Monday, May 13, 2013

Joan Grant: The Importance of Water

To this I would add that water is multi-dimensional in nature and is the medium for telepathic communication. 

Also, Shungite gravel, an ascended form of carbon consisting of Bucky-Ball atoms, is an ideal way of potentizing any water destined for consumption in these interesting times.  

Lastly, most tap water would not be my choice to consume nor any water that has spent any time in a plastic bottle.  Pony-up for the good stuff; it is, after all, Your Ascension!   DT the ET

Via Joan Grant, Saturday, May 11, 2013

Suzanne Maresca: I know I need to step up my consumption, and now I have extra motivation to get my brain to work.   Thanks to Sitara.

water 22While working with a friend who was having some physical issues this week, I received some information that I believe is important for all of us. If you will forgive me taking the liberty, I will just relay it in my common language vernacular rather than the somewhat “stiff” verbiage of the Sacred Stream of Consciousness.

The subject is the current importance of the consumption of water in our daily lives.

What was “told” to me is that the current equation of how much water a person should consume (body weight divided by 2 = no. of ounces a day) is to be considered a BARE MINIMUM. AND, I was also informed that the current popular phase of including tea, coffee and soda in that count is NOT correct. It MUST be pure water.

It was highly recommended that the water consumption be increased by 50% with 100% being preferred. (Now, I know that is a lot of water and many are afraid of how often they will have to “go”, but please read on.)

It was explained that the brain is working “overtime” right now, creating new synapses to deal with the higher frequencies and also is expanding the pineal chakra and creating a new chakra. If you are not already aware, you should know that water is THE fluid that runs the brain. It is literally the stuff which provides the conduit for the electrical circuit that makes the brain work.

It has long been known that if enough water is not ingested, the brain will take it out of the lungs (hence pneumonia) and then the other organs. The importance of water to the brain cannot be overstated.

Additionally, at this time, all the internal organs are being cleansed of “toxic waste” and water is necessary to keep this system flowing so that toxic junk doesn’t get stuck in the organs.

The lack of water consumption is part of what is causing so many people to feel raggedly tired and have aching joints. It is also partially part of the reason that there has been such a rash of spring-time “flu-like” symptoms.

Personally, I have drunk a gallon a water a day for over 40 years, but am now endeavoring to increase that a bit. However, in the last 25 years I have not been able to get Don to see the importance of drinking water.

Recently I decided to try infused water (see attached photo). I infuse the water with a selection of fruit and/or herbs. Miraculously the reluctant Donald has decided he “likes” that water and is now drinking some (but not enough) water. If the dislike of water has been your excuse for not drinking, you might try this method. What is important is that somehow, someway, you DRINK WATER!

Sent with great love and concern for your well being — JOAN

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