Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Inner Child And The Path To Ascension

Channelled By Peter Phalam On 2-28-14 

Once a man, twice a child is a term used in nursing homes to describe the last chapter in many people’s lives. In spiritual terms, we recognize once an adult, always a child. The older a soul, the more it resists the restrictions of adulthood. We find distaste for responsibility, move away quickly from authority and find that being a true adult lacks necessary play time. All these issues lead us to the concept of the inner child and its longevity in our present incarnation.

There are, of course, many who have managed to establish estate and fiscal responsibilities yet they need to keep the inner child alive. Many older souls care for their aging parents. My point is that all of our activity within the 3rrddimension needs the nurturing and attention of the inner child.

The inner child input allows us to understand what is real or what is part of an illusional event. The inner child is far more than a concept. It is an integral part of the libido with a special electromagnetic connection to the pineal gland. The inner child maintains the primary connection to our guides who are renowned for pranks and our sense of humor. If the ego says ice cream, the inner child says chocolate. If the ego says new shoes, the inner child says tan Sketchers. If the ego senses fear, the inner child tries to divert your attention.

The ability to apply the inner child to more instances in our lives requires an attitude towards reality you might not have yet experienced. Believing in a child-like nature without appearing vulnerable is the main aspect. Angelic soul groups have an advantage in that the vast majority live in a fixed income realm and whistle through the day. Angels in body have a unique connection to their guides who are mature nature spirits. The rest of us must learn from these soul groups who always appear meek and aloof by design. They know through their connection to their guides to take this reality with a grain of salt.
The masters who have come before us all followed their path directly towards a simple, child-like nature before ascension. The true realized energy in a budding master always reflects this child with a playful smile that lights up a room. Masters all knew that when the inner child was in proper play, the body relaxed and disease was no longer part of the body’s agenda. The inner child elevates the environment of laughter and crying as methods of release from this sometimes toxic and complicated world.

When we find ourselves with a well developed inner child we observe the world in a much different manner. Rather than concentrating on what can go wrong or what we have to be wary of, the inner child directs us to gratitude and patience so the next joke can be heard and trepidation can be eliminated. The beauty of an active inner child is that the simplicity of existence is sought and the actual path to enlightenment shifts from chopping wood and carrying water to making a fire and taking a long bath.

Another important function of the inner child is placing you and keeping you on universal versus temporal time. Our soul’s synchronicity occurs when we are in harmony with the progression of our daily lives in universal time. The ego often misconstrues the timing of movement in our lives. The ego tries to orchestrate many parts of our day where the inner child tries to align us with what and when we are supposed to function. This includes relationships which our guides are primarily responsible for. If you ever had a negative relationship, your ego probably chose that one.

The time patterns of the inner child are slow and ultimately override the instant gratification the ego seeks. When the patterns of true universal time appear in our lives, we can understand both the moment and the messages that our guides try to relate to us. In a world where we are media saturated, the inner child constantly tries to take control of the remote and make different viewing choices in order to divert our attention to the beauty of this world and the gracefulness that God displays in the wonderment of real life. To the inner child every day is a Monday and it is always nine o’clock. Linear time is the single greatest deterrent towards understanding our inner child.

Finally, the pressure of survival in a world that grows constantly more complicated with more physical challenges will not change. The only thing that can change is your attitude towards it. It is quite obvious that humanity has little regards for the environmental integrity of this planet and only the inner child can resolve your own personal dilemmas within that matrix. The inner child tells you to recycle and the inner child begs you to avoid many processed foods. The inner child teaches you how to be both a good steward of this Earth and how to live peacefully on it. Namaste, Peter

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