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AA Michael: A Process of Deconstruction and Reconstruction


Channelled Through Linda Dillon

Excerpted from 'An Hour With An Angel' On InLight Radio 2-27-14

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Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael…

SB (Steve Beckow): Greetings, Lord.

AAM  Archangel of peace, warrior of love, and yes, bringer of news. Welcome, my beloved friends.
SB: Thank you.

AAM: Lightworkers, love-holders, torch-bearers, way-showers, pillars, gatekeepers. All are welcome, and all are welcome equally, with the deepest of love, and might I say the deepest regard, the deepest cherishing.

So often, my beloved friends, we are in the habit of speaking of what is occurring, what is transpiring, what is transforming, what is coming — talking about tsunamis and events — that we forget how important it is as the starting point to simply speak of our love for you, how you are cherished, how you are honored, how you are valued, not merely because we are in sacred partnership.

We are in sacred partnership, my beloved friends, because of who you are. You have been born into form, you have chosen — bravely, courageously — to step forward in this time of change, but you have done so because of your strengths.

We have chosen you because of your valor, because of your strength, because of your gentleness, because you are dreamers and creators, and that you are able to discern love. Too often, all of you, and particularly you who listen to me this night, who are the way-showers, the bearers of my flag, of my flame and the flame of the Company of Heaven, you think about, and you have been told about, what you have need to let go of, what you have need to heal, what still remains to be done and what needs to unfold in order for Ascension.

Not often enough, my beloveds, do we tell you, from our hearts to yours, how well you are doing, how much the work that you do every single day, every hour, every minute, day after day, week after week, year after year, how deeply it is appreciated, how it is acknowledged and known throughout the multiverse, not only by we who serve the Mother, but by all who serve the Mother; not only by your brothers and sisters of the stars, but far beyond.

There are so many eyes on Earth, on our beloved Gaia, and on each of you, at this time that in our excitement, in our anticipation of the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, we emphasize, “Cross this T. Dot this I. Do this; do that. Wait!” and we do not tell you enough how miraculous this undertaking is. But how miraculous it is because of each of you!

Yes, this is a collective effort. It gives new meaning to a group effort, if ever there was one. But the foundation of this group is you, each of you, and the clarity of your heart, the willingness not only to receive the attunements, the clarity, the purity of the Mother, the gifts from your star brothers and sisters, but your own diligence, your own determination, and your own love, not only for the Mother and for us, but for each other.

Your commitment to create Nova Earth, to bring about the shift, not to destroy what is dear to you, what is valuable, what you and we wish to maintain and preserve, but to go forth fearlessly and continually, and to eradicate that which does not serve, which does not reflect love and unity and community and wholeness and fairness; your efforts and your worthiness is where we wish to start today.

We speak of world events, and so often, as you look at your world, not your planet, but your world, that is seemingly — and apparently! — in disarray, and that is where the focus and the emphasis comes forth.

But let us not forget, and let us please acknowledge to you, the other half of the equation. And that is how much is and has been accomplished. The work that you do, the efforts you make, the love that you hold in your hearts makes a difference. It is the catalyst for Ascension. It is the green light for the tsunami of love. It is the green light to your brothers and sisters of the stars.

So, let us begin this day in gratitude for your sweet self.

SB: Thank you, Lord.  What I’d like to do today, if I may, is to see if we can emerge with a picture of how we’re doing, of what progress we’ve made in various areas — political, economic, tsunami of love, etc. So, to begin with, two governments have fallen recently, the Ukraine and Egypt. Can you tell us how we’re doing in achieving political freedom on the planet, what progress we’ve achieved, please?

AAM: I would be happy to speak to this, because this is not a day of acknowledging kudos and accomplishments of where it is seen and has need to be recognized. Now this movement — and it is a global movement, let us be very clear about that – well, it actually stretches beyond the globe, but let us restrict our conversation for this day to Gaia, because this is where your concern and our concern, our efforts and our energies are focused.

The prelude to these accomplishments is — and I wish I could claim that it is because you have all held my blue flame of truth and peace within your hearts, and of course you have; but more than that, more than St. Germain’s torch and his proclamation for freedom, you, as individuals, have begun to feel — well, you have moved far beyond feeling — but you have begun to feel your right to freedom and to choice.

It is very simple, is it not? And yet of course what it means is that those walls of Jericho and all the forces trying to uphold those walls of Jericho are bringing their forces to bear. But those walls are coming tumbling down.

