has assumed form, but energetically he has overlit the new Pope. Hence the query and the wondering, because the light is so strong with the combination of these two souls.

The agreement between these two is what is has always been, because they both knew this day would come. Or it was projected, shall we say, it would come. And that is to transform this outmoded institution and to bring it back to the Jesuit, to the Franciscan qualities. And if you go back to original purpose of humility, of poverty, of sharing, of service, of meekness, these are the things that you will see.

The primary focus of this Pope, yes, of course will be to clean up the atrocities, particularly the sexual abuses  that have been and continue to occur, and the hiding of those abuses, but it will also be to build and to rebuild the sense of community, and not in ways that build the coffers of Rome, but to share the wealth of Rome.

It is a time of magnificent change. So often you have said to me and to the Company of Heaven and to the Divine Mother herself, to our beloved friend Michael, “Show me a sign.” Well, dear heart, this is one of the biggest signs of institutional change that you can witness. So pay attention. Pay attention in the coming months. We are not saying that this is going to be a process that he is going to stretch out.

Oh, will there be a lot of kicking and screaming by the power mongers? Yes. What you see in Francis is a humble, tolerant man with a will of steel who will simply dismiss what is not of love. He will not tolerate dragging of feet or subterfuge.

So what can you do other than simply observe this one? Send him your love and support, because as you know, as change occurs in one area, the ripples go out all over the pond, all over the planet. This is a catalyst for massive change. It is good news!

SB:   Well, I’m certainly glad to hear that, Raj. And I’m certain the listeners and readers will be happy as well. Now I’m very eager to turn to the topic of Ascension which is what you spoke of at the beginning.

I think a lot of readers and listeners are trying to get a sense of what the stages of Ascension will be in the coming months, what stages we’re passing through. What’s needed to occur before the task that’s represented by Ascension is accomplished?

R:  Now, I will speak of the stages, and I will speak of it again as we and Michasl always have, in terms of a process as well. And I would not suggest to you that all my beloved friends are in the same phase of the process.

So, for example, many of the lightworkers, lightholders, love-bearers that are listening this night, or later, are at a different point in their Ascension stages and process than say one who is completely unaware. Well, being unaware does not really count, but being unaware and fighting change does.

So there are still stages of clearing the collective, of bringing them gently through — that is the role of the wayshowers, the healers — into the energy of the Fifth Dimension. And you will see this more and more and more. But part of that clearing of what you call, and I call, vasanas (3) is the letting go.

Now, I hear you all gritting your teeth and screaming, “Don’t tell me there is more clearing to be done!” Well, if I do not tell you, if I do not share this with you, and then you say to me, “Raj, why didn’t you tell us?” — so it really is a no-win, is it not? (4)

So I am telling you, I am sharing with you, my beloved ones, my angels of light, you have done tremendous work letting go, clearing up, cleaning up, raising your frequency, attuning your vibration. And if you were alone in this journey, or if you were with just your immediate soul circle, then you would say, “We’re there. We’re 90 percent home.” And I would say, yes, you are.

But what you are also doing is you are assisting with the whole collective of humanity. Now, if you recall, back in those fateful December/January conversations, we had suggested to you, shared with you, that if the Ascension had gone according to the plan One, shall we say, Plan A, then about 30 percent of you would have made it.

But there was this remarkable, unprecedented — I don’t think even now if you fully realize the magnanimous gesture you have made. So you have said, we will all go. So what you are doing is you are working with those, and with the flecks of dust and debris on yourself, and bringing people forward gently, clearly, lovingly, because that is the way of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh dimensions.

It is not rough. It is not harsh. It is gentle and loving and flexible and adaptable.  You are at about, hmm, 55 percent, but that doesn’t mean that the remaining 45 percent has not been brought along; let us be very clear about that. Because everything that you are doing now is having that effect, and you are doing it for the collective.

So let me be very clear. Even this conversation, because yes, we are talking and having this high-level conversation about Popes and Ascension and qualities, but what we are really doing is amplifying the energy of the collective of humanity over the airwaves, far further than any radio waves. We are lifting up and infusing — how I have started – with the radiance of golden joy into the entire populace of the planet.

So do not think, oh, we are only at 55 percent. We have so far to go! That is not so. I don’t think you really want to hear much more about the clearing process.  If you have, or even have had — and this is something that has not  been talked about — an issue, a vasana, a grid, a paradigm, a belief system; it matters not how you label it; if you have had an addiction to pain, then you have still the imprint of that within you, the understanding, not the active personality or spiritual trait, but you have the history of understanding, the ability to teach, the ability to heal.

