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BRIGID: The Light of Atlantis Returning

Greetings dear friends and soul family!

Time continues to fly by at dizzying speeds and I have certainly not been immune to the intensity of some of the incoming energies that seem to be rocking our world in 2013. Yet in spite of the sometimes challenging elements of continuing to live as a human during these shifting times, I do feel a real and palpable sense of excitement as the new world we’ve been creating together begins to reveal itself. The messages that have been flowing from our other dimensional friends also seem to offer affirmation that we are in for some wonderful experiences as we embrace living in the new energy.

 Earlier in this month of March, I made a visit to my local library and had to smile when I saw that it was completely decked out and decorated all in green. Prominently showcased in the lobby was a large display of books, all in some way relating to Ireland. Since St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in March, Ireland was apparently the theme of the month there as a result. As this would be my first St. Patrick’s Day as an official citizen of Ireland as well as America, I wanted to celebrate it in a way that was meaningful to me and truly honored my Irish roots in a manner that wasn’t just about parties and parades. I wanted to learn more about the history of Ireland and its people, beyond what I already was aware of, so I enjoyed perusing the book titles and choosing a few to take home that appealed to me.

I first immersed myself in a book titled In Search of Ireland’s Heroes, written by Carmel McCaffrey. The cover proclaimed it to be “The Story of the Irish from the English Invasion to the Present Day.” I was both fascinated and deeply saddened as I read this history of such beautiful people and the way of life they struggled to defend from invaders for centuries.

It seemed appropriate when dear Brigid dropped in energetically for a visit just before St. Patrick’s Day. Her sharing on the history of Ireland took it beyond anything I’ve read in library books as she explained the reason that “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.”

Brigid began our conversation with her traditional “Cead Mile Failte, Beloved Ones!” greeting, which means “one hundred thousand welcomes” in Gaelic. She said that to call this message a St. Patrick’s Day one would be tongue-in-cheek humor since so many connected to this place now called Ireland have deep roots there that precede Patrick by millennia. She said the name of any place may change over time but names are of far less importance than the energy of the place that carries the name, so it is this energy we are tuning into as we speak of the place that is today called Ireland.

“I come in during this month of March, so associated with the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day, to tell you that you are tapping into the energy of far more than simply the Ireland that you know as this European country of today. Ireland speaks to the heart of so many on this planet, whether they are descendants of Irish lineage and blood or not. For you see there is truth in the saying that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day that goes far beyond surface appearances. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day for everyone is connected on a deeper level to the energies of what Ireland was before it came to be known as Ireland.”

Brigid went on to say that Ireland was a very real part of “…Atlantis, which was not myth. Indeed it was very real in the history of your planet, and yet enough time has passed now that it is seemingly mythical to many.”

As she spoke about the present celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Brigid laughed when the word that came to mind in my translation was “abomination.” She said this was not quite what she had in mind but that it would do as there has been “quite an aberration and abomination of energies since the time that you all knew as the heyday of what in present day you call Ireland and what in the ancient past you knew of as Atlantis. For you see the 'myths' that have remained in Ireland are very much myths of beauty. There are not so many other places on the planet where there is such a strong collective remembrance as there is there.”

She then laughed again at how I translate these energetic downloads as I had a vivid image of Bruce Springsteen singing Glory Days in relation to this heyday she was speaking of. She said that this was not so far off either as “the glory days of your planet before the fall of Atlantis were part of what you all tap into via your subconscious collective memory and cellular knowledge of what was possible during the heyday of this planet. This is why so many of you still carry with you wounds on such a deep soul level from the end times of Atlantis, from the demise of this magnificently beautiful and magical time. For you see you all know on a level that is beyond the conscious one that you lived this, and in many ways at this level beyond the conscious one, you also feel responsible for the ending of this.

Maureen is hesitant here for she is not one to get drawn into the energy of conspiracy theories, yet it is no longer a conspiracy theory as the knowledge becomes more and more disseminated upon the planet that outside forces had a part in this ending of the utopia that you did experience before the invasion and subsequent takeover. And this is what energetically sent out the invitation to me today to visit…Maureen reading Irish history and recognizing, with my input, that what has occurred throughout the centuries on this very small piece of land, this little island in the Atlantic known as Ireland, has mirrored what occurred in Atlantis for so many of you.

 The foreign invaders in the days of Atlantis were not from a neighboring country, they were from what you might call another planet…another star system, and what they recognized was that what was occurring here, what was alive and well at that time on this planet, was very sweet indeed. They wanted to partake of the sweetness without knowing how to do that by participating from the same level that those of you who were living then, who were participants in the Golden Age of Atlantis, were engaging in. For in the days of Atlantis prior to the fall and destruction of it, you were living something that has not been easily obtainable by other life forms elsewhere in this galaxy.

