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Channelled By Solara On March 12, 2013

The month of March begins with the sense that we are undergoing some sort of docking procedure with our New Landscape. We have all the needed power plugs in our hands, but have to wait until the new connectors are in position. There's a feeling of temporarily waiting, but it won't be for long. The final match up between our True Selves and our New Reality is taking place right now. Very soon, we will be thrust into Full Zoom Mode.

In March, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. This is true now, more than ever before. Expect the Unexpected. There will be lots of surprises in March. The energies will fluctuate wildly. One day we feel like the King or Queen of the world and the next day we are flattened and can barely function. Juicy melons will fall into our open hands and then something will fall away.

Some major decisions are on our near horizon. At first, it may feel like we are being presented with too many options. Which one do we choose? We want to make the correct decision because much depends on this. Much is ON THE LINE right now. That is why it's important to make a firm commitment to manifesting what we really want.

March is a month in which many doors to the past will close. These are the doors to our old behaviors, outdated attitudes, limited perceptions and expired ways of doing things. We will shed many of the final layers of the illusion we have acquired throughout our earthly journeys. We are saying goodbye to many aspects of our old lives. We are also bidding farewell to some old friends who are now heading in other directions. These closing doors of March are preparing us for the wide open doors of April.

As the month begins, some of us are feeling stressed and frustrated, filled with impatience that their New Lives are taking so long to begin. The key to this is the understanding that our New True Lives have already begun. Even if we are still in old situations, we need to live our lives as if we are already in our new situations. This is what helps things to move forward.

March starts like a bumblebee, with some annoying buzzing and occasional stings. During March, some old rugs get pulled out from under our feet, forcing us out of our comfort zones. Since March heralds a major completion of the past, what is not in alignment with our True Self and True Lives will break away from us.

Something big is starting in March. The initialization for this took place in January and in February we made the needed preparations. We begin the month of March with many questions and we end the month with many answers.

March will bring us some major changes, brilliant opportunities and Quantum Breakthroughs. This month will have some tricky moments when there's lots of Choppy Surf that will demand us to stay extremely focused and alert, remaining strongly aligned to our Heart's Knowingness. At the beginning of the month, our steps may be hesitant and uncertain, but as March progresses, our steps will become increasingly confident, with the knowingness that our goals are near and that our Wildest Dreams are now manifesting.

Throughout this month, much will be completed and sparkling new seeds will be planted, setting the stage for April's powerful 'A Mu'a energy to decisively move us forward. This new 'A Mu'a in April completes the leap that we started a year ago.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

This is but a small fragment of Solara's complete MARCH 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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