And so you are helping those who have also shared that issue.

The issues right now particularly are control and greed and punishment. (5) Now, we have not really talked a lot about punishment, and yet it has been one of the foundations of the old Third reality, this belief in punishment. And even this day we have started in discussing Francis, Francis the Pope, whether he deserves to be punished. So this is a quality that is being worked on right now.

Now, on the other side of the scale — because you know everything I do with universal law is about balance — you are also working on the unity, the joy, the trust and the love.

Now, how do you know — or does it even matter that you know — what is on this shall we say the positive side of the scale? Well, it matters because all of those qualities are washing over into what you are eliminating and washing them away. Washing them away I might say off the face of Gaia and out of the collective being of humanity. It’s not as if they’re sinking into the Earth or into the air, they are literally being destroyed.

At one point we will talk about the various universal laws. But what you are doing is anchoring the above and below, and you are anchoring the within and without, and you are shifting the very grid not only of who you are but then replicating it throughout the collective, not destroying the uniqueness of each being, but replicating in a very positive way.

Now, how do we know — let’s talk about the next stage — that we are at a next stage? And I would love to have a program to hear from the many, many, many followers and listeners, of this platform of Michael’s and yours and the followers of InLight Radio, I would like to hear from those who are in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh what their experiences are.

I suggest to you a call-in show where people are able to share not what is going wrong, but what is going right with them. You need to hear more of that because it will encourage you and it will catalyze all of you to move forward more clearly, more gleefully, more joyfully.

But individually, how do you know? The next stage is this feeling of what you and the channel have been discussing beforehand of bliss. Now, what does bliss mean? I happen to be a specialist on this. I tease you.

SB:   Oh, I’m happy to hear from a specialist.

R:  Truly?

SB:   On bliss, Raj. I’m happy to hear what you have to say about bliss. Please.

R:  It is when you know, regardless of what is going on — in your apartment, your home, your world — that there is this sense of joy, of rightness, of absolute divine connection that makes your heart sing and hum, your body vibrate. It isn’t that you don’t care about others, but it is that the externals are no longer affecting you in a way that it brings you out of your center, or in your colloquial way, that it “brings you down.” It does not do so.

So there is a sense, in bliss, of detachment, and of being the observer. Now, I am not suggesting to you that the observer does not observe and then also take appropriate action. And when you are in bliss, one of the biggest elements, shall I say, of this is clarity. When you are in that place of joy, and not denial, we are not talking about living in what you would say is a fool’s paradise.

But it is a clarity of knowing that everything is in motion. And, my beloved friends, it is impossible in this infinite, eternal creation of the Mother’s, that things are not always in movement. They are continually. Things do not stop. Even when you say to me, “Raj, it’s moving too slow. Things need to speed up.” Well, there are many times when I agree with you heartily.

And then there are times when I would say to you, wait, stay in the place of being the observer and smell the sweetness of the nectar that comes into your mouth from the roof  of your mouth, (6) the nectar of One. If you are too busy rushing and looking for what is around the corner, you are not in the divine centeredness of that potential.

So bliss also contains not only clarity, but the ability to be still and to move at a million miles an hour. And you, Steve, have been experiencing this. (7)

SB:   Yes, I have.

R:  It is joyful. It is so productive. And it is productive in a different way.

Now, perhaps, my beloved friends, on a day-to-day basis you don’t notice it. So you say, well, I don’t think I’m in bliss, or, sometimes I’m in bliss. Sometimes I feel I am in the state of grace and joy, but then I fall back. I invite you to call on me, to invoke the law of above and below, within and without.  When you feel slightly off kilter, simply ask to be brought back into that alignment.

Now, having said that, there are times when you are reaching and bending over into the Third to help your brother to come forward and you will feel slightly off kilter. And in fact you may even feel sick, because your vibration has changed to the point where that energy is so distasteful that it is abrasive to you. It is abrasive to your mind, to your heart and to your body.

So, when that occurs, and you know that you are doing your sacred work, then simply call. Call on all of us to help bring you back to that center of bliss.

Now, as you anchor more firmly in this, then the next stage that you are already — again, these are not clear cut; these are not classrooms with doors and walls; this is the ocean that you are traveling upon. It is fluid. And you are in the raft, and you are moving in these various stages and processes.

The next stage is creation. From that place of clarity, of centeredness, of alignment, there is no other choice. You can’t stay still, although you are at still-point, but you are moving into creation.