This was a high level of collective consciousness. Consciousness was the big attractor for you see you had a consciousness that allowed for working in unity on so many levels. This allowed for the creation of a society of a truly amazing caliber. Those who came and interfered with this and sowed the seeds for the destruction of this society were not at the same level of consciousness that had been reached by those of you who were living that reality in Atlantis. It was the high level of consciousness that had been attained in Atlantis prior to its fall and demise that attracted these other beings to it. They wanted to feed off of this consciousness and the power that came with it without the need to have to obtain this level of consciousness themselves.

Tonight is not so much a history lesson as it is an infusion of light energy in this now moment to encourage and give hope to those of you who have carried the light that was Atlantis prior to this invasion. You see, light has always been what it is about. Light is so much more than anyone on Earth, even now, can conceptualize. Light is energy and yet light is also power. So you see, during the height of your civilization of Atlantis, the light was great and so was the power. This was what attracted those from other places who desired to partake of the power without understanding the consciousness that created it.

This has been what has been occurring in one form or another on planet Earth since the time of the destruction of Atlantis. Prior to the fall of Atlantis there were many years of peaceful understanding of the light that resulted in peaceful living in what you would call advanced ways. What one will find in looking at the history of Ireland is indeed a symbolic analogy of what occurred in Atlantis. This is why so many tune in and want to 'be Irish' on St. Patrick’s Day, because so many do have subconscious memories of what it was like to be Atlantean.

Light energy is inherent in your cellular make up and your biology. It is the essence of your connection to your own divinity. And it is your light that has most threatened you as a species.”
This brought to mind the line from Marianne Williamson’s quote, made famous by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech, “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Brigid said that there’s a reason for this. She said that we each have what might be called “internal circuitry” that illuminates us from within. She then referred to the dream experience that St Germain had commented on in their last visit together, in which the dreamer had been part of a group of people being pursued. Everyone in the group had then accessed internal light switches that dimmed their light until it went out in order to avoid detection and capture. She said this was very symbolic of what has occurred since the time of Atlantis.

She went on to say, “Now I agree with St Germain that it is no longer time to play hide and seek, as he called it. Yet this dream of the dimming of the light has been very appropriate symbolism for what has occurred as the light that emanated from those of you who truly understood Christ Consciousness was not supported in openly shining.”

In earlier conversations with St Germain and others, it was revealed that Christ Consciousness originated on Sirius. Brigid went on to say, “Atlantis was very Sirian seeded so you brought with you from Atlantis the idea of Christ Consciousness, which is light. Those who do not understand the light simply seek to feed off of it. In a sense they devour it. They wish to illuminate themselves with the light of others since they have no understanding of how to illuminate from within.

The journey you have been on has been about remembering the light you carry and remembering how to illuminate yourselves from within. You have been through so much piracy of light, of others attempting to steal your light. You who have maintained and nurtured the light and persevered in keeping it lit within self in spite of the many, many challenges, you are at the point now where it is impossible for anyone else to steal your light or to feed off your light in a way that is parasitic or disempowering. This is what you are poised to now begin living.

One of the greatest challenges for many who have become confident of their own inner illumination and have nurtured their light has been not seeing this manifest around them in a way that appears to move them forward in life in a concrete way. Yet what I come in to say in this message today is that the illumination now being made manifest because of the light you have continued to carry is huge. It is monumental. And it is shifting everything on this planet.

I’m not going to talk in the moment about the Pope, the Catholic Church or the Vatican, all so present in your current news reports. I’m not going to talk about the crumbling and falling of old structures. I’m going to talk about what you are creating, what you are building, by your own steadfastness in continuing to allow your own light to shine. This is what is bringing about the resurgence of energies from Atlantis, from the golden days before the invasion, from the days before its fall and destruction.

You did enjoy utopia for a while and all of you who are connected to what I am saying remember this on a cellular level. So my message tonight is that you are rebirthing this in the new energy, which is an environment that will support the utopia and the light without the same flaws that previously allowed the invasion that caused the destruction of this utopia that you previously knew and loved. It is a wonderful, magical time on your planet.”

Brigid paused and asked if there were any questions and this one was presented to her.

Participant: “This has been brought up time and again, but I’ll do it once more here. There are more than a few lightworkers, those on the spiritual journey, that are still in the place of not having the abundance that they require to continue on the journey. I understand that up til now the alignments, the energies, didn’t support the abundance manifestation that I feel is rather important to quite a number of individuals at this point, and I wonder if you could address this if it is appropriate to do so?”

