Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Archangel Gabriel ~ Dream Big


 By Trinity Esoterics 3-5-14

We encourage people to dream big and to follow those dreams. Your fondest dreams are the most intimate, sacred and perfectly matched desires to your life expression. That pull is there for a reason! Think of your dreams as a pre-set program for your inner guidance system. You come into the body with those interests and desires to help you live your highest life expression.

Because you have been told by others (who are not qualified to know what you are on the planet to do and experience) that your dreams are frivolous and irresponsible, many of you are reluctant to even think about your dreams because you feel it is a waste of your time to think about something so unattainable. You may think you’d love to have a certain experience but it will never happen because you would need more free time or more money than you have to make it a possibility.

Dear Ones, if you hear one thing today hear this. The universe is extremely adept at lining things up for you in the most direct way possible. Imagine sitting at a dinner table, and rearranging the place settings, the salt and pepper, the glassware, the cutlery. It is quite easy from your perspective, is it not? That is the same way the universe can easily align things in the most wonderful, attainable manner for you. Hold the essence of your dreams! Embrace your deepest, heartfelt longings and allow the universe to do what it is brilliant at doing – aligning you with what you wish to experience. That is the dance of co-creation, which brings you, and us, our greatest joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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