Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are You at Your Transition 'WHATEVER!' Point?

Is this what's ailin' ya, Bunkie?  Brenda knows, cares and tells it like it is.  This post's for you Denny...DT the ET

Welcome to Brenda's Blog - Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On May 15, 2013

Dear Ones,

Senior Lightworker 'Running on Empty'
You have cleared most, if not all, of your deeply held secrets – whether spiritual, emotional or physical. You have suffered through your ‘dark night of the soul’ on many levels – in dream time or awake.

You are exhausted and have little to offer yourself, much less others. You feel as if your world was turned upside down and tossed into a ravine. Nothing that was is and yet you awake to the same 3D world as 6 months ago. You have discarded friends and family and felt such deep loneliness that you can barely cope. Yet, you continue on.

The energy infusing you now is, in essence, an energy drink to revitalize, to help you hope again and to help you better understand yourself. For it is difficult for you to think beyond today or tomorrow given your deep exhaustion.

You know better than others that this is not a ‘normal’ exhaustion – you sleep many hours and yet awake tired and sometimes unable to contemplate the activities you used to complete with ease. Meeting new people or old friends often feels burdensome – unless the groupings are small and intimate or so large you do not need to interact.

You feel as if your nerves are on the edge of your skin. Yet, you continue on. Hoping and yes, praying it will be over soon.

Just the thought of another energy shift seems too much to contemplate, let alone live through. In truth, you do not care enough to become nervous or frightened. You have reached a ‘whatever’ point in this New Age/new earth transition. Little excites you and much exhausts you. You have no energy to spare – much less interest to move through yet another deep energy burst. And so it is that the Universes are sending you additional energies in preparation for the next big energy shift.

You will note these additional energies when you short-circuit electrical or computer equipment, when you feel as if you have to move or do something, anything, or you will burst. Yet, you will feel exhausted. Waking up hoping you can complete at least half of what you want to complete – and on the same day having a need to go somewhere, anywhere just to reduce the energy infusing your being – the energies gifted to you by the Universes.

Perhaps you are equating this energy infusion to an energy drink or a cup of coffee. You will feel somewhat like that only deeper and richer.

Most likely this Universal gifted energy infusion will affect your sleep patterns. You might need a nap during the day following a night without sleep or find that you sleep well at night and yet need several naps during the day. Your body is adjusting to yet another energy ramp up. The difference is that the energy infusion of the next few days is a gift from the Universes. It is not part of your expected physical changes. Let us explain.

Until now, you have gradually accepted energies as presented to the whole of earth – and thus the Universes. Some of you have dipped deeper into the energies than others, but all have been able to access these energies. The energy infusion of the next few days is for those of you who wish to ramp up faster than others, but do not have the energies to do so on your own. You have requested an outside energy source such as is being provided until the end of May.

We are not overtaking your being. You are exhausted, and as is true for your morning cup of coffee, you have requested our assistance in grabbing the brass ring arriving in a few days.

What is meant by our last statement? You, as a group of advance Lightworkers, have requested rapid progression into the New Age/new earth. Your physical body is exhausted, yet all indicators are that the soon-to-be planetary movements will allow you to skip some steps in your evolutionary process. Those of you at the forefront of this shift sense that potential movement with awe, excitement and sheer exhaustion. You want to be part of it, but do not have the energies to jump the hurdles occurring in the next few weeks. You have requested assistance. And so you are receiving.

Those who wish to jump those hurdles will feel spurts of energy that do not seem possible upon waking.

Those not at the forefront of this movement will not note the energy infusion for they do not require such at this time. They are content to follow your path as you cut away trees and brambles. It is you at the forefront who are exhausted, who sometimes feel as if you can not possibly go one step further – and yet, you yearn to do so with every fiber of your being.

You are not unique in terms of being wiser or braver than others – merely a bit more impatient. And so it is you are being fed the energy needed to jump the hurdles of the next few weeks. Others will do so at a later date – with your loving guidance if you wish or in their time. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.
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