Monday, March 4, 2013

Saul: Your Quiet Periods are Essential for Your Health and Happiness

Now my beloved Saul - The Galactijew is starting to sound like a true Jew-Bu (Jewish/Buddhist hybrid) from The Peoples Republic of Boulder!  Oy Mani Padme Hum...

As Channelled By John Smallman On March 3, 2013               

We are all one – humanity, other citizens of the Universe, and all in the spiritual realms – as you well know. However, on Earth it is very difficult for the majority of you, the vast majority of you, to acquire a true understanding of what that actually means. You experience life as individuals with individual needs – shelter, clothing, food, rest, an income – and to imagine yourself as one with all sentient life, let alone your immediate neighbors, is enigmatical to say the least.

And yet it does make sense because you can see that what one does often affects another; and you feel compassion for the suffering of another, which you would not if you were not all connected, all one. As all are one, to awaken is a collective event — an event for which you have been preparing for a long time, and now that moment is drawing closer. You have heard that before, many times, and it is becoming a little like a bad joke as you wait expectantly and see no sign of it.

Frustration and disappointment have upset many of you, undermining your faith at times. But those periods pass, and your faith strengthens again as you maintain your intent and allow us to offer you succor and guidance in your daily interludes of quietness and prayer.
Those time periods are essential to your well-being, and during them you have an enormously powerful effect on the divine energy field enveloping the planet because you interact with it by opening your hearts to receive the abundance of Love that is the energy field in which you have your eternal existence.

Often, maybe most of the time, you do not feel it or sense it; but it envelops you always, and it shows itself when you make choices that bring you peace and relieve your stress or anxiety. You are never alone, unsupported, although in the physical dimension the opposite is definitely experienced.

But when you accept that experience and surrender to it, its intensity decreases, because by surrendering you allow the divine energy field to strengthen and fortify you, and you experience that as a reduction in fear, anxiety, or stress, similar to the release that you feel in those daily interludes of quietness.

It is impossible to overstress the importance of taking time out regularly every day, to be alone, quiet, and relaxed, as you allow the divine energy field to meld ever more fully with your own. The more integrated these energy fields become the more easily you can relax into the Love that embraces you, letting it suffuse you and then flow through you to interact with all in your vicinity, everyone on the planet, and the planet herself, thus reiterating your oneness with all of creation.

You are divine beings because God created you as such, and that is a changeless, eternal state. You have just forgotten how to access it, and to awaken is to access it once more. Whereupon you will recognize it and recognize yourself as the divine being that you are.

It is a wondrous state, quite beyond description or imagination while you believe in and support the illusion that you experience as so real and solid. Your daily periods of quiet solitude will bring you ever closer to that natural state as the stresses and anxieties of daily life fall away.

Initially your mind will be busy with thoughts rushing in to fill the space that you are attempting to make there in which to be quiet and peaceful, because it is used to busyness and feels uncomfortable when stilled. Do not judge yourselves as wrong or failing when this happens, because you have made the intent to still your mind and with practice you will succeed.

Just persist, accepting whatever occurs – maybe streams of thoughts that you will want to judge as unwholesome, inappropriate, or evil! – because your ego-mind will do its utmost to engage your attention using the strangest and most unsettling of shock tactics in order to regain your attention.

However, these periods of quiet, undisturbed peace will become for you the most important parts of your day, because with practice they will deepen and intensify, and your mind will be less frequently disturbed by trains of thought that carry you away into distracting inner turmoil as you automatically and without awareness engage with them.

When awareness returns, as it will, do not berate yourselves. Instead, be pleased that your awareness has returned, and honor it for doing so. To berate or judge yourselves as wrong or inadequate is just to follow another distracting thought train, until your awareness returns once more.

Ask for help and guidance during those periods you set aside daily for quietness of mind — and you will receive it. Oftentimes, any anxieties or worries that were unsettling you will dissolve during these quiet periods.

The problems or issues causing them may not be resolved, but you will feel more at peace and better able to cope with them. Your quiet periods are essential for your health and happiness, so indulge yourselves by allowing yourselves to take time for them.

With so very much love, Saul.

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