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The Tremendous Power of Sound

 A great Sorcerer's apprentice intro to co-creating with sound; rock solid and levitating...DT the ET


 The Angelic Guides Through Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of sound. Much of the information that was once widely accepted and used in the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis about the power of sound has been “lost” or rather we would say forgotten. It is our intention to share with you our perspective on just how useful sound is in your reality, what it is capable of and how it works.

How does the sound of gentle meditation music have the ability to soothe even the most stressful situations? How is it that the beat of a drum can evoke a response within the body which can be chemically detected by measuring the increase of adrenaline being released? How is it that plants with seemingly no physical ears to “hear” have been known to bloom more regularly and grow faster when in the presence of classical music? Why does water begin to ripple or pebbles begin to tremble when near loud sounds? Is music actually heard or felt? These are some thought-provoking questions which we wanted to stir within you to help you to open up to the wide potential that the power of sound actually has within your world.

Let us begin with a simple explanation of what sound is. Sound can be defined as the vibration of energy moving back and forth which is then interpreted by your brain as a sound. As the air vibrates in a wave-like pattern, this creates “sound”. The rate at which the energy vibrates creates the pitch of the sound; the faster the vibration, the higher the pitch. Decibels are what determine the “volume” of the sound, the higher the decibel the louder the sound.

Sound has the ability to heal the body, clear blocked chakras, move energy and shift physical matter. You may wonder how this could be possible. This is what we would like to begin to share with you. There are a number of benefits that can be accessed by using sound and many are already enjoying some of the benefits of sound without truly understanding “how” or “why”. Of course the “how” or “why” is not necessary for you to enjoy something, however we would like to share this with you so that you may further discover the tremendous power that sound has in your reality.

Remember that everything is energy and therefore all can be affected by energy. Very simply put, sound transmits frequency, which affects the vibration of the molecular composition of any and all matter. However, not all matter will respond in a similar fashion to being exposed to even the very same sound. For instance, not everyone is comforted and soothed by the same “type” of music, different beings respond to what resonates most with their current vibration.

For those who are able to perceive another’s aura, they would surely see the immediate effect that sound has on the body’s vibration and therefore overall mood. Just as words are simply the vessel which is used to transmit or carry the information which you wish to share with another, so too is music just a vessel for which energy is shared and experienced.

Sound and vibration are one. Even those who are deaf will still “feel” the energy that sound carries. You do not actually hear the sound, it is your brain that detects and then translates this energy into an audible sound for you to experience. The range which is detected by the human brain is very small in comparison to the wide array of sounds which are actually available in your universe. Although you cannot perceive the sound of many of the frequency waves that flow through you at any given moment, you certainly can feel them; whether you are conscious of them or not, that is another matter.

The vibration is what directly affects the molecular structure of cells. The volume of the sound is not what determines the rate of vibration; rather it is the pitch that determines the speed at which the energy vibrates. Although the volume does play a significant role in how strongly matter is affected. The pitch of the energy is what shifts physical matter, however the volume of sound determines the intensity of change made to physical matter. A simple example of this would be an opera singer who whispers next to a wine glass, and an opera singer who sings at the top of her lungs next to a wine glass. Both sounds did have an effect on the wine glass; however the volume of the sound directly impacted the intensity of the effect. The whisper caused the wine glass to vibrate mildly while the singing caused the wine glass to shatter.

A lower pitch has a slower rate of vibration, the higher the pitch the faster the energy vibrates. It is this vibration that creates the “sound”. Both high and low-pitched sounds can make changes to matter. We do not intend to expand too extensively on the physics of how sound is created, we simply wanted to share a basic explanation of what sound really is, which would allow us to further explain some of the capabilities of sound, and how it has been used in the “past” as well as what your civilization will once again regain.

Those in Lemuria and then later in the civilization of Atlantis, used sound for many purposes. They were very much aware that the molecular composition of matter can be changed by emitting the “right” pitch which far exceeds what humans can perceive with their physical ears. Using the right pitch, sound vibrations have the ability to carve stone, elevate matter, part water and shift energy. This technique was responsible for some of the largest monuments on your world, some of which can still be viewed today.

These civilizations used devices which were similar to crystal “amplifiers” for lack of a better word which were responsible for emitting very high and very low frequencies. This device could easily be manipulated, much like the use of a radio dial can be used to tune into your preferred channel. The device allowed the operator to determine both the volume and pitch to easily achieve the desired effect. This allowed for incredibly accurate cuts to be made that are still more precise than even your most advanced modern tools of today. This device allowed for incredible engineering with little to no physical labor required. Tunnels were easily carved through granite rock in a matter of minutes, boulders were easily lifted and gently set aside, and even large bodies of water were easily manipulated to benefit these civilizations.

