Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Archangel Michael: Your Heart Is Very, Very Wise

Channelled By Ron Head

On this day we would speak further on the subject of discernment. This is a matter which is of great importance at this time. It has always been important, of course, but at this juncture, when so much of your future rides upon your state of being, your evolution in consciousness, it is more important than ever.

You will wish to do that which will spur you onward, and not that which will in any way delay your progress. The misguided wish to remain in the status-quo is, however, still strong in some quarters, weakening yes, but still presenting problems for you wherever possible.

There is a flood of information available to your intellects which has reached proportions not known for many thousands of years to those on this planet. It is in your best interest to learn how you may best deal with it. How may you best decide what is of value to you and what is not? What is true and what is not? Who and what may you trust?

We could take you on a long drawn out discourse on angels, guides, ascended masters, and the creative beings. And all of that would apply, of course. But this will be a short message, dear ones, because the best answer is a very short one.

There is a very reliable and simple way in which all of those above mentioned, and let us not forget your own highest selves, communicate with you from moment to moment. Yes, we do communicate with you from moment to moment. And there are many and various ways that you may use to receive that communication, but that is not what is needed here. What you need is to be able to tell in an instant whether to accept what you are hearing, seeing, or reading, or not to accept it. And there is also the possibility of setting aside your acceptance or rejection until more evidence is available. Is there such a way?

We would tell you that there is. It is not something we have never told you before. It is, however, something that is so simple that you have not given it the consideration you should. Here, dear friends, is the key. When you are reading, watching, or listening to what is before you, be very aware of how it makes you feel in your heart.

Your heart is very, very wise. It is that within you which is ‘connected’ at all times. This is the place in you in which ‘the knowing’ resides. It is the home of mind. We did not say intellect. It is where mind is connected to your earthly being.

Let us not get into a discussion of that today. Let us just say that your heart has waited patiently throughout your entire lifetime for you to begin to earnestly listen to what it can tell you. Let us also assure you that never, ever will it mislead you. But the ‘trick’, if there is one, is that you need to listen. By that we mean do not discount, ignore, or reason away what you feel.

If you will learn to go through your day to day lives in this fashion, you will find yourselves quickly becoming more happy and much less stressed. And sooner or later you will come to know from whence those feelings come. We are, as we have told you many times, with you in every moment. You are never, ever alone. And you are loved unreservedly. This, as you say, you may take to the bank.
We will speak again soon, dear hearts. Good day.
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