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Kuthumi: The Key to Unlock Your Future

Channelled By Lynette Leckie-Clark On Wednesday, 20 March, 2013  (posted 14 May, 2013) 

Question: ”Can Master Kuthumi suggest a way in which the ego can be dissolved? Eckhart Tolle has said it would be a far better place to live here on this planet were all political leaders to engage others without involving their ego.”

I greet each of you in encompassing Light and thank Don, for his question. And yes, your world will indeed be much better without the ego. However the ego cannot be dissolved. It is a great part of your learning process on Earth and your free will. Your learning and soul growth lies in recognizing ego behavior.

 This is a process, for you must remember the hundreds of life times where the ego has completely ruled an individual’s daily decisions. It is this memory, this cycle of behavior which is now required to be harnessed and controlled.


Unfortunately we see a great number of individuals who, when elected to a position of any degree of authority, revert back to the ego self. The chest swells with the awareness of their position and the control over others. They are treated by others as a special person, held above others and often enjoy adulation. So the ego swells and seeks to take control of the person once again. We notice this from clubs, to larger organizations, to leaders of countries.

 However it is interesting how the people begin to recognize the ego behavior from a leader after a short period of time. Sometimes only one or two years. The people begin to complain about decisions they feel unjust and unsuitable. We are pleased of this occurrence. It shows that many people are beginning to think about and recognize the ego in action. This is important. As this behavior is recognized by more of the masses, awareness of ego will grow rapidly.

Ego In Action

This recognition will flow into many individual lifestyles. This my friend will begin the real change in human development. The awareness of the ego in action. Don has asked for a way the ego can be dissolved. The answer is the ego cannot be dissolved. However it can be controlled through awareness. Each individual’s awareness.

This will create great growth for mankind. As for your leaders, they reply on many individuals agreeing with them and also liking their ideals. Leaders often run campaigns to this end. I say to each of you, “Listen carefully, very carefully to a leaders words.” What are they actually saying to you?

How are they giving their message to you? What words are they using? What is their personal history? Their actions will often give you valuable information. So do not follow blindly, no. Look deeper, question and above all deeply listen to the message given to you.

The Power Of One

You see it is each individual who has the real power. That power is your free will. It is you who chooses how to listen, how to vote, who you will join with and support. Many have forgotten the power each of you hold within. You have forgotten your free choice and your inner voice. The voice of your higher self, your Soul.

It is time to remember. I and many others in Light have repeatedly told you this. Remember your Soul, your inner knowing. The Light is all empowering to your highest good. The Light does engage in ego behavior or thoughts. Remember your higher power. As each one of you remember, the energies of Earth will change also. This is happening now. Further, as the Light grows, the one becomes millions, and therefore new leaders are chosen. Leaders who carry Light energy, awareness and compassion.

The Key

I tell you yet again, the key to your entire future is in Light energy awareness. This is a higher awareness. An awareness of understanding fully the Christ consciousness, the God/ Source Being.
Your leaders reflect your choice. Your leaders show you the effects of ego decisions, and ego power in motion. Yes it is possible to change this behavior which many leaders display. It will take time for the masses to fully awaken.

You know that with a higher understanding many will change the focus of their daily lives. This is a great step forward as old ways you have already outgrown will be finally left behind. So the world financial programmes and control will change, as they must, for new growth to manifest.


There is real growth in truly letting go. I do not speak merely of people and events in your personal lives, I speak of a greater scale. A lifetime scale. As you are aware your experiences are held in the Soul Memory. So old ways are familiar, both ego based and positive experiences. Mankind is now in the process of release. Of letting go.

You are in a great time of awareness. A time of truly listening to your emotions. It is vital to understand, even on a minor level, your emotions. Of course many will be simple, every day emotions created by instant small experiences. However there will be other emotional reactions which require a deeper level of observation. They are usually repeated behavioral emotions. Look to these. Ask where is the core issue? It may well be old life memories creating that emotional reaction. This won’t happen in all cases, but it will indeed be the core of some of them.

You are required to do no more than acknowledge because once you acknowledge the core reason you then have an understanding and a reason of why. You can then simply focus on release, however many times reminding yourself that you need to, until you completely let go. It is then that you become the change.

This change spreads out to your family, your friends as they begin to notice the change in you. You are able to draw more Light energy into yourself. You then gain control over your ego self. It is a process. You are after all gaining great wisdom, a higher awareness, and the knowledge that you are part of the evolution of your fellow man. Is this not true power?


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