This technology eventually lead to the demise of the continent of Atlantis by creating huge “shock waves” which were released deep into the Earth’s crust. As we have said many times before, anything in your reality can be used for “good” or “bad”; the one who wields this power determines how it will be used. This knowledge is available for all who seek to regain the information of the “past”. Know that although information can be forgotten, it can never be “lost”.

So how then is it possible that sound can bring your being back into alignment? When you are feeling any negative emotions such as worry, fear, anger, or sadness then your being is “out of alignment” with your true self. When you are in alignment you are able to receive the abundance of the divine flow, it is the feeling of absolute peace which resonates throughout your entire body. You are fully present in the moment; you do not regret the “past” nor do you worry about the “future” when you are in perfect harmony.

Something that you may find interesting is that there is a unique frequency or pitch which serves to instantly bring each individual being back into perfect alignment. What we mean by this is that when you are introduced to the unique frequency which your soul is attuned to, it will instantly bring your being back into perfect alignment. Not all individuals are attuned to the same pitch; it is something that is unique to you. Know that we are not referring only to humans; every being has its own unique pitch that will bring their being back into total alignment.

This is why we say, sound has the power to heal the body. If your body is in perfect alignment, disease cannot remain. Sound was often used in healing temples in Lemuria and Atlantis to help align and restore the spiritual, emotional and physical body. Glass bowls, crystals and stringed instruments were often used in this practice. Because these civilizations could perceive auras, they could instantly “see” which sounds resonated most with each being. There are several communities of scientist who are beginning to make the connection between sound and the healing of the body.

Although you certainly can become consciously aware of the exact “pitch” that aligns your being, know that you do not have to become conscious of the exact pitch that resonates with your being to benefit from coming in contact with it. The exact pitch is always held within the subconscious mind. This is why not all beings prefer to “listen” to the same music, or are soothed by the same “sounds”.

You will simply be drawn to that which resonates best with your being. Also know that the unique “pitch” that will serve to instantly align your being will remain constant, however the sounds that you are drawn to will not always be the same. What you prefer to hear one day may not be what you want to listen to another day. Many say that it depends on your mood; however a more accurate statement would be it depends on the vibration you are resonating with at that moment.

Many find it to be a coincidence that the radio will continue to play music that reflects your mood. For instance if you are incredibly sad about the “loss” of a loved one, you find that you continually hear similar songs that reflect your feelings. Know that the songs which play are directly connected to your vibration. It is you who continues to attract songs that resonate with the frequency you are emitting. You may wonder how you could have such an effect on a “public” radio station. How could your mood determine what songs play when there are millions of others who are listening to the same station?

 This is a wonderful question and to this we reply you will always attract the reality which you resonate most with. The radio does not coincidently play the songs that represent your mood by chance; rather your vibration attracts the songs which resonate with your being at the moment. Remember that there are an infinite number of parallel realities. Although you only see yourselves as being in just one reality; we however watch as you “jump” back and forth to many realities throughout your day depending on the vibration you choose to experience. You cannot experience what you do not resonate with.

You can experiment with this by putting your music playlist on a random order or listen to the radio; you will get a very accurate depiction of what you are currently pulsing out at that very moment. You will attract the songs which resonate most. This is yet again another experience that you are often met with that you are fully creating and yet, most are unaware of the true power they possess that serves to create every experience in your reality. Everything in your reality, is your creation; everything.

So, do you effect sound, or does sound effect you? In short, you will not attract a sound that you do not resonate with. In the most basic answer, you attract the sound to which you resonate with, and in turn the sound that you resonate with will have a direct effect on your being. Many can attest to the direct affect music can have on their mood. Many look to music to get them in the mood to exercise, dance, relax, or release negative emotions. Know that you have first changed your vibration and in turn you will attract songs that further help to solidify that resonance.

Physical ears are not required to be “moved” by music. The phrase “let the rhythm move you” is incredibly accurate because in reality that is exactly what sound does. Sound moves matter. This is why even plants, and trees will inevitably respond to music. The energy and frequency of the vibration is what is “felt” by all beings.

The power of sound is largely untapped in your current reality, however this will change and you will once again reclaim the knowledge that has been forgotten. As you become more conscious of the tremendous power that surrounds you, you will inevitably learn that it is always a reflection of the power you hold within.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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