Monday, March 3, 2014

Is The Human Body A Mini Universe?

By Kristen Large On 3-2-14

We are a compact universe blessed with arms and legs to walk and grasp in love. We are messengers of thought transmitting our experiences to the source that energizes all that is. Our brains are lovingly embraced by the water that is the conduit for universal messages just as we were embraced by the fluid in our mother’s womb. We are constantly giving and receiving energy from our thoughts which are sourced from different areas in our magnificent head.

If we were to compare our human bodies with that of the earth, you would find many similarities. The earth is covered by approximately 70 percent water, which is the same for the human body. What about the rivers that flow into the oceans? Could our veins and blood vessels be a mirror image? What about the vast forests and trees rooted so firmly into mother earth? Could this be another representation of the human species? Our feet planted firmly as we walk forward in daily life giving and receiving nature’s abundance. Our arms reaching out like branches emitting the energy that is absorbed through the feet. Our hands and fingers emitting the loving energy into everything we touch. On a physical level, we can compare ourselves to the density of the earth.

How about our head that sits atop of our spine? We could compare this to the universe above which is the giver and receiver of thought. The brain, like the universe is the computer which downloads the information from the source above. The term, “I’m seeing stars” when we are dizzy may hold more truth than meets the eye. Yes, one does tend to see stars when there is lack of oxygen, but what if the brain does actually consist of solar systems that light up the night sky like neurons firing when thoughts spark our imagination. There are galaxies, wormholes, the Milky Way and other possible universes out there. Our expanding consciousness today is discovering/ uncovering new and old philosophies, prophecies and discoveries pertaining to the all-encompassing universe and individual consciousness. They are one in the same.

What if we tie in the human emotion and how it intertwines with nature? What if the day brings sadness upon waking? We go about the morning with heaviness upon our shoulders. You glance outside and notice that it is overcast and gloomy. The afternoon brings showers that evoke tears. Perhaps it is not seen as an individual reference but one of global consciousness. It is compared to the butterfly effect where one thought sends a wave that ripples across the globe. A hurricane or strong wind can be summed up to the anger of the human psyche. Our thoughts are reflected in the mirror of our ever expanding world.

It is a mind blowing thought if one grasps this understanding. It is a huge responsibility and undertaking if it is fully understood. Everything that we think affects the universal forces for we alchemize our thoughts into reality through our senses. If we think and live love, fully understand its power, we will radiate an energy that people are drawn to. When in a state of love, we bless those around us alchemizing their cells into love. We were birthed from Mother Earth out of love and to experience emotions for her. The creator of mother earth gave her the power of choice which she passed on to all of humanity. It is through the sixth sense, if we shall call it that, where our bodies respond to our choices. We know whether our choice is being made in a balanced state or not. Our emotions will reflect this.

We were put here on this earth to experience the realm of emotions so Mother Earth could experience them through us. If there is sadness, weep for it will bring on the rain that will purify and nourish the landscape. If there is joy, the sun will energize our souls and all life that exists. If there is love and compassion, the breath and earths eternal hum will electrify with energy. We were given the gift of being birthed into this time, so we may as well have some fun with it and experience the bliss for it nourishes more than meets the eye.

About the Author - Kristen Large is a fitness enthusiast who believes that we are more than just a physical body. Underneath what we see, lies a piece of art waiting to be revealed. It may take years to chip away and find our sculpture, but we eventually get there in our own time. The love of pushing my body in strength and endurance are what propels my creative spirit and opens my mind to possibilities. I have been involved in the industry for more than 15 years and have been competing in Figure competitions for seven.

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