Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 2/2

Steve Beckow

(Continued from Part 1.)

Future City 2918Yesterday we looked at how lightworkers and lightholders are midwifing the new reality and listened to the Company of Heaven give us some general advice on how to conduct ourselves to fulfill our missions. Today we pick up the thread and listen to advice for those who will be playing roles of social leadership in the coming times.

Many lightworkers are being groomed to take leading roles in the structures of Nova Earth, Archangel Michael says.

“Many Souls will choose to leave the Earth plane as a part of their contract and Divine mission, and many other beautiful Souls are being placed or readied to assume positions of authority, positions of power. They will remain low key, possibly in the background, until it is time to step forward and make themselves known.

“They will be dynamic, forceful and carry a new vision for humanity – one that will serve all people and create the foundation for the New Age to come.” (1)

We cannot sit back and rely on governments to make things better. We’ll find ourselves coming up with many of the solutions to problems, the group called the Angels say through Tazjima.
World Leaders 2939
“Do not expect governments to work miracles or to solve the unsolvable problems created by greed, lack of vision and entropy. Some of you will discover as you begin to open up to your multidimensional self that solutions for these problems will present themselves. Many wonderful creative notions will be able to be put into practical usage once the institutions that would have prevented these things from coming into being have disappeared from the world’s stage.” (2)

Archangel Michael invites us to “build your communities globally.”

“You have had tastes of what is possible, with the Occupy movements, with Arab Spring, with many institutions that are in place to assist those in need.

“Now, do they need to be cleaned up? Yes. And can you do that? Yes. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. What you need to do is perhaps clean up the wheel, and put in a few new spokes, and fill the tires.”  (3)

He exhorts us to “begin the communication. Expand the communication.”

“Become involved in your community, whether it is in a community garden, in a community action group; whether it is bringing together singers who are interested — and we do not mean simply scientists — who are interested in the issue of free energy.

“There are many among you who are in very active collaboration with your star brothers and sisters. Why are you not coming together and sharing what you are learning?

“And I do not simply mean about the technology or the play, I mean about the vibration that is required for you to actually come and conjoin. So, choose your area, or your areas, that you wish to address and get going.”   (4)

If issues come up, we have the power to deal with them and we’ll learn new laws and new ways as we go along, he says.

“Come together in collaboration and in groups to deal with any issues that are coming forth that need to be eliminated, eradicated. Use the law of elimination, dear heart. This is something that Sanat Kumara has not talked of very frequently in the old days, in the past. But now it is time to bring this and anchor this law firmly within you.” (5)

When we kick things off, SaLuSa tells us, we empower the Company of Heaven to intervene: “In most of these matters we do look to you to get things started, thus allowing us by the Law of Attraction to join you.” (6)

Our work will be made easier when we as individuals begin to link up and join other lightworkers prepared to build Nova Earth with us.

“As the transformational period continues through the next months, you will find yourself coming into contact with those who are of a similar frequency level as your own. Some of you will begin working with other members of your soul family, either those who are embodied on the planet, those who are part of galactic crews whose ships populate the skies above your planet, as well as those who work from the spirit world.”  (6)

For many of us it has been a lonely time, Tazjima’s sources suggest.

“It has been a lonely time for many lightworkers, who have been sprinkled liberally across the face of the planet, many being the sole anchor of light in their communities. However, as more people awaken, those same lightworkers will find themselves more in demand, as people begin to question everything about their lives.

“ Just being a calm presence will assist these new seekers to discover more about themselves. People are more sensitive to vibration and thought than is presently realized. Your calm presence will assist greatly and people will respond by relaxing in your presence.”  (7)

The particular role we’ve come to play doesn’t matter, Archangel Michael says. We’ve come as a collective from the creator race and are inventing what our partnership requires.

“It matters not what you call yourselves, whether it is wayshowers or pillars or gatekeepers or lightholders or loveholders. You are the creator race and you step into the fullness of that role. It is not something new. If anything, it is something ancient. It is that closing of the circle and the beginning of the new.

“So I invite you, I hold out my arms to you as do all the mighty ones [archangels], all the ascended masters. The Divine Mother, the Company of Heaven, we hold out our arms to you and say, please, join with us now in partnership.

“Yes, you are learning, you are remembering, you are inventing what this new realm of partnership truly entails. There is room for maneuvering. There is room for you to think and re-think, feel and re-feel, fill and re-fill, design and re-design who you are, but also who you are in terms of your plan, in terms of the Divine Plan, and in terms of your role in bringing forth the fulfillment of Nova Earth and Nova Being.”  (8)

According to him:

“It is time for … the best and the brightest hearts, intellects, spirits, healers, communicators to come together and to formulate (to use your terms, dear heart) what is workable, what is sustainable. Might I add, what is joyful?” (9)

The Company of Heaven “welcome(s) you to this new chapter, this new book, this new adventure.”  (10)

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll need to go through a time of awakening in which revelations of truth will shock and disturb many.  We’ll find our contribution needed to calm the populace down and avoid the violence that could result.

Our economies will continue to shrink until the Illuminati are denied all sources of revenue. Their leaders are within containment and soon all resistance will die.

But before that time, the structures of government and all other institutions will need staff replacements and again lightworkers will fill the gap. So we have much work ahead of us to take up Archangel Michael’s invitation to build this new world.


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