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The Disconnection Prior To The New Connection - Dana Mrkich

From Her May Monthly Visions Blog - Part 2

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013

I’ve never before felt the energetic phase we are in right now. We could really say that every month these days, but this is different. Where before it felt like we were turning pages, moving at ever increasing rates from chapter to chapter, we’re now in the phase where it feels like we’ve jumped into a new book. I have written about aspects of this, talked about things we may expect, but it’s another thing entirely to be here experiencing it.

As is always the case, the living experience of something is very different to the knowing of it. We can have visions or inner messages or read about something to come, and think that’s a way of being prepared – and to a degree it is. Yet there is that ‘unknown’ factor – how the living of it will make us feel. We can’t know that until we’re going through it.

The best way to describe this new phase actually came through in a Soul Session last week and with my client’s permission I’m going to share some of it here. The question she asked is one I know a lot of you can relate to right now: “I feel like I have arrived - somewhere! Now what? Feel freed and lost all at once.”

The following came through and as I wrote it they were saying that really this is what everyone is in the process of going through at this time. The information totally aligned with something I had written years earlier in my book about our new cycle reality, so it is very exciting to see that people are actually experiencing it now:

“They are showing me this vision of you on the planet, as if the Whole of you has just landed. Of course your physical body has been here the whole time (since you were born), but various energetic and emotional aspects have been downloading gradually. They’re saying it was done in a way so that you wouldn’t ‘short-circuit’, so that you wouldn’t go into overwhelm, but at the same time it was done at a pace that kept you moving forward even if that sometimes meant being outside of your conscious comfort zone.”

This aligns with the information that always came through about the Shift – that we are actually in a process of ‘descension’ as much as ‘ascension’. The planet is shifting into a higher vibration and we are shifting up with her, but at the same time this higher vibration is allowing more of our higher consciousness to download into our physical body. We are not going to float up anywhere with our bodies, we are becoming living embodiments of our highest truth and potential right here in our physical body on Earth.

 In finally being able to receive more higher consciousness, which was not able to happen in the old density phase of our time here, we are able to ground the Light and manifest it into physical form. This will be evident in everything from greater health and longevity, to more conscious relationships, more conscious ways of living, more sustainable food production, more sustainable everything production, more natural, eco-friendly building practices, the utilisation of free energy, more conscious education, an overhaul of our political and financial systems, every aspect of life and society will transform for the better.

As with everything, positive transformation is most often preceded by collapse and chaos. It is a natural part of the process. This collapse and chaos does not have to mean destruction in a traumatic way. The most common trigger in these times will be the massive increase in awareness, the revelation of things previously kept hidden or secret, the ability for more people to see and know more truth.

The session continued: “That whole time (as everything was downloading into you) you were connected to a Source. They say this matter-of-factly, as if they are saying ‘the whole time your vaccum cleaner is on, it is connected to a source’. The vacuum cleaner is of course connected to a socket in the wall, and the electricity makes it work. Well so too they are showing it like that, like a cord that has you connected to a Source, and that Source feeds you energy just like the electricity feeds the vaccum cleaner. Feeds in this context is not about nourishment, it is about ‘sending energy through so that the vehicle can work.’ The vehicle being your physical body and life here on Earth.

They are saying that this Source is something you are a part of. When you go back ‘home’ you go back home to this Source. This Source in turn is connected to The Source. So it feels like the Source you are directly connected to is a high vibrational dimension, they are actually showing it to me as existing in the physical but to our eyes it is made of light because it is vibrating at a much higher resonance than we can see.”

To clarify, this Source was referring to what happens to be ‘home’ for this client. Some of you reading this may share this particular ‘home’, others are connected to a different ‘home’, but all are ultimately connected to the One great Source which is really home home for us All.

Now even though the below information relates to the home world of my client, I am going to share it here because a lot of you will resonate or at the least find it interesting, for some it may awaken information within you about your own galactic origins, and for all of us it describes the current change we are experiencing regarding our Connection to Source/our home worlds/the higher dimensions we’ve been receiving guidance and downloads from our whole lives whether conscious of that process or not.

“I can’t quite make out if it is an extremely large ship or another planet, and they are saying it’s hard for them to explain it in our words. The best way I can describe it to you is, imagine a place that has as we have a main city, bustling people, offices, parks, etc, but those words don’t really match the vision I’m seeing. The city is ultra futuristic, the people are ultra high vibrational, of light, and much taller than us, the colors are different, the energy is different. It is a very real place, existing right now.

This place exists elsewhere, and when I ask where they show me a fast forward zoom into space. It’s outside our solar system, and even feels outside our galaxy in a whole other galaxy. It feels very, very, far away but at the speed of light (and I literally mean that) it’s just a quick zoom- swoosh and you’re there.”

For those reading this, some of you will resonate 100% about being from another Star system or planet. Others know for sure they are not connected to any other planetary race and go direct to Source. Others feel home is the Spirit world. So when you read the info below, apply it to wherever you feel Home is for you. The main point is, all of us are going through the below transitional experience with our various ‘higher connections.’

“So this is home for you, and these are your people. You have been connected to them always, and as you’ve journeyed through this Earth business they’ve stayed connected to you. They are showing me like a connection hose type thing going out of your crown and that’s how they send energy and information and also retrieve it from you, because you are also involved in reporting back whatever you are experiencing here and whatever is happening here. There are millions of others down here doing this or similar.

