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Montague Keen - March 24, 2013

Channelled By Veronica Keen On March 24, 2013

Montaque and Veronica when he was still on his Earth-walk...
My dear, life does not get any easier. The battle is raging between the light and the dark. It is especially hard for those of you who are sensitive. Be aware and alert. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. The survival of the human race is what is at stake and this statement is by no means an exaggeration. It is absolute fact. Many of you still refuse to accept this statement as fact. You believe that if you refuse to look at the facts, they will just go away. This is the take-over of the human race we are talking about here. It affects every last one of you. There is no time for niceties. You need to face the facts as they are not as you would like them to be.

I wish that I could be the bearer of good news but your survival is what is important to me. You must know by now that when you come together to work with us in Spirit, the dark side will fail and withdraw from Planet Earth, never to return. They are the infiltrators, who pass themselves off as fellow human beings, though always as "superior" to everyone else. They manipulate absolutely everything that the ordinary human needs for his very existence. All this has been kept well hidden from you, but brave souls have stepped out of line and are making this information available to you. They are prepared to suffer the consequences for doing so. I beg you all, be awake and be aware, at all times !

You are mere meat to them. They have no souls. They succeeded in convincing you that they are just like you. This is absolutely not the case at all. The women of Ireland have awakened to this fact. They are a shining example of how to deal with it. They challenge it in the courts of law. There is no need for violence. It must be done with dignity and respect, in the sure knowledge that what you are doing is right and just. Stop seeing yourselves as victims. This is exactly how they want you to see yourselves, as victims without hope. You know in your souls that this is not so, for you are powerful beings of light having an experience on Earth. Your task is to rescue the Earth from the clutches of the Dark Ones. When you come together, you will realise this fact is absolutely true. Forget all the man-made divisions. You are all one. You cannot fail.

Meditation is important. Please try to find the time to go into your higher selves for inspiration. You are spiritual beings. It is time to reconnect with your spiritual side. This will help you awaken to the truth of who you are. Religions have discouraged meditation and some even forbade any connection with spirit. This is why you were lost in the wilderness of lies and deception for so long. It is time to remove the shackles that kept you in darkness.

The next few weeks will not be easy as the struggle becomes more visible. It will take strength of character to stand up for truth and justice. The Dark Ones have left no stone unturned in their plans to take over your planet. They control everything that is necessary for humanity to survive. You have unknowingly assisted them in this take-over. Now, you must assist your fellow man to survive. You must awaken to the extent of the deception. Listen to those who are speaking out. They are revealing the real facts. I am not suggesting that this will be comfortable for you, but believe me, it is necessary. You have no time to lose. The world is not as you were taught that it is, and this is a fact.

There are ships from friendly planets surrounding the Earth, awaiting the call of mankind to come to its assistance. They will physically come to your aid. They will NEVER INVADE the Earth: they must be invited. They come in peace and love. They are aware of what is needed and they will not fail you. They are your friends. They understand your plight and they sympathise with your predicament. You have nothing to fear but everything to gain. You will create a future that embraces all humanity, with no divisions of any sort. All will be part of the universe, just as it was in ancient times. You have become the protectors of your planet and all humanity. So much depends on you at this time. You have become the Army of the Light, whose only weapon is LOVE. There is no greater power than that of love. Love survives all.

Your future depends on whatever action that you take at this time of change. Arm yourselves with as much absolute truth as possible and refrain from being brain-washed by television and newspapers. Choose carefully where you get your facts from. Become wise by going into your heart and soul to check whether the information feels right. If it does, then go with it: if it does not sit comfortably with you, then reject it. Mistakes at this time could be very costly, so take time to consider everything carefully as your decisions affect others. Reject the distractions that will be pushed forward and used against you. This is no time for games of this sort.

My dear, we are aware of the difficulties that you are trying to deal with. We are endeavouring to find the solutions, then we will guide you. Support your friend. It is a painful time, but one that must be faced. Then, they can move forward without distraction or hindrance. It is never easy to face the fact that a situation was not as one believed it to be. Be there to listen, to support and to guide, through the hurt that is inevitable. Friends are very valuable at such times. Be there with open arms to listen and sympathise.

Go forward together into the light in the sure knowledge that it will overcome the darkness and all the evil will be removed. Exposure to the light is something they cannot deal with: it is their greatest fear.

My dear, all will be as it was always intended to be. Have no fear, the right people will be at your side. You know who you are, and why you are on the Earth at this time. We will not fail you.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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