Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New (Financial Systems!)

 By Steve Beckow On March 10. 2013 


Scarcity Consciousness 3928Looked at from one angle, you could probably say that the work of this time, from the midpoint of Ascension to its conclusion, is to let go of the old and embrace the new.

I have to say that I’m just adjusting at this time to the importance in this of attitudes and beliefs. Part of the work I’m doing right now is a situation that exists for me, which also probably exists for you and most of us who are Starseeds.

In the readings I’ve had with my best friend and “boss,” Archangel Michael, people have often asked me to find out what dimension they’re from and from that informal sampling, I can say with some confidence that most of us Starseeds (or “hybrids,” as he calls us) are from the Seventh through the Eleventh Dimensions. We’ve left the Elysian Fields to be leaven in the loaf.

But we have our special problems as AAM has been working with me on. Because I work on Pre-NESARA, he’s been coaching me on my attitudes around money. The higher-dimensional aspect of my being, which he calls “my essence,” does not believe in lack or scarcity.
It’s used to manifesting what it needs. It has no real sense of “need.” It’s not used to concepts like earning one’s living and has no concept of how or why to save. It’s like a stubborn donkey in the area of getting, though not in the area of giving.

I remember once my wife trying to get me to read the Wall Street Journal to learn how to invest and the effort was totally fruitless. I have no concept of investing and, in the end, the attempt to persuade me had to be given up. Archangel Michael has told me many times that I have the outlook of a monk and he’s revealed a lifetime in Atlantis when I was a priest of the non-dual.  (I’ve only been to Earth eight times, unlike many Starseeds, so I’m a stranger in paradise.)

Scarcity 3736So down there at my core, I have no recognizable affinity with money. And this is true of many of us Starseeds. We don’t know how to earn it, use it, or save it. We simply have no concept of it, which is one reason why so many of us are relatively poor.

But in our surface consciousnesses, which were formed in this lifetime, we, like everyone else, have been introduced to what we’re now told are Illuminati devices to keep us poor: ideas like zero-sum economics (one person gains at the expense of another), lack, scarcity, etc.

We believe that we live in a world where resources are scarce, solutions are even scarcer, making a permanent difference is impossible, charitableness and compassion lead to ruin, looking out for Number One is the order of the day, charitableness is weakness, the natural order is cold if not calculating, etc.

One would think that one’s essence is the leaven in the loaf here and would triumph over one’s superficial consciousness, but AAM is trying to make clear to me that that’s not necessarily so.  The superficial consciousness, as any medium would know, is the filter through which all deeper impulses are channeled and colors the final product, so to speak. Hence the need for us to clear away the old notions which don’t represent the situation clearly and don’t work.

Scarcity consciousness has been drilled into us by cautious parents, caring teachers, politicians, financiers, etc. To assist me to overcome it, Archangel Michael has me reading God Wants You to be Rich. You have to appreciate that the monk in me is rebelling, but I get that I need to do this.

This is the most unpleasant work I’ve been given so far because it takes me away from the contemplation of God, which is really all I want to do in life. Even lightwork is something I do because I signed up for it; I’d rather be holding the Light.

But if we’re to go into a new world, and if we’re to lead the way for the others, if we’re to build Nova Earth and then manage it, if we’re to bring into play its new principles in our changing consciousnesses and work with the new capacities which are latent within us and must be stirred into activity, then my understanding is that we need to learn these new principles and put them to work in our lives.

In this work, we at least have the compensation that our deepest consciousnesses are already aligned with these principles.  That should make the work easier than for some people.

So because he has me overcoming my own superficial lack mentality, which work he says is important to bringing in NESARA, I may be discussing the matter here. He tells me again and again that the block to bringing in NESARA lies in our undeveloped ideas around abundance, which means our developed ideas around lack and scarcity. So just giving you fair warning that the time for us to rest in lack and scarcity consciousness appears to be up and the time of transition to abundance consciousness, by necessity, appears to be here.

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