Now, you say, “This is all very interesting, Raj. But where do I ascend?”  And what I am saying to you is that each of these movements is Ascension. It is the redesign of Ascension for the human collective.

When you are getting to the point of creation, then what you are fully doing is anchoring upright, in your heart-conscious, Fifth-Dimensional self. Because then you are acknowledging, embracing, and [you are] in the energy, because it is a collective energy. Then there is no separation, from you and me and Michael, and the ascended ones, and each other. It is a co-creation.

So you may say, “I am working on this particular creation project,” but it is collecting the energy from everybody. Then you are in the fullness of your heart consciousness. Reference to the body, to the mind, even to that wisp of ego, which is so delightful. It is part of your uniqueness. But you are at home with one.

So then part of your question becomes to me, “Are you saying, Raj, that the Ascension is individual as well as collective?” Yes, I am. Now, even prior to November of 2012, September of 2011 we were telling you, there were many already ascending and anchoring in the fullness of their being.

Now, has that been readily apparent? Well, it is to some. To the general collective? No. But you are noticing it. And when I say “you,” I mean, dear listeners, you. You are noticing the shift within yourself.

You say, “Well, I’m not sure how to see it.” And I say to you, “Are you in greater joy? Are you in greater peace? Does your blue flame of truth, of Michael, burn brightly? Are you able to discern very rapidly and easily what is truth, what is not? What is for you, what is not? What is the best pathway, what is not? What do I want to do, what do I not want to do? Who do I wish to be with? What do I wish to do? All of these are indicators to you of your clarity, of your bliss.

And that is the pinpoint that we want you to focus on. But yes, in terms of the collective, there will also come a point of what you will think of as snap. Where the tidal wave — no, the Earth will not shift because everybody moves to one side of it – but it will be as if the energy has shifted so significantly with the totality, or enough of the totality, that the change is unmistakable, so that you will look at each other and say, “We have done it.”

We are not talking about some distant future. And I will tell you why. First of all, the plan of the Mother for the anchoring of this energy, the return of love to Earth, the Ascension of Gaia has been planned for a long time. Now, does she work on longer timeframes? Yes, as you well know.

But nevertheless, humans, and the human collective, and the human soul decision did not work on an indefinite timeline. Your nature, whether you live in Africa, Istanbul, Paris, Texas, New York City or Vancouver, is, “We want it now.” So you, in this redesign, also placed what we would say, and which I am pleased with, a rather limited timeframe for this to occur. That is why you all feel so excited!

You are working flat out! To accommodate these shortened time-frames for the collective to be as one, as a whole, with all of the kingdoms and Gaia in the Fifth.

So, this was not only our plan, it is your plan. You have an expression, you often say to each other, “I’m running late. Can you give me 10 minutes?” And usually it is granted. Or the person will say, “Well, I’m running late too. I’ll give you five.” Well, that is what you did to the Mother, and to me.

So you said, “We’re running a little behind. We can’t all make it today. Can you give us 10 minutes?” We said yes. But you didn’t say, “Can you give us 10 years, or 100 years?” Do you understand what I am saying?

SB:   Yes, I understand. But there is one point that I think some listeners may be a little confused about. Maybe I could ask you about that. You said we’re at the 55 percent mark. Now, we were said to be at the midpoint of Ascension on 21/12/12, so are we now 5 percent further along, or are we at 55 percent of the remaining 50 percent?

R:  Good question.  Do not forget what we had said about the 30 percent.

SB:   Yes.

R:  So you are at the 50 percent in terms of the process, getting ready for the jump, shall we say.

SB:   Okay.

R:  When push came to shove, there were still beautiful souls who were still a little reticent out of concern about leaving those they loved behind, even though they had received great reassurance. But if you want to work it this way, you are at 55 percent of those who are behind the fence, the reticent bunch. So you are doing very well. You are at 55 percent go, so if the line was drawn today, more than half of the population of your planet Gaia would be ready to ascend, joyfully, gleefully, ready to go.

SB:   Okay, well, that’s great. It’s interesting, because I have two questions I’d like to ask you about in the remaining time, and we may not have time for both. One question is, if you could, help listeners understand this notion of balance, because so many listeners will think it means 50 percent good, 50 percent bad, 50 pounds of this and 50 pounds of that. They’ll think of it in terms of weight and not in terms of returning to the center point, where things are in balance. Right? That’s the first question.

The second question is, if you could comment a wee bit on why so many other planets and galaxies are said to be watching the Earth in this Ascension.

