Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Manuscript of Survival – Part 304

Channelled By Aisha North On May 13, 2013  

You have by now gotten used to the idea of reading words given to you through an intermediary such as the channel we are using.  However, from now on, we also want to urge you all to try to communicate directly with us.  And when we say ”us”, we refer of course to the collective known as The Constant Companions. This is of course just to make it easier for you to open up to all of this, for if we had asked any of you to just pick out a name of an entity you wanted to communicate with, it might have left you stymied in so many ways. 

That is also the reason we have chosen to appear in the form of a faceless and nameless collective. You see, you have all the ability to connect with ”the other side” as many like to refer to us as, but until now, it is one that has been reserved for a small number of people. And the reason for that is easy to explain. Mankind have been on a long journey to reach the point they are at today, and now, finally, you have made yourself ready to truly step into your true roles as citizens not just of this planet, but of all of Creation. And this journey has been one fraught with many perils and disturbances, and as such, information has been controlled in so many ways. 

We know that this is not news to any of you, for you all know well that here has been a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes as it were. This road that mankind has traveled down for such a long time is not the road that mankind set out on from the beginning. But now, much has indeed been rectified, and as you all know, your own personal journey has been a vital part of the restructuring of your planet. For, without the clearing and enlightening process you have taken upon yourselves, nothing much would have changed at all on this, your home away from home as we like to call it Mankind would have been forced to continue their journey towards and over the precipice to certain destruction.

As recent events have more than shown, enough of your brethren have chosen to do the same about-face as you, and for these last few months, the amount of light being poured into your world through your physical vessels has grown so much that it has washed away almost all traces of the manipulating denseness that used to surround you on all sides. 

We will not go into further details about this, we just bring it up in order to explain some of the reasons why you have in many ways been forced to go through an intermediary whenever you wanted to listen to the words coming from the light. Many of those detrimental forces have now been neutralized or removed and thus your own abilities to connect will be greatly enhanced.

You see, and open channel is an open channel, and earlier it was much too tempting to those not so keen on enlarging the light quotient to use that open channel to further their ideas. In other words, many attempts at manipulation in the form of disinformation and willful embedding of low frequencies have been carried out, and some of them were indeed successful, while others where aborted. 

It was more than enough to keep us all busy trying to minimize any leakage of dark matter into the channels of the light. And believe us, it was at times a very hectic atmosphere on both sides of the veil. Now, the whole playing field has been changed in many ways and your own level of vibration has been raised much higher by your willingness to tap into, and indeed be connected to, this web of light you have all become a part of. Currently the stakes are much higher than they were only a short time ago and so we urge you all to start listening more closely to the signals you will be getting in the near future.

For you too have your own Constant Companions, and they do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Remember, you are no longer a solitary being, traveling solo on this journey. In fact, you have never been a solitary traveler and it is now the time for you to start connecting more closely with your mates 

Of course, some of them you have met already, maybe even in a physical form, but others are less well known to you. In addition, your own group will have changed considerably throughout your journey, as they are all carefully chosen to match your vibrational field at all times. So yes, they are your Constant Companions and they are also constantly changing, even if some of the components of your group will remain unchanged.

We gather that this will not be news to everyone as some of you have  long had the ability to connect with entities on the other side. For others this will be new territory in a manner of speaking. It will also feel a little bit daunting at first for how do you know who it is you are ”talking” to? Is it not just yourself? Well, maybe it is, because you yourself are comprised of several levels of awareness, and the one in which you ”live and breathe” every day is just a part of this whole. 

As youstep into your ONENESS  you also become ONE with yourself, or maybe we should say ”yourselves”.  Therein lies the first step towards acknowledging the messages you will be getting.  Many times it is indeed YOU speaking to YOU and it is a higher level of consciousness within you that is speaking to the human part of you. In addition, you will also start to get signals from other entities as there is indeed much to discover now.

We know that this will seem to be not only daunting, but downright frightening to many of you. What if the someone who comes knocking on your door is not so benign? Well, let us first of all say that the chances of that happenning are not very high In this, as in everything else, it is a question of awareness and intent. You always check the credentials of anyone wanting to enter your home, do you not? In other words, you will use your discernment in this as you do in everything else, and if there is something that simply feels wrong, just say no and refuse to give them entry. It is as easy as that, as no one can ”enter” without your consent. 

Now that the light you all carry within is so strong, it will act as the best of shields in all circumstances. So just stay centered, and stay alert, and feel into whatever is approaching. Please know that even the most benign of energies can be a little bit overwhelming at first so just ask for them to take it slow to let you get adjusted to the energy. This is first and foremost a question of energy, and so, every new encounter will feel just like that, new, in some way.  You will come into contact with a form of energy that will feel a little bit alien to you, if we may use such a word. 

Please just do what feels right for you and do not try to force yourself to do anything. Just remember, the doors are not locked any more and you are free to enter these halls of ”free speech”. We suggest that you do so at a pace that feels comfortable to you and pick your ”companions” to connect with as you feel guided to. Just know that you have literally a large host to choose from and they are all eager to say hello in some way or another.  If you feel totally shut down and everything seems silent, know that you are not alone and have just chosen to take your time and wait a little bit before you take this first tentative step and there is wisdom in this.

Again, this is literally a one-on-one thing. Each and every one of you will have your own experiences. Some of this energy will come to you in the form of words, through your fingers or through your ears. Some may have a heightened awareness of shapes and images while others will start to sense unexpected smells in unexpected places, like the smell of roses when there are no roses present. Things like that, big and small, are all signs of someone trying to say ”hello!" so don't think that you have to follow in the footsteps of this channel in order to be able to communicate with your Constant Companions.

Let us leave it at that for today. We will indeed be back with more on the same subject later. Until then, we invite you all to start to listen well so as not to miss any ”hellos” coming your way.

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