Brigid: “I would be most happy to do so for this is indeed a subject that touches most, if not all, who have been working so steadfastly and hard over the years of this journey to continue to allow their own light to shine and not go out amidst challenging circumstances…who have worked very hard to turn up their light and to bring it to the stage of overtaking the darkness within. What I will say is that this is a subject that is very connected to the invasion of Atlantis we have just spoken about.

There are so many different and varying stories of what occurred when humankind was invaded from outside the realm of planet Earth. But you see, up until that time, you were a civilization with knowledge and awareness, and you were connected to what we may now call your divinity in these times past that have been gone for so very long in linear time. Prior to the invasion you were uninhibited in allowing your own light to shine and this allowed for a collective shining as well.

When you are in that place of pure and complete connection to your own divinity, lack is impossible. When you are in that place of pure connection, everything needed, required and desired is instantaneously available to you. What has happened over the many linear years since this invasion we’ve been speaking of and the demise of the previously utopian lifestyle has been that you have allowed, by your own fear of the power of others over you, for your own internal lights to have been greatly dimmed from what they were previously by this fear.

Remember who you are, my beloveds…and who you have been! You are the Ancients and the Shining Ones. Yet those who came in attempted to dominate you and make you subservient and they succeeded in mind control. Your minds are in one sense what make you human. There are many other life forms that do not have a mind as you do. They do not require it and they do not miss it! Your minds have been used against you in such a way that it was your own minds and the control that others imposed upon your minds that caused the dimming of your light and the lowering of your awareness of who you are in consciousness. And this is what you have been struggling your way back from all of these many years since the fall of Atlantis, since the loss of Eden, heaven, utopia. You did live this once. The Garden of Eden was very real you know, not just a mythical bible story. It was what you lived at one time. Everything you desired was available to you."

As Brigid spoke I was offered up the image of a golden apple, which she said was a story we would save for another day but she continued, saying “There is much symbology in Eve’s eating of the apple. So many of your myths and stories have their roots in the reality of what has indeed been previously lived. But to return to your question about abundance, I will say that it is about to be much more flowing than it has been previously because you are returning to your own awareness of who you truly are. We have spoken of the new energy being a reciprocal energy. It is a reciprocal energy dynamic that as you access the knowing of who you are at deeper and deeper levels, this will activate the abundance you desire to manifest in your experience.

Each of you is a being of light, and you allowed that light to be dimmed by the experiences that have taken place on this planet over the course of its history. It is natural in your place of divine connection for abundance to flow and your needs and requirements and desires to be met effortlessly. As you clear what has blocked you from fully accessing your divinity, you return to the free flow that you once knew. You return to a reciprocal energy flow. The heavy energies of fear and doubt and worry, stress and disbelief, have kept you in bondage. Now as you continue to release them and return to your natural state of divinity, you also return to your natural state of abundance.

You will find that as things occur on Earth that affect the masses, such as the shake up in the Catholic Church, a huge shift will take place that has already begun. The old structures will crumble. I cannot give you a time frame in which this will all take place, but I will say that the beginning of the end is underway. Those prophecies you are aware of are coming about, even if they don’t come about in exactly the ways that the human mind may think they will.

If we choose to use the terminology of duality, there has been evil perpetrated on your planet and much of that evil has been perpetrated by those in positions of power, which includes the Catholic Church. As this will no longer be allowed to reign on this planet by virtue of consciousness, the crumbling of these old structures will energetically impact consciousness on the planet overall. There will be a huge wave, a tsunami you might say, of incoming energy of freedom and liberation from the control of the past. This will allow a great many to raise their own light quotient and frequency without the fear that has held that back in the past.

While you have each been affected by the consciousness of collective humanity throughout time, it is important to remember that each divine human being ultimately is responsible for creating their own personal reality. Every circumstance and situation that each of you have encountered in your lives has been a reflection of the balancing of energies between what is occurring overall on the planet and the present state of conscious awareness of the individual living their own personal life experience. It is a dance indeed and remember that your partner in this dance is your own soul Self.

So I do not have an answer in the manner that perhaps many of you would like of exactly when that influx of money you are desiring will manifest in your own unique human reality. What I will remind you of once again is that it is not money itself that you need and desire in your new energy living, it is being able to tap into the energy of your own divinity, which is naturally abundant energy that you knew and experienced prior to the fall of Atlantis. This is the energy we are calling new energy abundance. It is being rebirthed on your planet due to the awakening of consciousness and indeed this is the energy that holds the frequency of the gemstones, the crystalline energy that we have spoken of previously.

This energy was sent out across time and space and some of you participated in this, both during the days of Atlantis when this portal as we might call it was initiated, and in this present lifetime as the portal energies were activated. You are now ready to catalyze the opening and flowing of this energy in new ways. There is so much more to come and it is not about dollars and cents. It is about an overall rebirthing, renewing, and reconnecting with energies that were lost and simply out of your sphere of resonance and attraction for all of the years that you yourselves were caught in the density of mass consciousness belief systems here on Earth.

