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Steve Beckow - Q&A With The Arcturians In The Formless Realm

More and more of the truth of Who we Really are is coming out in each moment of Now that I experience on this Earth Walk. And so it goes.....DT the ET

The Arcturian Perspective on Healing the Scars of Vasanas through Unconditional Love

I recently had a series of exploratory readings with beings from the Arcturian High Council through the grace of Suzanne Lie. I’d like to excerpt from one discussion that occurred on March 16, 2013. 

The question we explored in these passages was why do so many enlightened teachers go off track, getting into sexual dramas with their students or misusing money.

In the course of explaining, the Arcturians gave some very valuable information on how to complete vasanas in this time of rising energies.  A vasana is an archaic and usually negative or troublesome behavior pattern that derives from an earlier traumatic incident. Vasanas are the major mischief makers in life.

They say that repeatedly falling and forgiving, unconditionally loving our darkness as well as our light, we heal the scars of our vasanas.

They confirm what I have long suspected  – that the physical body is so dense that we must repeatedly process our vasanas before they lift from the body and the scars heal. I’m tempted to compare the process to tenderizing tough meat.

I found the discussion very, very helpful and decided to post this part in its entirety. The Arcturians who are speaking are not wearing light bodies, but are formless. 

Much reading perhaps and for that I apologize, but very helpful. I have Lorraine to thank for a transcription of this reading.

arcturiansFrom a Reading with the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie, March 16, 2013

Steve: I wonder why so many beings have become enlightened, at least to seventh-chakra level, what we call Brahmajnana, and yet have behaved so poorly, especially in the area of sexuality.  But with money as well.

I thought to myself that our vasanas, our archaic negative energy patterns derived from earlier traumatic incidents, survive until we experience Sahaja Samadhi at our full entrance into Fifth-Dimensional reality. Even if that explanation is correct, which I hope you’ll comment on, it still doesn’t help.  How can we avoid perpetrating or misbehaving if enlightenment itself does not remove those vasanas?

The Arcturians: As long as you are wearing a physical form there will be certain neuropathways that will become activated.  And certain lower emotions, sensations and desires that will move into your consciousness. That is the great challenge.

One time Suzelle [the Arcturians’ name for Suzanne Lie] had a dream that she was being chased and she went into a room where pigs were hanging to be cured. She put herself into the pig’s body to disguise herself.  But the longer she ran as a pig, the more she forgot who she really was.  Instead of looking up, she looked to the ground and became the pig in which she was hiding. (1)

That is a story that best explains your quandary, does it not?

S: Yes, it does, but the question becomes how to avoid that?  Could you advise me on that please?

A: The challenge is really one of unconditional love.  And in order to give unconditional love to the beings and the planet that you have come to serve, you have to give unconditional love to yourself.

And in order to give unconditional love to yourself, you will have to do, feel, think or be something that it is difficult to love unconditionally.  Are you with us?

S: No, the last sentence, I could not follow.

A: Unconditional love means that you love a being’s darkness as much as you love their Light.  You love their confusion as much as you love their illumination.  And in order to give unconditional love away, you must have it within your consciousness.  You must hold it for yourself.  However, unconditional love does not even adhere to the frequency of an earth vessel, does it?

Therefore, the Earth vessel needs to be allowed to do what it does.  And what the Earth vessel does is it expresses its polarity.

And the frequency emanation within that Earth vessel expands the frequency of the Earth vessel into a resonance that is immensely uncomfortable but only on the edge of transmutation, for it is not yet your time to leave.  Therefore you will come to the point of transmutation into Light Body and you will stop because it is not your time, you have not yet fulfilled that which you came to do.  You understand that, do you not?

Therefore you have put your physical body into quite a spin.  For within the physical world, what goes up comes down.  Does it not?

And so when you go down you are going to go down into your own darkness, are you not?  And when you go into your darkness, you have the wonderful opportunity to unconditionally love yourself.

And when you unconditionally love yourself, then you can unconditionally love everyone.

S: I hear what you just said, but why do enlightened masters go off into behavior that is not accepted publicly in the first place?

A: They do not remember to love themselves unconditionally.  And the unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse.  When you love yourself unconditionally, the molecules of unconditional love, which is the highest frequency of Light, move into the psychic scar tissue of your lower fourth-dimensional areas that are holding the scar from being stretched beyond that which it can contain.

