Sunday, March 17, 2013

Source Memo - Part 130, Financial, Social and Political Secrets Beginning to be Unveiled

By Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 03/16/13

 “Wait until you hear what we have to tell you tonight, Beloveds. The Earth herself is trembling with joy and laughter. It is a time of such behind-the-scenes change that it is going to be like a roller coaster ride to keep up with it.


“First, the financial arena. As you may have heard, JPMorgan Chase is in very hot water, and the ongoing investigations of the London trades that lost billions are revealing what really happened. Jamie Dimond is not going to be able to cover with his glib and off-hand reassurances that “everything is just fine, everybody. Don’t look behind the curtain.” We want to remind you here that Jamie is one of our own, even though he has been so misdirected. We will forgive him when he comes Home, and we hope you will too.

Do not lower your vibration to feel anger or despair. All is going according to plan, and Mr. Dimond and many others will be facing some serious criminal charges. It will restore the hope for many of the 99%, as you call yourselves, to see the big manipulators displaced.

“Next, on the social front. Let’s see - how shall we say this - the plight of women is going to improve measurably because of new laws being presented in state legislatures. Of course, there are still the Southern Baptist misogynists who are trying to restrict abortion, birth control, and keep women barefoot and pregnant, as you say. They will not be able to succeed to any large degree. The restrictive laws that have already been passed will be easily overturned in the near future.

“There are new forms of contraception which will make present means archaic, and abortion will no longer be necessary in most cases. Of course it has never been anything but a last-ditch emergency procedure in our eyes, acceptable as many surgeries are, to preserve the well-being of the woman in the exercise of her free will. We support the feelings of our children when they feel they are not ready to care for a child because they do not have the emotional, physical and financial resources to do it well.

“Our primary concern is always to support the means of preventing unnecessary suffering when it does not interfere with the general conditions which make it possible for our children to learn necessary lessons in their life journeys on Gaia. You see, our idea of “life” is not simply embodiment in the present body. We see you embarking on this brief trip to Gaia as a tiny part of the life you have lived and will live with Us - some of you have already lived many thousands of years, most of them somewhere other than in Earth bodies. You have been taught to fear “death” even though there is no such thing. Please remember, Dear Ones, that your departure from the human body is simply a transition back to your light bodies.

“Now, for the news on the religious front. You are aware of the PopeAvatar switch we were able to manage as the new Pope began his reign. It is with great glee that we anticipate the coming tricks to be played with great humor and aplomb by our wonderful Master who has taken on the challenge of playing Pope while also preparing to light a fire under the Vatican! But do not expect sudden changes. He has learned well the niceties and formalities of Popeness in order to lull the opposition into believing he is in league with them - otherwise he might be deposed before he could do any good.

Now, in answer to some of the rather angry questions Kathryn has received about previous messages, we will take full responsibility for the form and tone of the writings, and will explain something the readers are not aware of. Just as the new Pope has been advised to stay under cover, in a similar way, we have advised our dear Obama to work behind the scenes, even if his own supporters believed he was doing nothing he had promised.

“It takes real fortitude to make your moves slowly, strategically, without fanfare, but he has succeeded admirably in keeping the opposition puzzled by his fast footwork. It was crucial that he not dismantle the entire structure of intertwined financial, government and military power and cause the whole world to grind to a halt. Even the discontinuance of war has been carefully calibrated to not throw thousands of veterans out of work during the recession and with poor medical care.

“You have no real knowledge - because it has been hidden from you for more than a hundred years - of what really goes on in the offices of real power in the world. It is not your “government” who runs your country, the United States. In fact, since the 80’s, most of the representatives you think you elect have actually been placed in their seats by commercial interests, to do their bidding. It has always been so to some degree, but as the flow of money was purposely directed to the few wealthiest families, via laws and mandates you have no knowledge of, your Constitution has been systematically decimated or simply disregarded. The worst of these maneuvers were accomplished during the Reagan and Bush eras, although none of the recent administrations previous this one were free from manipulation by the Powers That Be.

“Yes, we are telling you that your Obama, who has been so hated by his opponents, is finding such violent resistance because of what he has done for the greater good, and for no other reason. Yes, they hate to be led by a Black man, but they could tolerate that if he would roll over the way most of the Congress has. There is a small minority left who have integrity and concern for the people, and those brave souls are fighting hard to preserve the programs and stability which have kept the poor of this nation from falling into abject misery.

“It is a cruel society which holds their poor in contempt rather than seeing how deliberately they have been kept down, through psychological propaganda, discriminatory laws and crooked dealings at all levels of education and government. The ship of state is beginning to right itself, and a dignified tone of compassion and genuine concern is ringing true to enlightened ears, but selfishness is still a serious problem across the world and at home.

“The propaganda which convinced everyone to believe in the feeling of want and deprivation, as if everyone were on the verge of starvation at all times (while everyone is obsessed with being overweight), has created the competition between immigrant and citizen, Black and White, young and old, rich and poor, when no such angry struggles should have been ignited at all, given the riches available. Greed is touted as success, and selfishness honored as hard work when souls forget their responsibility for one another, their connection to each other and to Us, who see you all as equals, regardless of outward appearances which, we assure you, can be misleading.

“Dear Ones, do not allow yourselves to be seduced into clinging to the heavy vibration of the material conditions you had become used to in 3D. Imagine your emotional yardstick where all the Dark feelings are at one end and the Light ones at the other, and choose Who You Are by choosing which feelings you will feel. Dedicate yourselves now to being aware and conscious, every millisecond of every day. Do not allow yourself to fall into resentment, hostility or paranoia, especially when you are presented with ideas which do not match what you have been taught. It will be a challenge for all to do this, even the most advanced Lightworkers. Reach for your best. Imagine the impossible - no more anxiety, no more down days.

“Lighten your vibration by opening your Hearts and allowing our Unconditional Love to pour down through your Crown Chakra, through your center Light Channel where your inner strength resides. This strength is greater than any thought or idea you can have, because it comes from your eternal soul. Anchor the Light in your solar plexus, then let it pour down through your lower body, down your legs and deep into the Earth, grounding yourself in the heart of Gaia. Keep that hold, on Us, and on Mother Earth, while you serve as the conduit for Love and Light. That is your Place, your gift, and your destiny, our Beloved Human Ones.

“We love you beyond measure,
Your Mother/Father God

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