Monday, May 27, 2013

AA Micheal: …Comes A Growing Light

Channeled by Ron Head On May 26, 2013 

Today we bring your attention once again the topics of self-worth and deservedness. There is no possibility that too much stress can be put upon, nor too much attention paid to these subjects. They indeed are things which almost all of you do not feel and cannot believe. Why is that?

It is because you have indeed judged yourselves when even your divine Creator has not, nor will He ever judge you. And you have many times asked for forgiveness for that which you have judged yourselves guilty of, yet mostly refused to accept forgiveness of yourselves, from yourselves.

You have heard it told you over and over that you are divine beings, co-creators with the All. You nod your heads sagely. Yet you cannot find the real belief of that in your hearts.

But now, dear angels on Earth, around the edges of the veil you have hidden behind all these millennia, comes a growing light. Now comes the possibility, the maybe. Skills, feelings, thoughts, and memories that have been unfamiliar to you for countless lifetimes are peeking through. You feel the urge often to turn away as you always have done. Yet more and more you find yourselves beginning to accept the possibility of the truth. Am I? Could I be? Will I be?

We tell you once again, hoping that this time you will accept, with no reservations, the message that has ever been given. More than one messenger has given a life to bring this to you. Hear it now. You, dear one that is reading this, are a divine face of the ONE. You hold within your heart, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you have or have not done, a portion of the perfect love and life of the Creator of ALL.

By extension of that thought, you are a part of the Creator, as is every other life in the universe. There is nothing which you lack. There is nothing of which you can dream which is not possible. If there is anything to which you might need to exert yourselves, it is in the acceptance, allowance, and realization of this truth. Turn your attention to the finding of this within you.

You, your neighbor, your world, and your universe are waiting with bated breath for you to make this realization now. We are waiting. And we and uncounted others are sending love and light as never before in the grandest effort you can imagine in support of your efforts. We see your success as an accomplished fact. You are still waiting. Well, it is flooding into you now. Allow it and celebrate it. If your circumstances seem to deny it, turn its flood of energies upon those circumstances. It is real, the circumstances are not.

Love and light are real. They will go where you send them. That, dearest ones, is who and what you are in the most basic of terms. Our celebrations of you have begun, but we still stand ever in support and comfort of you whenever you ask.

Be in joy and we will speak again soon. Good day.

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