Monday, March 3, 2014

The Constant Companions ~ 3-2-14

This  information is applicable to any Lightworker group meditations either in physicality or the etheric realms.  Most of us are already participating in soul-group work while we sleep.  Now, we are encouraged to extend this 'heavy lifting' into our daytime activities.  Git sum!  DT the ET


Channelled Via Aisha North

Dear friends! Today, March 2, we have another Gathering coming up at 21:00 Oslo time, and this is what the CCs wanted to share about it:

“As you already know, these meetings that you are staging at regular intervals are of the highest importance, not just to you personally, but also to All of Creation. The reason for this is simple. As you sit down to reaffirm your connection to this life-enhancing grid, you also serve as an anchor for these heightened energies to become attached not only to your personal energetic setup, but also to the world at large.

Let us explain. We know that it will not come as news to any of you that you act as transformers in this process, for without the intervention of your singular set-up, these energetic emissions coming into your world would have a hard time finding a home or a home base as it were. You act as beacons that not only serve to pull down these energetic missives, you also filter them through your system in such a way that they become palatable to the rest of mankind.

This may sound confusing to some, but you can in many ways be described as links that help to transform the incoming current to one that can be utilized in a more “normal body”, similar in function to the electrical grids on your planet. You are all well aware of how the net carries a high voltage that would literally blow your fuses and then some if your house was directly linked up to it.  Instead, your needs will be served via these transformers that step down the voltage in such a way that you can utilize.

So too it is with these charges that are beamed at an ever increasing rate down to your planet. Without you acting as intermediaries, fuses would be blown in the most inopportune of places and ways. Indeed, this whole process would be impossible because the sender and the receiver would not be at all compatible. And,like those more down to earth energetic transformers, you are also recipients of these emissions in your own way.

As you are able to receive the full force of these incoming missives, you can also reap the full benefit from them yourself. It is truly a win-win situation for you. You will once again be showered by generous gifts from above, and this will enable you to be a benefactor for our surroundings.

You are, in other words, playing a dual role as you are combining your personal development with the collective one. As you stand in this in-between position twixt our side of the veil and mankind’s viewpoint, you are also the only one who can not only witness, but also partake in the proceedings. In this, you are truly the chosen ones, the ones amongst many, many others who have been hand picked to fill this important place in history.

Once again we extend our fondest greetings to you, the Keepers of the Flame, the Caretakers of All, and we ask you to acknowledge your own importance in this whole operation. For without you, there would be no flames of joy lighting up your world, and without you there would be no chance to see the light taking on a much grander brilliance in the times ahead. We thank you all, and we will make sure that you do not go empty handed from this wondrous gathering of souls.  Souls like you, souls who see the future already wrapped within a faint glow of light that will only continue to grow more and more apparent as you continue to anchor and send out these flaming spears of light and love in all directions.

These spears of love will continue to penetrate ever deeper into the souls of all mankind. Your glimmers of hope will soon become so much more than sporadic glimpses here and there.  They will continue to expand at a rapid pace, setting the course for a new sort of growth all over your planet. We thank you again for being who you are and for doing what you do. We see that in choosing you, we could not have chosen any better. You are the Shining Ones, the Keepers of the Flame, the Makers of the Dawn, and as such, we salute you all on behalf of All of Creation.”

The timing of this Gathering is no accident, for I think the light we will now help to anchor will be put to work straight away. Not only on a personal level this time, but as a part of a collective effort to boost the level of light in those parts of the world that once again are subjected to the old patterns of warmongering. So let us do what we can to help to send out as many “flaming spears of light and love” as we can so that the fear that is brewing in so many hearts will be replaced by love.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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