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Dr. Kathryn: Psychedelic Fizz, the Pope-avar, and Justice Celebrations Ahead

The Channeller suggests,via her reference to the Ascended Master who incarnated as Mohandas Ghandi, that it is St. Francis himself who was the walk-in.  This would also explain his choice of Papal Name.  No need to print up new business cards... Rings true to me ...DT the ET

“Dr. Kathryn’s” channeling is not known to me. There’s some third-dimensional language here, and that is often cause for pause. There are dates, which we normally shy away from (and remember that Archangel Michael said no one event would be happening in March but a turn of events, yes).
However, having said that, the notion that Pope Francis could be a walk-in does not surprise me.  The members of InLight Radio were discussing the possibility recently as well.  Might another Francis (aka Mohandas Gandhi) have walked in? The rest of the discussion here is of such novelty and potential value that we post it.
(This preface from Steve Beckow on GoldenAgeofGaia website)

Part 129, Psychedelic Fizz, the Pope-avar, and Justice Celebrations Ahead

Channelled by Kathryn E. May, PsyD On March 13, 2013
Francis 3212
We have some new and interesting information for you.  Things are moving along at a rapid pace here in higher dimensions.  Our carefully laid plans are coming to fruition.  However, they are so complex in nature that it would take more than a book to tell you, and then you would not comprehend because of the multi-dimensional, multi-faceted labyrinth we have had to construct to make it all reality.  Mere language could not allow for the true understanding of what you will experience during the coming changes, so we have devised a plan for your illumination.

During the coming days, the energy streaming to you from Us, from the center of the galaxy, will contain magic.  Those of you who are awake and in communication with us in your hearts will experience feelings, sounds, visions and revelations – whichever happens to be your strongest form of telepathic communication.  Imagine what it looks like when you drop a tablet of Alka-Seltzer into a glass of water; it fizzes and bubbles as soon as it hits the liquid.  This is a small suggestion of what you will be able to feel in your bodies.  You may also have incredibly vivid and colorful dreams, filled with feelings of love, ecstasy and well-being.

Embrace these new experiences, whatever form they take for you.  They are our gift for you, a bit like the way the producers and directors create a movie for your enjoyment.  It will be a preview of coming attractions, the experience you will have when you raise your consciousness to a higher level.  That is just the beginning.

We even have a date for you (and you know how we hate giving dates to anything) to let you know when to look for these psychedelic events to take place.  It will build up from March 26 through the 27th, tapering off on the 28th.  So, hang on to your hats, Beloved Ones.  You know what 3D movies look like.  Try to imagine 5D!  We can’t wait to hear your reactions.

Now for an announcement.  The Pope has been chosen.  No, that is not the  announcement.  You already knew that, you and about 5 Billion other people.  The suspense and pageantry around this event is a measure of the power the Church has wielded in modern times.  For this reason, We will use this event to reach the enormous numbers who are guided or influenced by the Pope and his decisions.

Now for the big announcement:  The Pope is not the Pope.  By this we mean that the soul of the man who has just been voted in agreed to depart from the body and has already been replaced by one of our Ascended Masters, as what you sometimes call a walk-in.  The one who has entered the body of the Pope will not experience the Veil of Forgetfulness, but will have full memory of Us and complete communication with Us.  He will function as our Emissary of Light to the world, in this the most powerful social and religious position on the planet.

It is especially advantageous that he is from the South American continent, where he can reach the enormous, predominantly Catholic population.  The South American version of Catholicism has been among the most repressive in the world, so change will be felt most profoundly there.

We are nearly beside ourselves with glee here, because we know how surprised the world will be when our dear Pope/Avatar (Pope-avar?) begins to gently present new ideas to the world which will change hundreds of years of dogma which had been accepted as God’s Word.  Of course this was nonsense, as we have told you.

And in our name, they have perpetrated the most heinous crimes against humanity, by abusing our children and women in the most vicious ways.  Ah, yes, the worm is turning, this very night.  A New Era of Enlightenment, Equality and Freedom is already begun.  The announcements will be orchestrated to create the least trauma.

There are countries, especially in Europe, where Catholicism in practice is already very different from that which the Church previously handed down as Law.  For instance, birth control.  Europe would have been reduced to poverty and hideous environmental degradation if the people had listened to the Pope in this regard.

They will embrace any lightening of restrictions in this regard, and the people of South America will be less traumatized by regret and anger when they learn that living in poverty with too many hungry children is no longer a prerequisite for going to Heaven, since it is “their” Pope who is loosening the shackles.  The first major proclamations will have the greatest impact on women’s lives, and as far as we are concerned, it cannot come too soon.

Do not think that the changes in the Catholic Church will be restricted to Catholics alone.  You are well aware of how oppressive Right Wing Protestant religions have become, embracing the most restrictive doctrine that comes straight out of the Pope’s book, you might say.  The most reprehensible of these “laws” are not even in the Bible, that extremely flawed male-dominated treatise.

Revisions of Catholic Law in regard to homosexuality, women’s rights, reproductive rights, and equal treatment under the law will reverberate through the ranks of Evangelical Christians everywhere.  No revision of political laws could have such a profound and immediate impact.  There will be egg on the faces of the pompous and arrogant women-haters of the world (and not all are men).

Similar changes will take place in governments and financial institutions around the world.

Unfortunately, Americans receive very little information about foreign affairs, so it will not be as obvious to you as it is to the rest of the world, but the changes have already begun.  You will see European banks crumbling – The Bank of Scotland and Barclay’s Bank are already on their last gasps.  The Rockefeller, Rothschild and Bush dynasties are about to go the way of the Emperor with no clothes.  Very soon the long-awaited 9/11 investigations will be made public, and the insider criminals will be brought to justice.

Yes, our dear Obama has supported complete examination of the facts although it was not possible to reveal this previously out of concern for the safety of those who must testify and give witness to the heinous crimes of “the Bush Era.” You will appreciate your drawn-out legal process when you are able to see the proceedings unfold little by little, allowing people time to absorb and digest each horrifying revelation as it comes.  And yes, most of the U.S. Congress will have to be removed, and you will be astounded by the brilliant legal agility of your Constitutional Law Professor President.

You see, Our Dear Children, we are trying to mitigate the psychological trauma for those whose trust will be shattered, who will feel as though their lives have been ripped apart when they learn of the duplicity that has been rampant not only in corrupt government officialdom but in all – yes, all the structures of life you have depended on for security and peace of mind.  Even those of you who have had “an ear to the ground,” listening  to and reading all the various sources of underground news will be astounded, although for you it may be more exhilarating than shocking.

The process of reinventing and replacing these social, financial and political institutions will be the work of the New Golden Age.  Exact timelines are not yet solidified, but you can tell from our discussion here that there will be more details coming every week as the process unfolds, and we have every intention of keeping you informed with the correct details and the true meaning of the far-reaching lessons which will be learned by these events.  We are as eager to provide you with this as you are to receive it.

Keep you spirits high and your faces to the sun, Dear Ones.  Your hearts will be warmed by the new sense of camaraderie which only blossoms when the dazzling Light of Justice beams brilliantly across the land.

We love you one and all,
Your Mother/Father God in concert with the Great Legions of Light.
Via Kathryn May, March 13, 2013, 11PM

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