Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Earth/Pleiadian Ascension – The Work Begins, Part 2


Channelled By Suzanne Lie - May 28, 2013

The Work Begins – Part 2

Sandy, Mytria’s Contact Person Speaks:
enterAstralBodyI think I have met someone. He is blond and has piercing blue eyes. As soon as our eyes met, we seemed to have an instant connection. He even looked familiar, but maybe that was because of the dreams I had about being on a Spaceship. I actually met him while standing in line at a grocery store.

I had been so depressed that I had not gone to the store for a long time. Therefore, I had a huge order.

This man, Jason is his name, was behind me in line and only had a few things; so I let him go ahead of me. Fortunately, the line was so long that we had a few minutes to talk. Then, when I got to my car he was parked right next to me. I mean, what are the odds of that happening? Jason said hello, almost like he had been waiting for me, and helped me load up my groceries.

When the car was loaded he asked if I would like to get some coffee. I started to say no because my ice cream would melt, then laughed at myself. I could get more ice cream, but I may never see this wonderful man again. However, I did see him again. In fact, we have gotten together or talked every day since we met just two weeks ago. We are such a great match that it feels like we have known each other forever.

It is interesting how love is the best cure for depression, as I have not had any since Jason and I met. Oh, did I actually say the word “love.” I don’t want to jinx this relationship, but somehow I just know that we are meant to be together.

Mytre Speaks:
I have overlit humans before, but I had not considered merging with a lower frequency of my SELF in the same manner as the Arcturian had merged with me. I had been so engulfed in my wonderful lessons regarding the higher expressions of my Multidimensional SELF that I had not considered the concept of me being a higher expression to a lower frequency of my SELF.

Since my Mytre self resonates beyond the confines of time, it was quite simple for me to preview my third dimensional expressions on Earth during the 2013 timeline. I found that I had ten physical expressions of my Multidimensional SELF on that timeline.

Five were women and three of the men were the wrong age, married or unwilling to connect with me, even in their dream body. This left two men who were unconsciously open to my connection.

However, one of them lived far away from Sandy and was quite content with his life. Jason lived in a different city than Sandy, but he was interested in a job in her area and desperately wanted to change his life. Hence, he was my best choice.

Therefore, Jason became the physical expression of my Multidimensional SELF with whom I would merge. Since Sandy is one of Mytria’s expressions of SELF in that physical timeline and Jason was one of my 3D expressions, falling in love with each other would be more like recognition. Sandy was in great need of love and support since Mytria had left and would be open to meeting a new friend, but first I had to merge with Jason.

Mytria seemed to have just “walked into” Sandy, but I am sure it was more complicated than that. Also, Mytria had been a healer while she was a Keeper of the Violet Flame on our Homeworld. I imagine that that experience made is easier for her to merge with another person. On the other hand, I had been a warrior and had been taught to keep strict boundaries between myself and others.

However, I did have the experience of merging with a higher expression of my SELF, the Arcturian, but I had never merged with a lower expression of my SELF.

I called out to the Arcturian, but Its lack of response meant that I had to do this on my own. Since the Arcturian always taught by example, I assumed that It wanted me to use my experience of merging with It as a lesson that I received within the timeless NOW. Therefore, I began by remembering how it felt to have the consciousness of the Arcturian surrounding me and infusing me with Unconditional Love.

Therefore, I filled my essence with Unconditional Love and entered Jason’s aura. Instantly, I could fill the Unconditional Love moving through both of our forms. This Unconditional Love allowed us to relax into the experience of a unique sensation free of fear or even question.

Yes, I would need to “take some time” to build a relationship with Jason, just as the Arcturian had done with me. I began our communications while he was in his night body. Night after night, I merged with his astral body while we traveled to our Scout Ship, which was hovering just beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Then I took him to the Mothership, which made the greatest impression on him. I was surprised how quickly he became bonded with me.

In fact, since Jason was so receptive to my teachings and suggestions, I decided to only merge with his fourth dimensional astral body. In this manner, I might be able to better protect myself from the myriad illusions and fear-based emotions of physical Earth during that timeline. After about three months of Earth time I expanded my essence into Jason’s astral form. He did not appear to remember his “dreams” of visiting the Starships or even our nightly conversations. However, he began to greatly change his life.

He started doing yoga and became very attracted to meditation. He quit the job he hated and moved to his present location (which is very close to Sandy) to take the job with a company that had been pursuing him for some time. The pay is quite a bit less, but the work is far more creative.

Meanwhile, Sandy has been trying to move beyond her depression. She has been going outside more and taking long walks. In fact, her trip to the grocery store was because she had decided to stop eating junk food and cook herself some healthy meals. It appears that Mytria made more of an impact on Sandy than she thought.

