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St. Germaine on Healing Ourselves and Working from the Fifth

I adore this guy!  Ask me why my favorite color is Purple...
   DT the ET

Through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, 

 March 17, 2013


Long ago I have asked you, decades ago I have asked you to come and to join my armada. No, we are not simply sailing to the new world this time, we are sailing to a new reality; to Nova World and Nova You and to the truth, not only of who you are but who we are together.

Greetings, I AM St. Germaine. So much fuss over a name. I am pleased to introduce myself, but you have known me by so many names and yes, I have chosen this one as Comte de St. Germaine, but you may also call me William, Wilheim, Geome, you may call me Willy if you wish! (1)

I come this day to speak to you yet again, my beloved healers. Yes, it is a theme that I am picking up and drumming throughout every potential opening. Long ago I have asked you, decades ago I have asked you to come and to join my armada. No, we are not simply sailing to the new world this time, we are sailing to a new reality; to Nova World and Nova You and to the truth, not only of who you are but who we are together.

Often I have said to thee that I will not incarnate yet again, that that time and that portion of my journey has come to an end. But as I watch thee in your enthusiasm and in your creations and your anchoring of the new, of the higher dimensional reality, I must tell you, “I am tempted to come and walk with you again, to break bread with you again, to breathe the sweetness of spring air yet again.”

What is the difference between healing and creation and the fulfillment and peace? There is nothing, for all these are interconnected and I do not mean in the sense of the same tapestry but of the same fine silk thread. And you do not take a piece of thread, a line of thread so fine and beautiful, violet of course, and try to separate it. This is what occurs too often and this is the paradigm that you are breaking down my beloved friends.

You do not say and segment your thread, say ‘now I am healing, now I am creating, now I am experiencing love, now I am at peace’, for all these are part of one. You do not clear or clear for the collective without healing. You do not heal without creating and allowing the new to emerge, because as that vacuum occurs it is always, immediately filled with the new and the new is what you are choosing, each of you in your magnificent selves choosing to allow, to enter within you.

That is why the conscious awareness of what you are bringing forth, not just what you are getting rid of, but what you are bringing forth is so important. And this isn’t dictated to you in any way, shape, or form. The only guideline that is ever given to you is “Is it of love? Is it a reflection of above? Is it in alignment with who you are?”

But as you begin and you are healing for your sacred self and for millions of others, be very cognizant, conscious, not just subconscious or unconscious but conscious about what you are bringing in. As the tide comes in it deposits crystals, sand, flotsam, jetsam, treasures, gold, shells, pearlescent, silver, and as it recedes it takes away that which is no longer needed. So I come this day of healing to speak of this and to ask of thee, collectively and individually, to be very conscious.

Your healing work is tremendous and I thank you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this healing armada. But I also ask of you, as you remove, for example, the wounds of war and the wounds of war are not simply what occurs on the various battlefields, there is war and battlefields in many households, in many neighborhoods. So, heal the wounds of war, but apply the suave of peace, of joy, of fulfillment so that those wounds do not fester, become gangrenous.

Tend to the patient whether they are in Iraq, Iran, or the slums of LA and embrace yourselves. You reach into the old 3rd to do the healing work, but when you are inserting the creation of the healing, of the peace, of the love, what you are also doing at exactly the same time is you are magnetizing and pulling those people, gently, lovingly, caringly, into the 5th. So the same way that the medic goes and removes the child who has been shot in the neighborhood of violence and removes him to a safer environment, so as you are applying your healing, you are also moving them to a higher realm.

I have not spoken of this before to any of you, but now it is time, and my beloved ones, no one is more capable of this undertaking than you. My faith in you, my trust and my gratitude knows no bounds and I am with you. I am with you with the Violet Flame and the legions of angels, the rainbow ray, the I AM Presence, and so as I am with you, if you have aches and pains, physical or within your heart or soul, then turn to me and turn to me also to help for the creation for you, for your family, for your loved ones, for your community. Because it is not just the battlefields that we heal, it is to raise the vibration so that all are present and joyous in the Cities of Light, in the forests of love, on the oceans of peace, and the puddles of play.

Thank you. I love you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 03-16-13

(1) Before the channeling there was much discussion regarding the name ‘St. Germaine’ and a question as to his first name…

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