Monday, March 25, 2013

Tazjima -A Message From The Angelic Legions Of The Divine Mother

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We bring her message to you through this scribe:
We greet you this morning as the light of the Divine shines on all life upon your planet, the awakened and the unawakened, alike. Your Father-Mother God loves all life. Your Father-Mother God loves you, all of what you are, have ever been and will be.

How do you find yourself in these days of transition? Are you still confused by the subtlety of the changes, mostly energetic? Or are you overwhelmed as layers and layers of unconsciousness and negativity still are being stripped by the light from the greatest depths of your being? Perhaps you thought that you had already spent years transmuting your karma and that of your genetic lines? Have you forgotten that you are also processing for thousands of others who have not yet awakened?

Even now, as the darkness is being broken up rapidly, many thousands of people are coming awake. The first rays of the new sun have pierced down through the layers of unconscious thought forms sufficiently enough to bring warmth to their hearts and beings. For the first time in a long time, hope begins to blossom in the hearts of vast numbers of people, beyond the lightworkers. Yet they are confused by the light and by the freedom that beckons beyond the diminishment of darkness. Like animals long caged, they do not know yet what to do with that new found freedom.

Still there are lightworkers who are confused about their missions and wonder what it is for them to do while here upon this blue planet. Where are the star ships and the connections with their star families? Where are the crystal cities? They are here, they exist, but cannot yet be seen by all.

By choosing to come here and being "human", you have taken on the role of participant. This planet has become your world and you are the ones who must do the work. We cannot do it for you. This is and was a part of the agreement you made before coming into embodiment. We know that many of you have forgotten that clause in the contract, but there it is.

It is up to those who live upon the surface to take the first steps that will raise up the vibratory levels of this planet in order that your galactic brothers and sisters might interact with you in the future, as well as the ascended masters who choose to come as teachers. Some walk along you already. Do you have the eyes to see? Open them, the eyes that are within your own heart. Nothing can remain hidden from them. The wisdom you seek is within your own grasp, if you but set your heart on it. You are already all you need to be; now come into acceptance and love yourself free.

We say to you that the star ships are guarding this world as it moves through the first days and months of transition. Your star families are aware of the great sacrifice that you took in coming here. They watch over you, every hour of every day and night, even if you are still unconscious of their presence. They are with you in your thoughts, just outside the edge of your auric field. You must give them permission to contact you and to work with you. So it is with the ascended masters of this planet, galaxy and universe. You must invite them in to assist you in your work, your transformation, your mission.

“What is my mission?” Some still ask this question, with a little anxiety that somehow they have failed, that they have missed the proverbial boat or should we say star ship and have failed. My dear ones, my blessed ones, my beautiful spiritual warriors, you have succeeded beyond the expectations and hopes of the archangels themselves. You have performed magnificently and you have done it all by just being here on this world.

You have performed the first portions of your mission by transmuting the energies through your own sufferings and through your more informed prayers and mantras, through your guided thoughts and intentions. You have brought this world safely into a new era, one that is gradually being revealed even as the old one breaks down around you.

Fear grips those who would cling to the rigid matrix of the third dimension. Still they seek to bind the population to their will by seizing hold of economic, political, religious and military power. As hard as they strive to control the masses, so those same masses begin to waken from their collective slumber. The reverberations of the Great Shift are being felt in all corners of the world like a slow-motion movie of a huge earthquake, shredding and tearing a great city apart.

Slowly the edifices of the international banking system are crumbling under the hollowness of the extensive investment in derivatives; there simply isn’t enough money to support the planetary debt. The banking system will go down, but rest assured that creative minds will find ways to survive in the economies that emerge from the resulting debris. The key is in starting small and starting local.

The structures of the old paradigm are now being revealed for what they are, limited in scope and now crumbling of their own weight, like a steel beam exposed to too much movement, the tensile strength of the metal being overcome by the stress of change. They are crumbling before your sight.

We understand that the sight of the dissolution of what were once trusted institutions breaking down and being exposed as corrupt, dissolute and treacherous is a daunting prospect for most of you who perhaps been employed by these businesses and have worked with these leaders. Now it is for you to maintain your balance in the face of this intense transitional period, during the great revelation of the darkness that has been the product of movement through the kali Yuga. All darkness that exists on this planet must and shall be revealed. All that has been hidden from the people is now coming to the surface.