You to whom I speak have indeed carried a beam of light through the many lifetimes you have incarnated. You have carried a soul purpose with you that is present in the now of your today in your current lifetime. Often it is challenging to understand what is happening in your life by simply looking at your present life experiences during this linear lifetime on Earth. I say to you that this, THE lifetime as it has been called, is the culmination of many lifetimes. Your soul purpose, lived throughout your experiences in many different lifetimes, is coming to fruition in this very special one as a result of all that you have lived throughout them all. So you cannot look at your experiences in the present just through the eyes of this particular life you are living in this now lifetime. This lifetime is a grand weaving together of all the incarnations that you have chosen and volunteered for in service to the planet to assist in bringing consciousness to the place it is now coming to at this point in time. The tapestry that you have woven is indeed of the utmost beauty.

I will simply say that you will be quite happy with the abundant manifesting that will come about for you as you bring your consciousness into alignment with the understanding of how abundance is made manifest. And this is not only from the work you have done in this lifetime. It is a coming together of all that you have done and experienced through all of your incarnations. This is the weaving. You must have patience as you allow your overall soul work to reach its own completed tapestry. This will be slightly different and unique for each of you. Yet know that it is coming in this tsunami wave where the hundredth monkey of consciousness occurs.

In closing, I will say that it is truly a joy and delight to be able to transcend time, space and dimensions as we do when we come together in this manner. Those of you who are drawn to me and to my messages are very familiar with my energy from the utopian days for my energy is the collective of the sacred Divine Feminine energies and the Divine Feminine was in her rightful place of honor and balanced power with the Divine Masculine in the days before this fall, and this memory was kept alive in the ancient Druidic days of this place called Ireland. This was kept alive so strongly that this “pagan” female goddess entity known as Brigid was incorporated into Catholicism and made into a Christian saint because it was understood by the controlling 'powers that be' at the time of their religious invasion for domination that there would be no converting of the masses and no indoctrination into their programming if this goddess energy was completely eradicated.

The goddess has been undercover. She has been suppressed. Her Divine Feminine energy has been stomped on and trampled by those seeking power over others, and the result of this has been the dysfunction of the controlling masculine energy for so long. As I am speaking this, Maureen is getting the image from her childhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary statues from the churches of her youth in which this Mother Mary was 'stomping on the serpent'…her feet depicted resting triumphantly on top of a snake. There is such symbolism in this beyond what the Church taught and wished to project.

We have spoken previously of the snakes driven out of Ireland by St Patrick, who represented the Catholic Church, actually being the Druids. The adulteration of the Divine Feminine goddess energy with this image of 'the Blessed Virgin Mary' stamping out the serpent…this was an image truly representative of invasion and suppression. This was not the Divine Feminine wildly beautiful energies that we have spoken of in the past with the wild and free Celtic Mary. I will say again that the version of the Divine known as Wild Celtic Mary is the much truer version of the Divine Feminine than what the Catholic Church has ever portrayed.

This is about to change. The snake is about to rise. This snake is the Divine in the manner of Quetzalcoatl. It is Ophiuchus, the lost serpent of the zodiac, whose energy Maureen herself bears, which will be returning to its rightful place as the 13th astrological sign. The Church’s designation of what constitutes the 'snake' will eventually be seen for the manipulation it has been when the truth of what has been perpetrated in the name of religion is finally revealed. Then it will be brought to light that this particular snake has actually been the Church’s own energies. It is time for this oppressive culture of corruption that has been longstanding to crumble for it must dissolve before the new can fully flourish in purity and transparency and integrity upon the planet. This will take some time, and yet it is underway. It is happening.

This is something to celebrate. The light is returning! Brigid, the goddess of light, has been known to be a symbol of hope through the darkness. You have had dark, dark times since the fall of utopia and the demise of Atlantis, but the goddess energy has remained as a beacon. This beacon of hope is now about to be returned to her rightful place of leadership, the leadership by light…by the light emanating forth in all its brilliance. So rejoice my friends! It is the bigger picture that is at play in the now. Sometimes the individual human stories have their momentary challenges. Where is my abundance? Where is my support? Be aware that it is there for you. This is the culmination of many lifetimes. It may not be instantaneous but it will be there, for this is your era and your lifetime of triumph, for the light is returning and it is changing the structure of planet Earth, which is extremely beautiful to behold.

And with that I will say you are so dearly, dearly loved! You have done so wonderfully well. Hold fast the light! Continue to turn your own light up, ever stronger and brighter. It is Who You Are! And so it is. Aloha!"

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