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As science continues its search of subatomic matter, we in the metaphysical community can gain insight into the meaning of many of our tools. To understand ‘The God Particle’ simply accept the idea that all electromagnetic energy is connected through subatomic particles. All electromagnetic energy has dimensional levels and creates our dimensional reality. It is the only part of matter that transcends physical matter. Archangels and ascended masters are made entirely of ‘God Particles’. Our light bodies and merkabahs are completely composed of subatomic matter.

I am an astrologer, and when I talk about the current transit of Saturn through the sign of Scorpio and its effect on the natal planets in a person’s chart, I am examining the subatomic magnetic influence of Saturn upon our subconscious minds. Thought processes are therefore subatomic energy which can be arranged in sacred configurations or irreverent formations. When crystals are placed on or around a person how is the connection to the spirit created? When Reiki or basic energy work is performed the alignment of irreverent subatomic energy occurs.

Our food source also contains subatomic energy. A live vegetable still on the vine has a tremendous spiritual energy. When a vegetable is picked, the life force stays in sacred subatomic alignment for a short time then begins to deteriorate. Live foods are the only true manner of spiritual diet. Fruits and vegetables deteriorate quickly in terms of life force and subatomic energy so try to purchase them only for a few days’ use.

Water is the most essential element in our diets and is misunderstood on many levels. Rain falls and is often ionized by lightening fields and falls into fairly clean aquifers and reservoirs. What happens next is the problem. When water enters a “purification” process and chlorine type products are entered into our water source, the life force is dramatically reduced. When water is placed into a plastic container, the life force drops even more. If you ionize tap water and place it into glass, you have full subatomic energy and your body hydrates properly. All other processes potentially dehydrate the body and create increased aging factors.

The crystal tribes are here to create new alternative energy on the planet. They will understand how to create a collector of subatomic energy that will be much stronger than solar collectors. One tube that is ten feet long and 6 inches wide will power a small town. They created these on Telos in the Pleaidean star system. The environmental experts on Earth are still only 12 to 14 years old so this is still a ways off. The best way to understand subatomic energy is to obtain two dowsing rods that look like an L handle with rotating handles in your hands. Hold them in front of a friend and they will cross. Walk slowly away and they will gradually open up until they both point directly at the heart. When the rods cross, the subatomic energy is low; as we move into the light body the subatomic energy increases and the rods straighten.

Finally, your clairvoyant abilities expand when subatomic energy in your pineal gland is in place. Sunlight is the most fervent source for subatomic energy coming into your brain. Deep breathing exercises increase life force flow to your brain. This also strengthens clairaudient ability. Wear sunglasses less when you can. Drink one gallon of water every day and sit silently, breathing deeply for 15 minutes. As we develop more understanding of subatomic energy, we become masters of our spiritual evolution.

Blessings, Phalam
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