Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thank You, Star Brothers and Sisters, for … Well, Saving the World

CataclysmI apologize that we posted so many articles today but this does show you, in a way, all that is happening right now.

There are many movies out that depict the Earth being destroyed by cataclysm. Many of these associate the catastrophe with the end of time, the end of days, 2012, Mayan calendar, etc.  Some examples are 2012, Deep Impact, Armageddon, and The Day After Tomorrow.

Then there are many movies that show extraterrestrials as merciless predators out to destroy us, the world, and so on. Examples of these are Alien, Predator, Alien vs. Predator, Independence Day, and The Arrival.

In these movies, the Earth is destroyed or the aliens overrun us and we face destruction.

Well, guess what? We actually did face a cataclysm. We are at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. And guess who saved us? No, not Harrison Ford or Will Smith. The extraterrestrials saved us. Specifically star beings from the Pleiades and Arcturus.

 And by the way, did anyone say “Thank you?” Not many of us, apparently. Let’s watch the salvation of the planet on video. And when we do, perhaps keep in mind that we’ve seen a lot of re-enactments of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Well, it may be a little far-fetched to compare this meteor to that asteroid. And yet we are watching an event that was at least potentially terrifically destructive. And that destruction was prevented.


According to Archangel Michael on today’s Hour with an Angel, the galactics did destroy the meteor; they destroyed it by flying right through the middle of it with their shields up; and they did risk their lives to do so. They did not use lasers because we on Earth might have interpreted that as the use of weapons and they did not want to take any chances that it might be seen as evidence of hostile intent.

 So they chose to put up their shields and fly right through the celestial body as you can see in the video. Here’s a second version of the same video with a little bit more analysis.

I was mistaken in saying that the meteor’s collision with Earth would have caused an Ice Age.  Archangel corrected me by reminding that he actually said that the only reference point that would reflect the range of  damage was an Ice Age. Let’s listen to how he described these events.
Steve: Before we turn to our main subject, which is the full restoration of consciousness, may I ask you to comment on the meteor that hit Russia? You said to me in a private reading on March 8th that it would have caused a new Ice Age. Can you confirm that for our listeners and comment on the process by which a new Ice Age would have resulted and how it was prevented?
Archangel Michael: No, what I said to you was that the only reference point that you would have for the catastrophe and damage that this meteorite  would have caused was the occurrence of a new Ice Age. Now this occurrence of the meteor was very close to Earth, obviously, and it was through the generosity and intervention, the ever-present vigilance of your star brothers and sisters that this occurrence has not taken place in the fulness of its potential.
So while there was some damage and some injury, it certainly was not of the level that was possible. It was also the opportunity to look up and to see very clearly the intervention and the protection in so many ways. But you are always asking for visible signs and this was one of the more visible signs of intervention by your star brothers and sisters, It is an element of Disclosure. Whether you choose to think of it that way or not, it certainly is.
What would have happened if there had been a full impact upon the planet, the damage would have caused catastrophic changes and climatic changes. So that is what I’m referring to. And, yes, it would have been similar to the shift and the wobble of the axis of the planet. It would have changed the center point of Gaia and the climate changes would have been very, very dramatic and destructive to the populace of the human race, which is already in the process of change. So it truly would have altered the progression of what you are already in the middle of.
Let me also say this. The physical impact of this meteorite, of this matter, would have been geologically and physically what you would think of as disaster and catastrophe. But the bigger catastrophe, the bigger setback, would most definitely have been that it would have caused the greater portion of humanity, of the collective, to go not only into a place of fear and survival but to bring their attention back to matters of migration, of change and geological topography.
And it would have taken away the attention from what they are currently undergoing and also the shift in the consciousness of humanity would have been sidetracked and form our perspective that would have been an even greater catastrophe. So it happened. The intervention that has taken place by  your star brothers and sisters has prevented catastrophe on many, many levels.
And there are not very many upon the planet that we have observed that have said thank you or have expressed gratitude to the forces that have intervened, which is curious, is it not?
S: Yes, Lord. Let me say thank you for them. And we’re becoming familiar enough with the galactics that perhaps we can know now which ships did what. Was it Pleiaidan, Sirian, Arcturian? How did they do what they did? It looks like they went right through the middle of the meteor. Is that correct?
AAM: Yes, that is accurate. You know that it was primarily a Pleiadian effort but there was certainly support from the Arcturians as well. And the – what you think of as – technology … you know that the ships are very organic. They are living. They are sentient, cooperative beings. But they also have the ability to create force fields, what you would think of as shields, that can withstand not only pressure, but also temperature, fire, anything you can think of. And the only way to dispel this [threat] was to go right through the meteor itself.
Well, it was the most effective measure because one of the things that they did not want to be seen doing was using their laser, what you would think of as their laser technology to explode/implode the meteor because it would look and be trackable as a beam of energy and that could be construed as a weapon. So that would not do in terms of a strategy at all. Because whether you say that humans are ready or not, there are still powers that be and individuals that would think that this would put them in a danger zone. So that is why this strategy was used.
It also gives a very clear message to human beings because from their point [of view], their perspective of understanding, to witness or to see a video of a ship going through a meteor, to them on the subconscious level translates as our star brothers and sisters are willing to sacrifice themselves and die for us if necessary in order to protect us and that is a powerful message and a very true one, by the way.
S: Well, it certainly deserves our thanks and I can’t help remarking on the irony of it. We’ve seen movies like Deep Impact which have tried to get us afraid of this end-of-cycle period and in that spaceships bring down the meteor. And here we have an event that could have been a catastrophe at the end of the cycle and the star brothers and sisters have protected us from that catastrophe so it’s deeply ironic.
AAM: There is no irony in this, dear heart. Do you not think that many of these ideas that your various forms of media or entertainment, so called, comes up with … they are often planted.
S: Yes, and in them often the extraterrestrial beings are represented as predators and here they have in fact saved the Earth in a very real way.
AAM: Yes, the star beings of all the various stripes, colors, nationalities, lineages, forms are not predatory. That desire to create the external enemy, still, as you well know, is done continually in a very real and terrible offense, upon the planet, between nations and belief systems. There is this human desire, which is being worked on and shifted, both by you and by us, to feel that you have need to have an external enemy to prove that you are the king or the queen, that you are victorious, that somehow that is a measure, and somehow a valued measure, of power. It’s very sad.
There are increasingly films and various forms of entertainment that show the unity and the family and the community of again various nations and of your star brothers and sisters. But by and large that old paradigm is still in the process of dissolution.
So a very full and heartfelt thank you to the star beings who risked their lives to destroy the meteor. Certainly not predatory, but an undeniable act of courage and potential self-sacrifice which gives the lie to Hollywood’s portrayal of them and should reassure us of their peaceful and benevolent intentions towards the human collective which, at this time, they are here to serve.

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