It is a very interesting experience for me to inhabit even a fourth dimensional form. I can completely understand how Mytria got lost in a physical form, as the illusions there are quite addictive. The third dimensional form is incredibly dense and must be fed on a regular basis. Since I have merged with Jason’s aura I have come to fully understand why he became trapped in a job he hated in a location he did not like. The “fear for survival” is so extreme in the third dimension that it reminds me of my years fighting in the Galactic Wars.

I have so much more respect for Earth humans than I ever did before. I am wearing a fourth dimensional form while I am simultaneously aware of my higher expression and still feel uncomfortable. I cringe to think how difficult it must be for the humans who have not remembered their higher expression. As I say that, I realize why I have remained only in Jason’s aura. I must NOT become lost in this illusion as Mytria did. However, Mytria did free herself, even though she forgot some of important factors of inter-dimensional travel such as creating a firm grounding point.

Deciding to remain in this frequency of Jason’s Earth vessel is a good idea. While my primary attachment to Jason is through his fourth dimensional aura, I can better remember my true SELF. I learned from Mytria that fully merging with a third dimensional body can make it very difficult to remember your Multidimensional SELF.

From this fourth dimensional connection with Jason, I am able to interface with him in a very personal way. Also, since Jason met Mytria’s grounded expression of Sandy I have been experiencing falling in love with Mytria’s essence all over again. It is quite a wonderful feeling.

Mytria Speaks:
Almon and I settled into our old friendship. Even though he is a parallel expression of Mytre, he has created new components of that essence that are quite different from Mytre. I am enjoying being with Almon again, but it also makes me miss Mytre. I was unable to communicate with Mytre once I became lost in the human vessel of Sandy, and it feels like we have been apart too long. However, I am regaining my connection with Mytre, as well as with Sandy. Actually, I am feeling that something very wonderful is occurring in her life. In fact, it feels like she is falling in love.

At the same time, I feel like Mytre is with Sandy, but not as his true SELF. Yes, as I tune into my dear Mytre, I realize that he too has entered an Earth vessel on the same timeline as I did. No, wait, he did not totally enter it. Yes, I think he is actually in the fourth dimensional aura of that person, a man. Oh my, the man is with Sandy, and they are falling in love. Mytre, my love, my SELF, you have created a beacon of Love to guide me back to where I began this journey.

I wonder if I dare bi-locate there, as I must finish what Almon and I began? No, not yet. I need to regain more of my multidimensional memory. Fortunately, if I can FEEL Mytre, then I am sure that he can feel me. Nonetheless, as soon as I am totally healed I will find a way to directly communicate with him. Perhaps, I can call upon the Arcturian to assist us? I will do that soon.

For now, I am content in knowing that Mytre is assisting me. In fact, it may well be that this situation is within our Divine plan. After all, there are no mistakes or accidents, only unexpected occurrences.

Jason Speaks:
I have decided to keep a journal of this journey I have begun. Just a few months ago I was in a big city with traffic and smog doing a job that I hated but was afraid to leave. In fact, I realize now that I was afraid of a lot of things. To be honest with myself, I was suffering from chronic anxiety. Every day I had to struggle to wake up and face the traffic I hated, a job that left me brain dead and friends that could only have fun when they were half, or fully, drunk.

I am not sure how I got the courage to finally take this new, wonderful, job and move to this calm town that is surrounded by nature. I also started hiking and even doing yoga. My friends from my former life would laugh at me if they knew that I was actually meditating. If I ever tried to tell them about the dreams I have been having, they would have laughed me out of the bar. I don’t even know where a bar is here, and I left my TV at my former apartment.

I just need to be quiet inside myself for a while. Also, my new job takes a lot of homework while I learn all these new graphic programs on my new computer that they, actually, gave me. My old job never gave me anything except criticism. Of course, they could probably tell that I hated it there. I could see the relief in their eyes when I quit. My friends just slapped me on the back and said, “Oh, you’ll be back soon.” Thanks for the support guys.

NO, I am not going to be a martyr anymore. I chose them to be my friends, and I chose to stay in the job that I hated. Why did I make those choices? I have to admit that I was just afraid of change, any change. I am not sure where I got the courage to finally change my life, but my courage continues.

In fact, I met someone! I was standing in line behind her in the grocery store and felt an instant attraction to her. She had a huge cartfull of food and told me to go ahead of her. A nice girl! I have not met any nice people in a long time. There I go again with the martyr thing. I can now admit that I was so lost in my own fear that I started to wear a “kick me” sign. Then I wondered why I was such a victim. No more. I got my courage back, and I am keeping it.

I even talked with Sandy – that is her name – while we were in the line. Then I had the courage to hang out by my car to see her when she left the store. How could it be that we were actually parked right next to each other? That has to be a sign.

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