Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Archangel Michael Via Ron Head: Learn To Enjoy Every Hint Of Your Growth As It Happens

Archangel Michael Channelled By Ron Head On March 18, 2013

Now you have reached the time of the equinox.  As you have seen on previous occasions, the energy of this time is beginning to be felt now, will reach its peak on the day of equinox, and continue to be felt for the three days following.  You are immersed in such strong fields now that you may feel as though you can’t imagine feeling any more.  Nevertheless, there will be such an increase.

You are so much better equipped to handle it now than you were scant months ago that it may indeed seem to be “business as usual” for you.  We tell you, however, that many of you have reached a point which will allow this newest surge to propel you past your last hurdles into a much different quality of consciousness.

Once again it may not appear so at any specific moment on the day.  We hope you have learned now not to anticipate such a thing.  If that does happen for you, please accept our congratulations, but most of you will grow into the change just as you are used to doing.  It will, when you look back upon it, be a major turning point, however.  And so, since we do see that as accomplished, we send our love and congratulations now.

This is a journey of epic proportion you are embarked upon, dear ones.  It will last all of your lifetimes and far, far beyond.  But there will be signposts and moments of supreme joy in accomplishment along the way.  And we wish you many of those.  But please learn to enjoy every hint of your growth as it happens.

What seems tiny to you now may well turn out to have been immense in the future.  You certainly are aware of such turnings when you look back upon what you think of as your everyday lives, and this is not really any different nor truly even separate in any way, though you think of it as such.

Change upon your world, in many areas, has begun to speed up, just as we foretold.  This will continue.  It is time now for you to focus and maintain your center, stay grounded, and hold your vision of your better world.  Do not allow the worry and fear which await an invitation into your minds to have an entrance.  This would be a good time to tell them that you are sorry, but your higher selves, your angels, and your guides have taken up all the chairs and there is no place for them to sit.  If they do insist on making an appearance, just bathe them in love and light and watch them change into peace before your eyes.  We have watched you become experts in that sort of thing these last few months.  As it works in your outer world, so will it work in the inner.

We send peace and love to you now, dear hearts.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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