Many attempt to resist the reality of these revelations but the darkness cannot be dismissed. It must be seen for what it is, the other side of the light. It is the great teacher for it has been through suffering and violence that many have come to know a part of themselves that they never would have encountered in the higher light worlds. The time of suffering is now departing from this world, the structures that hid the plans and intentions of your controllers have been revealed, stripped of their ability to hide and are now being exposed for all to see who choose to see. And who can move beyond a desire to judge what they see.

Again we return to the matter of the mission of the lightworkers. It is to be centered within your own beingness, within that sacred center that exists in your own heart, where the true multidimensionality of your Soul can be touched and experienced. From this sacred space, you can look with equanimity upon the massive changes now being experienced all over the planet and in your own life. And with our assistance, you can recharge yourself everyday by attending the spiritual retreats upon this planet in the etheric plane and the healing chambers within the many starships sprinkled across your skies, if you so choose.

It is time to utilize your basic spiritual tools, of grounding and centering, of being without judgment, of letting go, of allowing your heart to pour compassion and light into the world around you, so you emanate a light that may not be seen, but will be felt by all who are near. They will respond and they will begin to awaken to the new freedom now being offered to them by the planet’s passage into the new world.

By standing in your own space, creating a light vehicle, a safe haven for you to dwell within, you will be able to observe from a place of balance and calm. If you move out of balance during the course of the day’s work or as the result of an encounter with a difficult person, regain that balance by coming “home”, seeking that calm space within, cleansing your field with light and with water, going into nature or doing whatever it takes to come back to center. It is time for you to stand in your own power, within your own field of light and to simply be all that you are, right now, right here.

Your mission is to be the wholeness of what you are here while embodied in a small physical body. You will soon come to understand that your wholeness encompasses and blends with all that surrounds you, seen and unseen. However, you must first come into an acceptance of your own “personal” light and power. This act of acceptance must go along with a willingness to suspend judgment of yourself, of your past actions, to stop comparing yourself to others. With letting go of self-judgment, you will let go of judgment of others, as well.

Many of our lightworkers have felt uncomfortable in the old paradigm or strove to fit into what they deemed acceptable modes of conduct, acceptable to friends, family, employers and “society”. It does not matter that these modes of conduct did not always mesh with your own inner sense of what is right; some of you felt that you needed to fit in in order to survive. That is all changed now. Free will has, again, entered the picture. Now you need to discover what makes your heart sing, brings joy into your life, which sets your imagination afire. It is a new journey of self-discovery that can take place now that freedom has been made available to all who are willing to step into the vast unknown and unchartered spaces of the new world. Wonders await those brave pioneers who choose to go forth. Will you be one of them?

As you shake the shackles of the old paradigm from your ankles and step forth, you will find that you are being followed by others who are also curious and willing to take a chance on tomorrow. The human race has vast potential and untapped wells of creativity. It is a race that is in the process of discovering itself as gifted beyond the wildest dreams of the most creative pioneers of the past. The old rigid boundaries that existed before no longer prevent the creative powers and visions of these pioneers from bringing their dreams into fruition. This time in this new cycle the dreams will come true, given the intent, will and focus to bring them into manifestation and sooner than you think as linear time is dissolving into the ever present Now.

As you step forth into this new world you will discover natural gifts that will blossom, gifts that have always existed within each human but were denied and even resisted under the old paradigm. Your minds are beginning to clear and you will begin to see with your whole body, feel with your heart and connect with the vastness of Divine Mind. Secrets long forgotten will be revealed or unearthed from within. Suddenly you will begin to understand without the need for teaching through intuitive knowing. Paradox will take on a new meaning for you. What was once true no longer is now. And you will be comforted by that fact, able to live with the ability to move beyond barriers that no longer exist.

Step forth, beloved lightworkers, and begin this journey. Through your own willingness to explore and to accept your own gifts, you will give heart to others to do the same. By standing in your own light and power and shining it without discrimination into the world, you will emulate your own Sun who shines upon the blessed and the sinner alike. You will discover soon enough that you have been both and will let go of the need to judge what lies before you as the theatre of the world, the outplaying of energies and the self-discovery of the soul while living a human existence.

This is a rare time where wonder and joy can be experienced in the heart of chaos. How you choose to experience your world is up to you. Free will is manifest now and the outplaying of your thoughts and intentions will come ever more swiftly. We know that you will soon discover how to navigate with growing sureness through the obstacles that stand as opportunities for growth.

Our blessings go forth to you, the bravest of the brave, our daring ones who have volunteered to be here and now. Call upon the angels, archangels, masters and your galactic family for support when you need it and know that we stand ever at your side throughout your day and in your dreamtime. We are one with you and the realization of that unity will come upon you soon enough if it hasn’t already.
Go forth and be in all your glory. Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

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