Monday, March 18, 2013

Archangel Michael via Ron Head: Much Has Been Learned and Nothing Should Be Regretted

As Channeled by Ron Head – March 16, 2013

Today let us consider your current situation and help you to feel a bit better about it.
imageRemember that your current situation is the moment or moments prior to your next situation. It is the time in which causes have been made, and are being made, which will yield later results. It is also the time in which your thoughts, decisions, and intentions are the real power of which you have been so often apprised, and which you find so hard to understand.

This moment, this moment, is one in which you could actually be celebrating what you have done if you could see what it truly contains. That is because, unless you change your minds, the work to produce the next moment has been done.

And why can we see that and you cannot? Well, you see, you have invented a really wonderful way keep yourselves from making instant and possibly painful mistakes by not being able to see the results of your actions and intentions, thus giving yourselves a chance to reconsider and learn. It was a good and useful idea which you are about to find you have outgrown.

You created a focus so minute that you could see only a very limited field of what you formerly could perceive. You call it time. You see cause, pause, and then effect. For those who do not so limit themselves, the effect is inherent in the cause. It is already.

But very soon, when you have sufficiently allowed your consciousness to expand, you will begin to see the inherent effects of the causes and not need this linear time illusion any longer. Except that you had decided to create this separation game, you never did need it to begin with, but much has been learned and nothing should be regretted. Others are still lost in the game and you are to have the opportunity to use the wisdom you have gained to help them as you have been helped.

Some are now feeling a very sharp rise in the energies you are entering. They are correct. Smile, breathe, and enjoy the ride. In keeping with our penchant for injecting a bit of humor into these messages, please keep your arms and legs within the earth vehicle until we have arrived at our destination.
Smiling now, we bid you good day.  We will speak again soon.

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