Now what’s happened lately is, the Whole of you that had to be download has been downloaded, and it’s like you are moving around getting used to being in a new suit. The connection hose I was seeing before is no longer, but they are saying you are still connected only now it will be different. You need to be fully 100% grounded here in order to do your job, (the mission that is really only just now properly starting for you, and for the others as they are saying). But this 100% grounding also means that to a degree, as soon as that happened, you felt like you were in the dark.”

Okay, so the next part of the session is what really made my ears prick up because it so adequately explained why so many people are feeling disconnected, lost, ‘blank’, numb, unclear and unsure as to what their next step is supposed to be after years of feeling on a mission with a purpose.

“They are saying that there is a term used by undercover agents – ‘we’ve gone dark’. That means they have gone in somewhere without their usual communication devices, no wire, no audio feed, nothing. They can’t hear the team in the van outside, the team in the van can’t see or hear the undercover agents. It is a scary and risky thing to do, but sometimes it is necessary. Of course, only the most experienced of the experienced undertake something like that.

They are also giving the example how when a space shuttle re-enters the atmosphere there is a period of about 12 minutes when it goes ‘dark’ – there is a communications blackout between the spacecraft and Ground control. Then they break through the atmosphere and they are back online.
They are saying that in the process of this shift, this transition from one cycle to another, from one vibration to another, each of us will have a few moments of ‘going dark’ ie feeling offline and disconnected from our peeps upstairs, as we breakthrough into the new vibration.”

The new frequency is very different to the old one – much like an upgrade on your television you will have access to more channels (greater connection with your ‘home’ peeps, more synchronicity), clearer audio and sharper vision (heightened intuition, telepathy and ability to see/hear other dimensions). “They are saying this will happen at different times for different people, and when they say it takes a few moments they mean their time! For us it can be days, weeks or months.”

This is what many of you have been experiencing. “You have gone through the transitional tunnel, and have emerged out the other side. But this doesn’t mean immediate clarity. They are giving another image and saying you know how when vision and audio have been out, when it comes back it doesn’t always come back perfectly instantly. The vision cuts in and out, clear, static, clear, static. So too with the audio, clear, garble, clear, garble. Well you are in that phase. You are adjusting your physical body to the new frequency but it takes a little time.

It reminds me of the process people have to go through when they get a cochlear implant in their ear to hear properly. They have to go in each month for a year to keep tweaking it, it takes that long to fine tune it so they can hear normally as opposed to hearing beeps and high pitched sounds and garble.

So this is to shed some light on why you feel liberated and lost at the same time. You are free of the old cycle and any old contracts, but you are in a very new domain with a new frequency which you are still adjusting to.

Where in the old cycle much of your efforts were spent on downloading more and more energetic and emotional aspects (and experiencing life events to trigger those processes), the new cycle is about going forth with all of your aspects intact to fulfill your purpose. They are showing me an image of a warrior, but a light warrior. Not a warrior with weapons or anything like that. A warrior referring to a being of strength and courage, equipped with the skills, tools, emotions, knowledge, love and support/connections required to do what you have to do.”

Many of you ask about your purpose. In the old cycle most had to get through personal purposes first – exploring themes related to power, self-worth, self-love and other important Soul aspects. Toward the ending of that cycle, it then became important to clear any old karma, wind up old patterns and contracts and release any remaining emotional debris gained from all our years of exploring. I’ve previously used the analogy that in the old cycle we went about collecting and perfecting the ingredients to make our cake, then we had to clean up our kitchen, and now that our cakes are out of the oven it’s about all the cakes working together to create a really awesome bakery aka world.

In this new cycle, and this even applied to some in the old cycle, while some people have a very specific purpose, most have a general purpose whether that is to help awaken others, be of positive influence simply with your Light, have a healing or reassuring presence or share knowledge. How you choose to do this is up to you.

“They are saying your role is not one thing, it is many things. First and foremost it is to be this Light Being that you are, embodying the Light Warrior energy, and standing in the light, for the light. This all sounds very ‘new-agey’ but it is not meant in that way. It feels very grounded, very much about standing up for the truth, very much about staying true to what you know to be good and right and true. It feels like when everyone is down and upset, having a hard time
understanding what’s going on or going through a major challenge, you are there to help them, to offer a different perspective, to offer a cup of tea, to offer a hug, to offer an ear helping them feel less crazy and less alone, whatever you do is enough. It all counts and it’s all part of your Light Warrior mission.

They are speaking in quite a loud booming voice now and saying Do not underestimate the importance of this. They are saying we underestimate how much it helps the ALL when we help even one person through one emotion or difficult moment.

They are saying you have gone through your rocky patch, but there are those who are only now going through that part of the waters. Your job is to help them in the best way you know how in any given moment. How do you know who to help? Help the ones who are asking. It won’t be the obvious. You may have family members who you believe are primary candidates for ‘help’ but they are not ready. Meanwhile you may be the light a random stranger in a shopping centre needs one random day. But it will not be random. They are saying everything is so perfectly designed.

You will go where you need to go, without even knowing that you are being ‘sent’ until afterward you’ll realize, hmmm I wasn’t going to go get milk until tomorrow, but something made me go today, and because I went today I had that conversation with that girl, and I think that conversation may have just changed her mind from a not good place to a more hopeful place.”

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included.

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