And they are coming tumbling down because the human spirit, the truth of the human spirit, which you have seen throughout many ages — well, those of you who have been on Earth — who have seen throughout many ages that you cannot extinguish the innate human desire for freedom. It cannot be extinguished, because that would mean that the light of God, the Divine Source, One, had been extinguished — and that is never going to be permitted.

Have there been many false starts? Well, no, they weren’t false starts, they were simply the first wave — so what you are seeing is people simply standing together, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the face of harm and violence, and saying it does not matter if I might suffer or if I may die. I claim my right, and I claim our right, to choice.

This is the one area so often that upsets you, when we say to you, “Well, we would like to do this or that, but we are not allowed to intervene or interfere with your free choice.” It is that inalienable right that the Mother has bestowed upon you.

And although there have been many efforts, for many millennia, to crush this in a whole variety of ways, it cannot and it will not be crushed. So what is happening is those embers, those ashes, are becoming towering infernos. And you will see this in country after country after country.

And different countries — politically we are talking about now — will have different ways or different issues that they will express it around, because for some it will be health, for some it will be environment, for some it will be finance and food and water, but it will be expressed.

What does this mean? It means a number of things. But if we could paraphrase it we would say that the day of the despot, of the dictator, of the behind-the-scenes manipulators who are often the true culprits in all of this are coming to an end.

Now, not only are you the ones who are awakening, who are experiencing that burning desire, necessity, for freedom and free choice, stepping forward at the same time as those who have been in the drama, in the roles of the despots and the manipulators and the punishers. They are also being penetrated by the Mother’s gift of clarity, by her gift of purity, by your star brothers’ gift of the pink ray to soften hearts, to soften energy. So, that wall that so many people of Earth have been pushing against is not as strong as it once was.

Many of these beings have also been in various forms of containment, as you know. Yes, merely because we do not speak of it doesn’t mean that that work disappeared. So the wall of resistance becomes more pliant, more breakable. Now, where are you going to see the most political upheaval? You are spotting it. Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, most of Africa…. The exception is Zimbabwe. Mozambique is also well isolated. And when we say, by the way, that there is an elimination of despots and dictators and manipulators, we do not simply mean that these have need to be replaced by what you would think of as western-style democracies.

There are some other forms of government — royalty, in a few cases — that the people are very happy with, and they have their freedom. So we are not speaking merely of an infusion of what you think of as western-style democracy. Because as you well know that has its issues and problems and challenges as well. And it most certainly has its manipulators. And that has been the key to many difficulties.

When St. Germain encouraged the signing in the United States of America of the Declaration of Independence, it was not so that the country could be run by a few backroom boys or the military.
Now, one of the primary shifts that you are going to see as these political spheres degenerate and are forced, yes, forced, to capitulate is that there will also be a reduction in what you think of as the importance — which is a fantasy — of military might, of emphasis on military prowess, whether it is an army of 30 warriors or 3 billion. This is one of the significant changes.

We are working with you, as are your star brothers and sisters, and particularly your star brothers and sisters who are on the ground, to alleviate the violence of these shifts in power. I would dearly love to say to you that these transitions will occur without any harm to anyone, without any violent emotion or action, but that is not so as yet. Is that possible? Yes.

Now, let me digress just for a moment. You say, “Well, how is this going to be possible?” All upon the Earth are equally penetrated — yes, some fight it. Most — most! — are embracing it. When the tsunami of love comes to the shore of your being, there is no resistance that can prevent penetration. It is not within your structure, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it is not part of the design that you can resist this, that you can turn away from this infusion of love. And as soon as you begin to feel it, even as the waves are approaching, there is such a deep knowing within your heart, within your self, within the very core of your being that this is what you have waited for, that you would not dream of resistance.

So, that is how change, politically, can also be completed. It is started in bloodshed. The bloodshed and the violence continues, despite all of you working with me, diligently, night and day, but it does not mean that it will end in an eruption of greater violence.

Why do I mention this? To give you heart, to give you hope. It hurts. Do not ever think, my family, that we do not understand what hurts you, that when you feel that a promise, or what you perceive as a promise has been made to you — either by us or by a friend, by a partner, by a family member — or when some ill is done to you, we know what hurts you. And we do everything in our power to prevent that. And because of our partnership and the way in which it is evolving, you are doing more, but you are also allowing us to do more.

So think of it this way: if you have a friend — and I am your friend; I would like to think I am your best friend — you have a friend, and you say, “This is more than I can handle today. I have more on my plate, and I am concerned that if I try and tackle it all I will be doing harm to myself. Can you help me?” Well, yes, we can. And we will, and we do.

