Thursday, March 6, 2014

Observations On The Energies Through Equinox

By Sandra Walter 3-6-14

I AM called to the Mountain tomorrow for new gateway work. I have no idea what that means just yet. It feels like a big amplification is coming our way. The precog tribe is getting the same messages: Keep it clean, calm and focused through the Equinox. As anxious as we all may feel as the veils get thinner (magnetic squeeze and Solar activity), remember it is purposeful.

Break through the last of your barriers (fears) about the internal and external Shifts. If a fear is getting too close for comfort, by all means face it and clear that baggage. We need the Ascension tribe empowered by the new light, not startled by phantoms under your own mask.

A clear focus on simplicity, stability, purity and mastery will serve this phase. Eat and drink clean, operate from the heart, act from the highest integrity in order to create as much stability in your fields as possible. Forget the busy-ness; burn off the excess shakey-quakey energies with movement (cardio for solar activity, yoga/tai chi/qigong/dance for balance), creativity (light-ground ideas and connect to Higher Self) and assist with stabilizing Gaia (get your hands and feet on the Earth and be neutral in pure love). Please don’t stimulate the grids too much; notice the balancing act going on at the moment. Meditate as often as possible, it helps you and the collective.

CMEs are not Solar flares (nor the other way around). When the Sun experiences CME activity, awakened bodies/lightbodies feel it. It may feel like shaking in your core, anxiety, nervousness, or confusion. Sleep doesn’t feel like sleep (again). The current energies are aimed at distortion, so disharmony appears to be amplified. Please deal with conflict and disharmony in your personal lifestream NOW in order to serve the collective clearing of 2014.

Many of us who hold brighter light quotients are being used – in a very good way – to transmute on behalf of the collective. It isn’t like it used to be, we don’t have to do anything but watch these things sail past our fields. All is well, no need to engage with it AT ALL. Feel the sense of victory ~ it is so much easier for folks to awaken now, thanks to those in service.

Please hear/see/read that the symptoms are not part of transmuting on behalf of the collective as they used to be. This month it gets very personal – your lifestream and the remnants of what *you* are still carrying at a cellular level. Vibration = vibration : Let the magnetics show you what is needed to level up, preferably before your body does. That is it the body vehicle’s role right now – no judgment on death and dis-ease within others, I know that is coming up a lot. It is what it is.

That said, know that leveling up is very personal this month – clean out the closets so the new you can move in. Remember we – the light tribe – are anchoring new energies for a whole collective. Let the service to the new light be true, pure and unaffected by the external drama. I love you all so very much!

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