And that scar becomes presented into the third-dimensional world as a behavior, as a thought, as an action, and as you know from one who has experienced the glory of the kundalini, the energy is very sexual, is it not? (2)

And so therefore one, who has felt the full flow of kundalini, so that the alpha and omega blurs into the oneness, can fall down and not be able to use this beautiful opportunity to practice unconditional love for the unconditional love will move into the scar tissue of the aura, into the scar tissue of the etheric body, into the scar tissue of the chakras, into the scar tissue of the habitual habits of behavior.

And it will replace those third-dimensional wounds with as high a frequency of light as that body can tolerate.  For unconditional love is the bonding force.

It can take the scar and close the wound and this must happen many times for the physical body is very dense and of a very, very low frequency.  (3)

Therefore there has to be an ongoing repetitive process of moving up and falling down, and unconditionally loving, and healing the part that was wounded so that with each repetition of the unconditional loving and the healing [that comes from that], the body gradually adapts to higher and higher frequencies of Light.

In the same manner, you are also downloading the higher frequencies of light.  And the higher frequencies of light as you know are activating the DNA that was shut off from the Annanuki and that was shut off after Atlantis, for we realized that that much power would be very dangerous in the frequency to which your Gaia had fallen.

And so that ability had to be lost and now it is being regained by us that have taken the form (4) and because we are able to detach from the form, because we are able to feel the bliss on the other end of the spectrum, we have the power to go through this immensely painful process of wounding, healing, wounding, healing, wounding, healing, adapting, adapting, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving.

In fact the wounding is not the greatest challenge for our grounded ones.  (5) The greatest challenge is the forgiving. The forgiving of the behavior.

But you see forgiving the behavior of the body that you are wearing – does that not teach the one who is wearing that body to release any remnants of arrogance that might have adhered to the higher state of consciousness?

S: This process of forgiving, wounding, forgiving, and wounding – I’ve been through it in Enlightenment Intensives.  In fact going to an Enlightenment Intensive is a voluntary acceptance of that process.  I know what you are speaking about there.  I have said in the past that it is bliss that heals the scars rather than love.  Am I incorrect in that?

A: Unconditional love and bliss are absolutely the same.  (6) Unconditional love is the mental condition of the matrices that arise from the frequencies of unconditional love.  Bliss and euphoria are the sensations of the clairsentience (7) that fills the matrix to create.  They are the same. There is no difference.

It is only within third-dimensional thinking that thoughts and emotions are separate. Thoughts and emotions are not separate.  Thoughts and emotions are the same. Thoughts and emotions are creativity in motion.  The thought is the matrix; the emotion is that which fills the matrix.  But they are one.

With the thought of believing that you and all of our brave ones who have entered a form at this time believing and knowing with every shred of your consciousness that you are Arcturian, you have just released the greatest trap of the third dimension – and that is the trap of forgetfulness.

It is the forgetfulness that traps those that have achieved great states of consciousness for they forget that they are not their body. They forget that they are wearing their body and then they begin to think that they are their body.  And then they start listening to the primal urges of their body – the guilt, the fear, the anger and of course the most primitive and the most basic is the urge for procreation, sexuality.

S: That is very helpful.


(1) Compare this to the Hindu story of Shiva when he incarnated as a pig. He was so much in love with his life as a pig that Vishnu had to come down from heaven and spear him to have him return to the higher realms and take up his duties again.
The purpose of the story is to illustrate how we can forget ourselves when immersed in Third-Dimensional reality, so heavy is this physical body through which we manifest.
(2) Many years ago, I experienced the kundalini go up my spine like a ring of fire. But also, more recently, as the kundalini rises, I have been plagued by sexual feelings, which I have asked Archangel Michael about twice.
(3) I do know from my experiences in Enlightenment Intensives that it can take many repetitions of processing before some major vasanas heal. It isn’t usually the case that processing a deep vasana once will cause it to entirely complete itself.
(4) By Arcturians and other starseeds that have taken form on Earth to help with Gaia’s Ascension.
(5) In this case, the Arcturians’ starseed representatives.
(6) I’ve said that they are different. Evidently I am not correct. See “Bliss and Love” at
(7) “In the field of parapsychology, clairsentience is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by feeling.[27] The word ‘clear’ is from the French clair, and ‘sentience’ is derived from the Latin sentire, ‘to feel’.” (

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