Friday, March 8, 2013

Saul: Citizens Have Given Away Far Too Much of Their Power

As Channeled by John Smallman – March 6, 2013

Humanity’s desire for a better way of living is strengthening as more whistle-blowers reveal disturbing and unpleasant secrets that your “authorities” wish to suppress or keep hidden from you — secrets that clearly demonstrate that they cannot be trusted and should not have authority over anyone.

As they are revealed they further your desire for and intent to achieve major systemic change in all the myriad authoritarian organizations that have been spawned across the planet over the eons of your recorded history.

Histories are the stories that the winners and survivors choose to tell and write down, during or after the events they supposedly refer to, in order to show themselves as beings of wisdom and integrity working honestly for the good of all, when in truth they are always very heavily biased accounts, frequently offering out-and-out lies as truths to justify the chaos and suffering that they have caused in their determination to maintain their power and authority.

Humanity’s sojourn on Earth has, for the most part, been an ongoing struggle between rival factions attempting to set themselves up as the rightful authorities to whom you, the people, should happily and gratefully surrender your own personal power and many of the rights that go with it.

Needless to say, those who attain positions of power always feel a strong need to protect this status either by means of the laws they have formulated precisely for that purpose, or, failing that, by physical enforcement, using police, militias, or, in extreme circumstances, the state’s army. And as your history shows, those in power have never failed to use all the means at their disposal to maintain their expropriated powers.

Even in your so-called democracies the citizens have given away far too much of their power to their governments, enabling them to declare war on other nations, or even on their own citizens when they deem it in their own best and self-serving interests to do so. That power needs to be reclaimed. It can and should be done peacefully without force of arms.

Power can only be maintained and exercised over others if these others choose to allow it. Indeed, there are many recent examples of governments being “persuaded” to change their policies due to popular and peaceful demonstrations against them. Many changes will soon be occurring, or have already commenced, because of these kinds of peaceful activities which are on the increase all across the world.

You – the people, humanity – want a new age, a Golden Age, and you are starting to express this desire very forthrightly, thus bringing about the necessary changes to achieve it, for that is how change occurs.

A continuing outpouring of loving intent by you, the wayshowers and-Light bearers, for essential changes to occur in a peaceful, prompt, and efficacious manner enormously empowers this ongoing process. Do not let the apparent lack of progress, due to the mainstream media’s unwillingness to report it, distract or dissuade you from this important task.

Remind yourselves regularly of the fact that not only are you powerful divine beings intending to bring in the Golden Age, but you are achieving that aim! By reminding yourselves you raise your spirits and you strengthen the power of that intention.

It is, as you have been told before, a done deal. Nothing can prevent the divine plan coming to fruition, but the more frequently and intensely you focus on bringing it about then the sooner will you see it happen. It has happened already, eons ago. However, you cannot presently experience the reality of it because the purpose of the illusion is to hide Reality from you and persuade you that things will never change, or, if they do, that they will only do so very slowly. That is not the truth. Time is a major aspect of the illusion, and by changing your focus, your perception, you will see through the illusion as it dissolves, and time will dissolve with it.

Collectively, humanity is changing the way it perceives its illusory environment, and it has been doing this with steadily increasing awareness for the last five or six decades. The older ones among you can definitely see that great changes have occurred and are continuing to occur during your current lifetimes, as the willingness to engage in the “romance” of just wars has died away.

The wars presently being fought – philosophically, religiously, politically, economically, and physically – are the result of outdated ways of thinking, outdated philosophies of judgment, and the resultant condemnation of opposing viewpoints, followed by the emotional and egoic knee-jerk responses to situations that were never fully understood.

They are the last and doomed efforts of the old order — the self-appointed and arrogant leaders of authoritarian regimes trying to maintain their grip on power. The ineffectiveness of their attempts to hold on to that usurped authority are readily apparent to all who choose to see.

The desire that all of humanity live harmoniously together in a state of peace and abundance, and the intent to see that aim achieved, have become so strong, so intense that nothing can prevent its delivery. Hold to your truth, to your trust in the supremacy of your loving Father, and know that His Will always prevails.

With so very much love, Saul.

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