Monday, May 27, 2013

Highlights of Sanat Kumara Interview


Here are some of the highlights from today’s pre-recorded Hour with an Angel with Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos. These notes are according to my recollection and should not be considered as a substitute for what the recording actually says.            (link to archived show:

Poof was not assassinated and was welcomed on the other side of life with great celebration. He completed his mission and will work now from the other side. He will be in communication with his wife, Susan. (

The prosperity program is already underway and proceeding exactly on course. Overall it is 70% there. The reason that some of us don’t know about this is that there are some provisos of non-disclosure.

Some things are being done behind closed doors because it is part of their plan that it not be interfered with in any way until everything is in place.

There’s no chance of it not happening, as some Internet sites are saying.

The London beheading was carried out by people who sympathized with the cabal, but were not directly members of it, and who wanted to raise fear in the population. The spirit had already left the body of the person who was beheaded.

The Oklahoma tornadoes were not HAARP-induced. HAARP has been decommissioned. The tornadoes were not a human-made phenomenon but a cleansing. The losses are always tragic but the heart opening and release were widespread.

We remain at 50-55% ready for Ascension. The stall is not something to be concerned about. Many people are like those who go on a trip and pack the night before, with all manner of questions about the trip, what to take, etc. It isn’t that they are against ascending, just unready to go that minute. When they become ready, the numbers will jump.

Even though we’ve expressed our desire to go together, there still will be waves of early ascenders.  And many are ready to ascend now and impatient, which is not a bad thing.

Those lightworkers who have engaged to serve as gatekeepers, portals, etc., (I am one of them) probably will not ascend early because our missions require us to stay at our posts. But there will be the opportunity to visit home planets, etc.

Very advanced beings have already taken body, including Moses, Abraham, Mohammed, Saul, most of the old prophets, a new buddha (who is already teaching), many Eastern masters, the apostles of Jesus, most of the disciples (I know of one disciple who probably will remain on the other side), etc. St. Germain comes in and out of form. Dhjwal Khul, Kuthumi, Blue Tara, Green Tara, an aspect of Quan Yin are in form. Maitreya is in form but not fully anchored.

We are masterful individuals who agreed to participate in the Ascension because of our knowledge of Ascension itself and our willingness to go through the experience with terrestrials. We are starting to come into the appreciation of our abilities. The last few days and weeks have seen considerable energies released which we are now assimilating.

I did not have time to ask Raj about the progress of peace in the world, containment, etc. Sixty minutes flies by unfortunately.

One more rather incredible note. I spoke to Linda on Skype after the program, with our videos on. Linda looks five to ten years younger, in my perception. Afterwards I went and looked at myself in the mirror and the jowels that I’ve been growing have definitely receded. They are perhaps eighty percent gone. Perhaps I’ll leave comments open here in case any of you have also noticed something similar.

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