Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Pleiadian Light : A Reminder – Water!

Don't Hesitate - Hydrate!!!  DT the ET

Channeled by Hannah Beaconsfield, On May 2013

Hannah BeaconsfieldFrom the earliest material that we have sent through various channels regarding the transformation of the Earth species, we have emphasized how important it is to drink water to assist and support the changes.
This recommendation is becoming more urgent now. There is a particular surge of energy that is depleting the water reserves of your bodies and creating stress, especially on your nervous systems. Attention to the amount of water you are taking in will help you handle this energy.

There is a recurrent motif in the patterns of life on Earth, as well as on other humanoid world civilizations. It is the link between water and birth. The water-world is the source that holds all necessary elements for all levels of consciousness to bring forth new life. The birth of the ascended species on your world is occurring in the bodies of humans currently alive on Earth. This means that each individual is his or her own birth vessel. And water is a vital support for this process.

Previously, our emphasis on water has been for clearing toxins. The ascension changes require high hydration, not only for detoxification, but also as a conductor for electromagnetic energy. Without sufficient water all symptoms of ascension are much more intense and difficult to handle. In fact, if you compare a list of ascension symptoms with a list of dehydration symptoms you would find that they are very much aligned.
In light of the milestone you passed in December 2012, we wish to turn your attention to a new focus for the water imperative. In addition to the continuing need for detoxing hydration, we wish to present another element that will become increasingly important: water as a prime source of nourishment. Human bodies altered by ascension energies will require less dense nutritional elements to nourish their bodies.

There is a probable future reality in which human life is nourished and sustained by subtle energy nutrients such as light, air, color, sound, and water. The water element will act as a medium to make subtle energy sources available to human bodies. The more dense substances that you now ingest will become toxic rather than nourishing. You already see this happening in the increase in food sensitivities and allergies.

Water-carried subtle energy nourishment requires a clear, pure carrier. Most important, the water needs to carry life force energy. Much of the water available to you, at your present level of civilization, is devoid of life. The human body needs water with vital energy to support its many functions. All the functions of all life on Earth require pure, clear, life-filled water.

In addition to carrying subtle nutrients, pure, clear, living water has the potential to act as a means of communication. It may be programmed with purpose-energy that directs healing, manifesting, changing attitudes and emotions, encouraging growth (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) or almost anything you can imagine. You would be seeding the water with subtle energies that would support any manifestations you choose.

The level of contamination the Earth is experiencing due to over population and a careless abuse of Earth’s resources is another level of extreme need for purifying water. Since water nourishes every level of life on Earth, one of the first steps in cleansing the planet must be purifying the water. In the spirit of programming we just mentioned living water could act to seed large bodies of water that need cleansing. Some of your scientists are experimenting with this now.

There are many ways that the quality of water can be influenced. Its crystalline nature absorbs and communicates. There is a surge of material surfacing through creative and scientific people on Earth that is providing information about the nature of your water and the ways it can carry programming. As you search for information, as individuals, you will be guided to the most beneficial processes and programs for you. Remember: the time of gurus is winding down. It’s time to follow your own inner guidance.

We would like to recommend an area that could be explored. Many crop circle patterns are intended to be accommodated, on subconscious levels, as symbols that have effects and cause alterations in those who view them. This is the opposite of decoding the “messages” for the understanding of the intellect. As symbols they carry an energy effect (actually many levels of effects – for this the nature of symbols – they are multidimensional) and could be used to program water like many other influencing energies.

Crop circles, on the whole, convey many different types of data, but there are ones that are clearly geometric symbols. You could look for ones with which you feel a positive resonance. Their initial intent was to be accommodated visually, but some of you might feel inclined to experiment with these images and the programming of water. You could choose an image of a symbol, set a container of purified water on it over night, then drink it or use it in other way to test its effects.

We wish to emphasize, again, how important this life-giving liquid is for you, at this time. So many of you are judging discomforts, imbalances, upsets, pains, etc. as needing medication. We encourage you to give yourselves whatever comforts are available, but start with the basic source of life: pure, clear, living water.

©Hannah Beaconsfield 2013

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