Thursday, May 9, 2013

Part 153 - Prime Creator: A New Perspective

Dear Ones:
From the beginning of time, I have lovingly overseen the development of our dear Creations, from stars to insects, galaxies to black holes. No particle is too small, no Universe too complex to fall outside the concern and Love of my attending Eye. Can you conceive of that? Can you accept my Love? It is a necessary part of your own development if you are to reach the Perfection you strive for without driving yourselves crazy with self-criticism and condemnation.
You have heard the old saying about not being able to love others until you love yourself first. It is true, but it is a tall order if you have lived a life in which love was scarce, especially during childhood. It is difficult to give to others what you have not experienced yourself. In fact, it would be impossible if it were a matter of just this one lifetime and just the Love offered you by the humans incarnated around you.

There is far too much cruelty and injustice around you in your human world for you to overcome the undertow of negativity and darkness without assistance from those in higher dimensions. It is offered to you willingly, with compassion and empathy, because many of the most skilled and attentive Angels and Masters have themselves experienced life on Gaia in human bodies. They know all about the challenges and hopes, the traumas and the pain that you experience; they do not forget.

They also understand the urgency you feel with the passing of time as you experience it. It is not true that because We live in timelessness that we do not understand your sense of time. We understand both time and timelessness, which is an advantage for us, but it does not make us insensitive to your feelings.

It is one of the great challenges of life on Gaia, especially as you experienced it in 3D, that you must learn to live balanced in two different worlds - the spiritual and the material. Many of you are just beginning to open your hearts to higher dimensional experience. It is a struggle for you to learn patience, the quality of competence which develops when you are able to grasp glimmers of the feelings of timelessness as well as the comfort of Our abiding Unconditional Love in combination.

You are born with this, Beloved Ones - the sense of swimming in an endless sea of Unconditional Love. You absorb it through your immature crown chakra, which remains open to receiving our higher vibrational energy as long as your environment allows you the peaceful moments of contemplation you need to maintain openness. Unfortunately, most of you experience fear, loneliness and deprivation early in your lives and so are drawn away from the idyllic state of joyful surrender to the overwhelming feelings of Love we pour down on you with every breath.

We recognize this lack, and we now offer you the antidote to this childhood deprivation: a deep connection with Us which will re-condition your nervous system and restore your frazzled nerves to the peace of mind you all long for. It is your birthright, the goal of this life you have worked so hard to understand. It is also the state you return to when you finish this lifetime and return to the bosom of your Creator. This Ascension which you work so hard to understand is not new and foreign to you - you have experienced it many times before, when you have left your bodies to return to higher dimensions. The level you reach between lives depends on the work and the lessons you have achieved during your many incarnations.

So you see, everything you do now in this life counts. The assignments you receive, the level of responsibility you are given when you return Home all depend upon the level of Unconditional Love, compassion, empathy, truthfulness and patience you are able to reach in this lifetime. Do not think that this is just an interlude to get through or a trial to be borne - just the opposite. It is an opportunity for advancement. Every difficult moment, every stressful challenge offers the possibility that you can demonstrate your mettle - not to us, but to yourself.

In that regard, the most difficult lives offer the most exciting possibilities, the option to leap hurdles you were not able to clear in previous livetimes. Some of you have taken that option this time around because you knew of the coming Ascension and wanted to come through it as the brilliant leaders you felt you would be capable of being with a bit more “seasoning.” Others of you, the younger souls, were ambitious in your efforts to achieve what your Enlightened elders have demonstrated to you - endurance, courage and abiding Love.

Thus, the chaos and struggle of the recent state of affairs on Planet Earth has been a perfect proving ground, and one you knew was unlikely to continue for another lifetime. You were aware before you came here that an incarnation in the human form as it is developing on Gaia is renowned throughout the Multiverse as the fire which tempers metal, the kiln which anneals the vessel.

There is hardly a life on Gaia which does not carry with it extreme challenges; even the wealthy and privileged must withstand the temptations of power and the indulgence of the senses which can overwhelm an inexperienced soul. Even the gifts of high intelligence and/or physical beauty can be a curse to one without reserves of inner strength to counter the flattery which can inflate the ego to the point of self-destruction.

You are now passing through a period which has strained the patience of even the most experienced souls. You have been promised relief from financial worries - the most stressful of problems because of the hold money has on the imagination of humankind. There is hardly a person on the planet who has not imagined the life of glamour and luxury which would result if you were to win the lottery, in spite of the minuscule probability of such an event. This fascination with money has of course been the creation of the Dark Entities which controlled Gaia, but their clever deception has been so complete that the general population is completely unaware of the manipulation which has enslaved everyone.

You have also been promised free energy, clean water, clear skies - the end to environmental destruction, and family reunions with your Star Brothers and Sisters which promise an end to loneliness and alienation. You have been told that you will be able to ascend without leaving the body, without the disruption of ending life as you have known it. It truly is a promise of Paradise - a Golden Age in which all will rise to new heights of creativity and well-being.

We have assured you over and over that We love you unconditionally and that we wish the best for you. How is a parent or Creator to accomplish this feat of balance between allowing your growth to continue unchecked, never to be experienced again in exactly the same way, as opposed to the fulfillment of their offsprings’ fondest dreams? How would you balance these moments in a young one’s development if it were your responsibility? Free will is a precious commodity - one not to be tampered with or restrained. So is the fulfillment of the Greater Good, the acknowledgement that there is a time for every season under Heaven.

This is the delicately balanced finale we have orchestrated for you, according to your own wishes, using the measures and requirements for fulfillment you prescribed for humankind in the process of Ascension. Yes, you, Dear Ones, have been the co-creators of this plan, the Masters of you own Fate. It is your Higher Selves who communicate with Us from moment to moment about the state of your consciousness and feelings, using the measures you devised long ago. Your own Soul Guides are the ones in command of this intricate unfoldment, as they observe with Love and hope the progress toward your highest good.

Why do you persist in railing against me, my messengers, my Ascended Masters and my Archangels, as if we were somehow holding you back? Could it be that you are such cruel taskmasters yourselves that you imagine Us to be the same? Would you do what you accuse us of - teasing and tormenting our children with broken promises and shattered dreams? Are you not the playground bullies of past, the competitive and isolated proponents of “manifest destiny” - the fulfillment of individual rights and self-realization to the denial of the rights of others?

Loved Ones, we await only the achievement of the guidelines you laid down for yourselves. We are the guardians of your promise to yourselves, the trustees who have been charged with the responsibility for helping you to accomplish your ambitious plan. We take our responsibilities to heart; we will not fail you. You are the Captains of this glorious Ship, the Commanders-in-Chief of the most illustrious plan for the Enlightenment of humankind ever devised.

We await your command.
Prime Creator
Via Kathryn May, May 7, 2013, 9 PM,

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