Because if a child is murdered in Tanzania; if a person is mutilated in a drug cartel undertaking in Mexico; if the people are being trampled in Venezuela; if the people that you do not know in China can’t breathe, it hurts you. You are not even fully aware. And I do not say that in a way of condescension. I do not say that because somehow you are lacking. If you were aware of all the things that hurt you, you would lie on the floor and say, “Michael, beam me up!” And we do not want that.

So instead, in our partnership, we step in, as you step in for us. So you can see the political downfalls as the beginning of a domino effect that will go around the world. And it will end up back as one of the final dominoes exactly where we have begun speaking of today — well, we have spoken of the Ukraine, but we are talking of Russia.

SB: Hmm. Many financial initiatives are in play — the prosperity programs, the re-val, the historic bonds. How are we progressing in those areas? Can you characterize the stage we may be at, and the stages that lie beyond, please?

AAM: We have had. a number of water references today, I will answer this question in this way. You are not at the edge of the water, you are up to your ankles. You are wading in and you are getting ready to swim.

So, can I say that it has begun. It is already underway.  Now you say to me, “What about those who have been misbehaving?” And we can say that with a chuckle because it is errant childhood behavior, and it is the old paradigm of greed and lust. But of course using that they are in shame and guilt. They have been addressed.

SB: The people you’re talking about have been addressed?

SB:  There have been reports of some members of Congress, for instance, who are not standing for re-election. Is that so?

AAM: Yes, that is correct.

SB: All right. Well, we’re talking about the new financial programs; maybe we could switch now and talk about the old financial structure. Is there any way you can typify the progress we’ve made in deconstructing the old financial structure, including the banks, including the bubbles like the derivative crisis that probably can never be solved, foreign exchange, all the areas of the economy that have been corrupted? Where are we at with deconstructing that structure?

AAM: While the old has been deconstructed — and it’s still underway — the new has been constructed. So, if you were to think of a downtown building that was in the process of being torn down while a bright, new, light tower was being constructed next to it, they are about… well, the light tower is actually growing taller and taller and the deconstructed building is almost done.

But what was key to this — and still is, because there are many people who do not believe this; we are not concerned about that, by the way — they only care about being taken care of. And in all of this deconstruction, in all of the exposure, in all of the greed and lust and control that has happened, particularly over the last decade, people not only lost faith — and rightfully so — in many of the financial institutions, they lost their sense of safety, of security, of knowing that there was a system of equity in place where there was an exchange of services, goods, values, so that there has been a great deal of theft.

And although many people — and we are talking the masses now — can never understand it, they
understand that they were cheated and duped and that for many of them their hard-earned savings, what they had invested in — we’re not talking millionaires; we are talking about the common people who invested in a dream of putting their child in school (which is ridiculous, that that should cost a dime — that is another topic) or who wish to retire, or who suffered ill health — all of this needed to go through a process not only of deconstruction.

But part of that deconstruction is the exposure, and the exposure to the fact that it did not work, that it was not constructed in ways that were of fairness, of equity, of caring, of integrity.

Now, if you were to speak to many, shall we say, men on the street, and you were to ask them about the efficacy or the efficiency or the truth of many banking systems — not all; we do not wish to throw everything away — but generally speaking they would say, “No, we do not trust them. But we do not know what else to do.”

And the separation in what are supposed to be countries of equality and liberty and truth between those who have and those who do not have has become so glaring that the myth has been destroyed that there is something for everybody, and if you just work a little harder, and sacrifice a little more of your soul, of your family, of your time, of your energy that you will be rewarded. That myth had need to be destroyed. And that is in decomposition right now.

Except for a cadre of lightworkers and enlightened economists, brilliant financial people, the light tower is not fully acknowledged and understood. There have been times when we have told you where we know of the human delight in playing with currency. You love money. Now, has that become jaded and displaced? And did greed crawl in? Yes, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about Monopoly money. We are talking about bright, colorful currencies.

People, humans — because of their cultural history – no longer use pieces of gold, although some do. But you like to play with currency.

And so we are not eliminating currency, per se, right off the bat, We are not eliminating institutions that can guide or warehouse or help you with money right off the bat. That is to say that no one has integrity, and that is not true. I am speaking this day to millions, billions, who have great integrity and who would never dream of stealing or misplacing a dime.

But it is recruiting those people and bringing them into the new system, of integrity, of fairness, of equality, and because the institutions aren’t fully built and recognized, there is still some level of uncertainty. People aren’t sure which way to jump, but they are ready to jump, and that is what we needed. That is what you needed.