R:  The point of balance is one that is very important. And it is especially important as you are transversing out of the Third, even the cleaned-up Third, to the Fifth. You as a population — and I am talking the history of Earth — have tended to think in extremes, either or, duality/polarity. It’s either good or it’s bad. And what you tend to do is run back and forth.

We do not want you to do that. We want you to stay in the center-point of your balance, which is the center-point, the still point of your heart, and to operate from there. Understand, in this new way there is no judgment, but there are things that you are letting go of. And that is why we talked about the movement of what you have called the divine qualities to the other end of the balance, so the things remain, the fulcrum remains balanced.

So, for example, many of  you would say, “Well, on the one hand of the scales of justice we have control, greed, punishment. On the other hand, we have love, joy, bliss, generosity, tenderness, kindness.” But what you do, you are standing holding both of these in your hands, but you are anchoring in your heart. You are allowing the energy from the love side to flow to what you would think of as the vasana side. And it is pushing out, washing away the vasanas. Letting them go.

Now, it doesn’t put you out of balance, because now, on your other hand, you may have a little control but a lot of love. You may have a little punishment but a lot of gratitude. Do you understand what I am saying?

SB:   Yes, I do.

R:  But the key is to stay in the center, not to be at one extreme or the other. It will never serve you. (8)

SB:   So imbalance is to be at one of the extremes, and balance is to be in the center, where one is equanimous, detached, centered?  Is that correct?

R:  Yes. Aligned.

SB:   Aligned, yes. Okay. What about the question of why so many planets and galaxies are watching the Earth?

R:  Well, they have always been watching Earth, and they have always been interested in the Ascension process, because it is unique, it is phenomenal, it is the fulfillment of the plan of the Mother. This is far greater than any movie that you could ever create in your reality.

So it is having a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. And the fact that the human race matured enough to say, no, we will care for everybody, has caused ripples and amazement throughout the galaxies!  So they are watching very closely how you are doing it.

And how it is going, because it will set the paradigm for other planetary Ascensions, other realms that want to work in this way.

SB:   But isn’t the whole universe ascending, Raj?  We’re not the only planet, are we?

R:  You’re first in line.

SB:   Ah! So we’re the first planet to ascend. Is that what you mean?

R:  Yes.

SB:   Okay. Well, we must talk about this more. We’ve run out of time so quickly! Thank you, Raj.

R:  I would be happy to do so. Go with blessings, my friend.

SB:   Thank you very much.

R:  Go with my golden radiance of joy.

SB:   Blessings on you.

R:  Farewell.

SB:   Farewell.


(1) The entire journey is from God to God, to mergence in God and loss of the individuated self. This part of the journey is from dualistic consciousness to unitive consciousness, or from the Third Dimension to the Fifth.

(2) I am also a devotee of the Divine Mother.

(3) A vasana is an archaic, usually troublesome behavior pattern formed in reaction to earlier traumatic events.

(4) And, in fact, we have done this with Raj and the Company of Heaven, many times – told them we didn’t want to know about one thing and then later asking him why he did not warn us of the pitfalls. Theirs is a huge task and very often thankless at worst or taken for granted at best.

(5) How similar are greed, control and punishment to money, sex and power, the triad of traps that people are so often said to fall into.

(6) “With time, as the three chakras connect the hypothalamus is ‘enlightened.’ This along with the new awakening of the temporal lobes and the mystery of the third ventricle we’ve discussed causes the secretion of a new hormone (not related to melatonin or serotonin) that you’ll be able to taste coming down from the roof of your mouth. The taste will change as the secretions go through a specific cycle, all the while instructing the endocrine system to further initiate the biological reality of your ascension process, and rejuvenation. We are  not referring to the natural sweet taste many experience in the back of the throat when taking m-state. Nor the Amritha of the yogic tradtion. The Amrit  nectar production is associated with an increase in the pineal gland secretion 6-methoxy-tetrahydro-beta carboline  and is also sweet, and can tend to make one spacey. This new hormone is not limited to ‘sweet’ or associated with spaciness.  It is deeply transformative; relating to the lifting of the veils between the worlds, the dimensions. One walks ‘solidly’ and focused in all the worlds with dominion; and this consciousness is associated with pioneering changes in the endocrine system.” (http://www.asc-alchemy.com/assist.html.)

(7) I experienced it at  a meditation retreat perhaps two years ago, when, though in a higher-dimension and still, I was aware that I was accomplishing many actions without moving a limb.  How Raj knew that, I leave up to you.

(8) So balance does not mean a proportion but remaining in the center of equanimity rather than swinging out to the peripheries of high emotion.  I’m not sure that people really understand this and I could be wrong.

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