Sunday, March 17, 2013

Karen Doonan: Commander Ashtar Update for 15th March

I come to further communicate at this time of vast change and inner reflection amongst the peoples of planet earth. I am Commander Ashtar and I am here to communicate to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear below the dissolving of the old 3D earth in truth. Those who are now able to discern my energies will now understand the reason for my energies communicating at this moment in their human life experience for all are One and all Are.

The shifts and changes to the human vehicle in which you reside will now speed up and those shifts and changes are your key to the new earth, those who choose to hold on to the old earth energies are fighting with Self and no other, for all are One and all Are. The creation of all that is within the outer waking reflection of the human life experience is created from the soul in order to show truth.

I ask that you now honour the soul and anchor truth within the human vehicle. There is nothing that resides outwith (= outside, beyond) your human vehicle that has not been created out of necessity, for the soul has spent aeons on this planet, incarnating over and over in an attempt to release the bonds of the lower earth energies. Now is the time for the release and the new earth energies are now flowing across and within planet earth in order to facilitate your release from bondage.

I am not here to explain that bondage for the bondage is Self created, it was created by your soul in order that you remember who you are in truth and in order that you can remember the power that You Are in truth. None walk the earth alone yet many will choose to create this in order to maintain a lesson that is now over. So deep is the energetic charge of the old earth energies that you have walked blind through the landscape of your BEing for aeons. Now a Light shines brightly, that Light is Self.

Many may feel the challenge of my words, for many are caught in the lessons of victim and yet the lessons of victim are now over, the new foundation for the human life experience is created from within, I ask why you perpetuate the victim when you are in truth free. Those who have incarnated amongst the human race in order to help facilitate the growth of the human race are now asked to reveal themselves to Self in truth for the containment of the old earth is now dissolved.

All are free to create that which they desire from the heart space in truth. That which will prevent is the lesson that blinds the creator and that creator is You, for all create in order to experience. I ask why you would create an experience that you could not heal? For such is the strength of your power that the all that is created is manifest within Self and is reflected within the human life experience that you Create for Self.

The peoples of planet earth are now moving into a new earth, a new way of BEing and many are able to anchor this truth. Those who hold on to the creations of old are now asked to let go in truth and to remember who they are in truth. Seeking to change the outer reflection whilst being blind to the inner landscape will work to create a holding pattern that your soul now asks you to dissolve. It serves no one to fall to the teachings of the old earth for they have no place within the new golden age of humankind yet many are attempting to re-anchor the teachings of old in order to create the new. The new is the new and the old is dissolved and I ask why you would want to create from containment when you have allowed your inner vision to show you the sparkle of the new?

Those who dismiss the sparkle of the new are blind to the sparkle by the old earth and the teachings of lack and containment, you have created lack in order to experience lack, it is faith and trust of Self that will show truth and will show that the lack is the illusion created in order to be experienced for in truth your soul is abundant on all levels and I send out the coding to those who are here to pave the way for the new ways of living. I ask that you accept truth and ANKHor within the heart space all that you are in truth.

A magnificient being of Light that is now learning to see and hear in truth. I ask why you would read my words if you were not aware of truth for the human vehicle is now asking to be seeded with truth, the human vehicle asks the energies that You Are in truth to seed the human vehicle. This is done by fully ankhoring the energy signature that you are in truth into the very cells of your human vehicle. This is done from within and the work is now asking to be born through you and into the human race in truth.

I ask why you fall to the teachings of the old world of the outside being real when in truth the only person here is Self and you are within. All will be created from the inside out and I call to those who are here in order to show truth and ask that they now shine in truth. For all that is truth will remain and all that is not will now fully dissolve within the heightening new earth energies.

I am Commander Ashtar and I ask that you remember my energy in truth for those who try to define me are suffering from the amnesia of planet earth. All Are One and All Are, therefore there is no outside, there is only inside. I ask that you look within in order to see in truth for the new earth is born anew each moment. This will now unfold across and within planet earth and the Light that is ankhoring within and around planet earth will now reveal truth to new levels. All that is was always to Be for All Are. This is the moment that all have known would manifest for all have manifested it in truth.

Those who walk the earth in human form will now reveal truth to those who walk in the human form and have forgotten who they are and where they have come from. The time of darkness has ended for there can be no darkness when the Light shines so brightly from within. Those who have blended into the human race can now stand in the Light that they are in truth for All Are One and will now be shown in truth.

I ask that you look to the skies and allow the illusion to dissolve for All Are One. The planetary grids are now releasing the hologram that has kept your vision cloaked. That which is shown is truth, that which is felt is truth and that which you are is truth. Let go of what you have been taught and move into the heart space for all that you know is accessed through the heart space. Your Soul now calls to Self in human form and many are now heeding that call. The need to look outwith for confirmation of who you are as a race has now ended for when you begin to remember you will know.

I will guide more in due course. That which unfolds around and within the human race was always to be for You Are. The calling is sent out and the unfolding will manifest in due course in your waking human life experience. You are the creators for you were always the creators and they walk amongst you now in truth. As the last illusions of the old earth fall away stand in the Light that you are in truth and remember that All Are One for All Are.

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