SB: Well, Lord, many people who became aware of what the Illuminati were doing, what they were up to, watched the process by which the Illuminati extended their control, and may even have been able to perceive them getting careless, not caring who knew about certain things they were doing, not bothering to answer charges against them, dismissing things out of hand, etc. And then the Illuminati started to be opposed and lose control.

Now we’re in a process in which they’re progressively losing more and more control. Is it possible for you to describe what happens when a group like this loses control, what stages they go through, or how this process looks like, how it works? Is that possible?

AAM: Yes. What you have done is describe the group that you refer to as the Illuminati at the pinnacle of their arrogance. And you have witnessed that particularly during, again, the last decade, and certainly within the last five years. But with that arrogance, and with that carelessness, as you have put it, with this feeling of invincibility, untouchability, they became reckless. There have been a group of souls who have come to Earth.

Many of them — well, some of them are your star brothers and sisters — many of them are of the blue ray of truth, and many of them are green — yes, Raphael’s, but also Earth-keepers — and their sole mission and purpose has been exposure of this crime.

As the Illuminati — and we do not wish to group them — as the individuals who have been in this situation and moving from the arrogance and the recklessness and carelessness, there has been deep, profound denial. And part of that has been what you would term a false grid, a paradigm, a belief system that somehow they were the chosen of the Father (usually the Father, not the Mother; which is interesting in and of itself).

And so they felt a sense of great entitlement. But as the world, external and internal — understand, one does not collapse without the other — as these paradigms have been collapsing, there has been a great deal of anger, rage, striking out against those who would challenge them, but also rage and challenge, can we say, against the Source, the Father One, against heaven, and with that, a great sense of somehow that they have been abandoned and not that they have erred, but that God has erred.

And you see this not only in the financial systems. Look to the political, societal institutions as well. This is a common theme. And as they have believed this, then they have finally begun to look in the mirror and realized that they have been off their path, that they have erred.

And as they are being penetrated with greater clarity, they are coming to realize that not only have they erred, but they — most of them are at a place where they know the magnitude of what they have done is so phenomenal they don’t know how to fix it. They were never, can we say, ‘prime creators.’ And I use that word and that term very purposely. They were manipulators. They thought that they were the favored ones and they forgot about gratitude and humility and sharing.

So, many of them have become very disorganized in their energy fields, in their thinking. They are in a crisis of faith and self definition. Now, can they re-emerge? Yes. Will they re-emerge? No, not all of them.

But if and when they re-emerge, they re-emerge very differently. And that is where it is important to keep vigilance and charity in your hearts, forgiveness. Because they do know some things that are important to the future. They know what works and what doesn’t work, because they have walked through the gates of hell, literally.

SB: What you’re describing reminds me of what happens, or what used to happen, anyways, in encounter groups. The amount of  hammering that sometimes is needed to break through a constructed self.

AAM: Yes.

SB: Denial, and private myths about what a person is doing, how, even though I’m amassing all the wealth of society I’m contributing in some way. So this is really a personal deconstruction that’s going on with the members of the cabal.

AAM: It is a personal deconstruction and it is a system deconstruction. And they are running parallel.

SB: And this includes the military? This includes the media, entertainment industry?

AAM: Yes, it does.

SB: Can you tell me when we can expect to see programming on television, say, or in the movies that isn’t focused on criminality and terrorism and military topics? Is that something we can expect, say, soon?

AAM: We would suspect that what people find entertaining will shift in the next year.  Next year to two years. Because what is being popularized is what makes one feel warm and loved and cherished. Now, will we still encourage memories of the old third, so that you never revert back there? From time to time. But it will be nothing like what you call entertainment these days.

SB: And the media — when can we expect to see them dropping their negativity and service to the cabal?

AAM: It is already underway. You can see the chinks in their armor.  They are speaking different ways.

SB:  Is it going to cost some people their careers?

AAM: Yes. And they will go through their own deconstruction, reconstruction. And that is their birthright. That is the promise. No one is lost.

You decided. No one needs to be left behind. So, will some do it very rapidly? Skidding into home base, as it were? Yes. And you will say, “But I worked and worked and worked!” And then I will say, thank you. Thank you and bless you for what you do, beloved ones!

SB: Sounds like the prodigal son!

Steve Beckow
Linda Dillon
AAM: Does it not?

SB: [laughs] Well, thank you, Lord. That’s a very informative discussion, and we’ll continue it. Thank you very much.

AAM: Go with my love, and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, Lord.

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