Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elohim On The New Galactic Portals Recently Opened

Channelled  By Karen Doonan On May 26, 2013

Greetings dear ones we are the Elohim and we come to guide and to further support at this time. Much is now opening energetically and we have come to guide in relation to the new galactic portals that are now opening. Many of you are now aware of the deep changes in frequency that are now unfolding across and within planet earth and that are now being anchored within the individual human vehicles that exist upon planet earth. Such is the effect of these new higher energetic frequencies that new galactic portals are now opening. 

In order to make use of these galactic portals it is vital to allow the unfolding of the new paradigms within your human life experience and to allow the frequencies of the old to dissolve completely. The heightening energetic frequencies of planet earth will soon reach a level that will allow for the birth of much that has been repressed and kept hidden from the human race.

There is much that will now begin to dissolve in order that the new is given birth to and within. For all now changes and shifts and many are now moving in both frequency and location. For the call of the new is to all who are here to help birth these new paradigms within the human collective.

We call to those who have walked with us in human form and who now hear our vibrational coding of 222, we call to those who have anchored the new earth frequencies within their human vehicles to allow the flow of the new frequencies to wash through them and out into the world for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

The movement of various SOUL groups across and within planet earth will now commence, the calling from SOUL level will filter through into your waking conscious reality as an "urge" to be where your energies need to be for the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND. We ask for all to step out of the logical human brain that may try now to place once more the filters upon your vision.

Many of you will have stayed within the locations you are living within for most of your human life experience but now suddenly are pulled to a new location. We ask for you to connect with us at will and to connect with us in the dreamtime where further coding can take place that does not involve the logical human brain. For the logical human brain is now challenged in many aspects of life upon planet earth at this time.

The coding has gone out across the different dimensional timelines and many of you may feel as if you are no longer walking the same earth, you will move in frequency and as you do this you will move energetically to the timelines that are aligned with your new frequency. Such is the unfolding of the new upon and within planet earth at this time.

The portals are there and are VIBRATIONAL, you cannot fail at walking through a portal if that is your SOUL purpose for you are coded in order to reach the correct vibration.

The old earth may try to pull at your logical brain and try to teach that you are lost, that you are not in the correct place and yet the inner coding that sits within your energy signature is aligned with SOUL purpose. The human brain my try to teach you that all should be a challenge and you may look for that challenge but this is not TRUTH.

In human form many concepts may "APPEAR" to challenge you but moving fully into your heart space will see you understand and realise that there is in TRUTH no challenge, there JUST IS. You are now fully aligning with your galactic SELF and this will reflect back into your waking life experience as miracles for those who are part of your unfolding will now commence their movement into your waking human life.

The key to all dear ones is TRUST and FLOW, as you TRUST and allow the heart to guide then you will move into the flow of the new earth energies and all will flow and UNFOLD around you and through you. We are the ELOHIM and we will guide more in due course. Dear ones ALL IS NOW, there has never been a time when it is not NOW.

 We are with you as you now move out of the entirely human part of your life experience and begin to come into balance and wholeness at deepening levels.

We ask for you to BREATHE, to BE and to understand that all is perfect, for ALL JUST IS.

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