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A lovely personal channelling made public to benefit beings - Enjoy!  DT the ET 

THE GROUP Via Magartha On May 15, 2013

WE greet you and wish for you to have peace and to live in your center throughout this day you have created with us, and with The All.

We have a lesson for you today and we wish you to be comfortable for it. WE encourage you to feed and nourish yourself throughout. This is to be an event of joy and homecoming, and we wish for your comfort and peace.

There are so many good and kind human beings taping into Universal Mind now, and we expect you will see a relative explosion in this type of communication.

As you have found, translating our information is a joy unto itself. Getting out of the way and letting us speak, this is a trick that you are pulling off, and your flavor is a spicy one. Everyone's flavor is different. Flavored with the color of each of your wings, as the solar winds chime from your chest, your throat, each of you colors these winds, and we love the colors, the scents, the lights, as you engage in these conversations.

This is a valid way to gain access to information just above, or fairly far removed from your focused consciousness. It is not a holy thing to talk to us, and not a clever thing, really. It is something you know as a need. Those without the need will have things to say about what you do. Understand that it is their absence of your true longing which allows them to disrespect this information. Neither they nor the information nor you, dear one, are harmed by their disallowance of this information. It is as it must be. Remember the apple tree.


You know this as littlemind, needing to know such things.

You have seen us and know that our faces change, and our visages are all lovely. We can morph into anything you wish. We have taken on many personalities, and many of them you might recall, the names are not all too faint, however, this is less to do with proving legitimacy and more about understanding that you are in a moment of extreme transformation.

You understand that you will turn into a fire ball and we wish to clarify.

Yes you have a date with transfiguration. This has been your goal, it has been your only goal. The date was set long ago, and is keyed into the very earth.

There are others, and this is a big thing to pull of, in that these are archetypal lifetimes you are clearing up.

You have friends. You are not doing this alone, none of you, none of you. All of you now know yourselves only to be singular. And this is as it should be. Your affinity to each other, at this date, would simply be too strong to have you be together.

You are right, dear one, that there is someone waiting for you in that metaphysical bible class. This is something we urge you to consider adding to your daily planner. This person, just on a personal level, will find you if you decide against the class. Hold no fear.

The aside was a necessary one, because we just gave you a key to this lifetime which has eluded you until now.

Yes, you are not mistaken, this is your goal.

You have each meticulously prepared yourselves, and the numbers must remain hidden. You can feel each other now, as you have been for several months.

Now we wish you to sit with the dispensation of the silence you now find yourself in. This silence will take some of your time to become acquainted with. You understand now that you may have dissonance and come to believe that what you are experiencing is from a delusion, and we are encouraging you to use whichever device works for you to gain peace with the thought that no one now entering your fields can hold what you charmingly call “bad thoughts.”

This is a dispensation.

The first was from Kuthumi, the dispensation of the magenta flame. It unites the base and crown, the second and 6th, the 3rd and 5th, unites these pairs to the heart.

This dispensation is that of peace through compassion.

Now, the dispensation comes from Quan Yin. She gives you the dispensation of a golden rod. With this rod, much like a lightening staff, your fields no longer repel what you call negativity, and what we recognize as lower vibratory reality. Resistance was indeed necessary. For thousands of years, you and your fellow healers, you ancients, you had to resist. It was resist or flee. You learned a curious balance, and it has served you well.

Things have changed, and resistance is, now, not only counter therapeutic, so to speak, but just a tremendous outlay of energy, when you can have better effects more easily. We wish to explain.
This Golden Rod that Quan Yin gives each of you now, this is the dispensation of sustained love. One achieves this through mindfulness, and it can only be given to those who do not know how to abuse it. Many have been handed this rod overnight.

Sustained love. This means that in your fields you are holding such a sustained vibration, a vibration not usually seen here, and as such, there are a few changes you are creating. Each of you must gain comfort and feel skill with this. Go out with confidence. We will explain how to use it now.
This is such that you may generally expect certain things that just won't be happening anymore.

Grumpiness. Anger. Rage. Violence. Criticism. Judgment. Slights. Condescension. Depression. Assuming the worst. Catastrophizing.

You will expect these. And you will be seeing very little of it. Yes, you will see some of it, and yes, it will be increasingly uninteresting. It must come through for a bit longer, just to give you the contrast you need to see that this is real.

We understand you do not believe us. Why should you? You hear everything, and it is not good, most of what you hear. The sort of thoughts you yourself had this morning and last night, unsettled, angry, no good reason angry. Do you remember?

It is no accident you were in pain for twelve hours prior to this.

Your more sensitive friends will soon be crying out in elation as they discover that things are suddenly easier.

Your Brother Kryon reminded you of this just yesterday, and you pooh pooh'd it. He said that there would come a time soon, such as this. WE have clouded your retrieval. It is not important, and not necessary to cross reference for the audience. Understand that you are being worked on individually for the collective and leave it at that.

WE leave you today in peace. Ha! Peace like you have never know. Peace that you knew, yes, you did, you knew you would never have it here on earth.

Here is is.

Peace on earth.

On your Earth.

You see, this dispensation, it is alchemical. The rod is such that with it you are able to, without a thought, without effort, transmute any lower vibratory signature to a higher one.

Do you understand this?

No one you meet, no one, no matter what level of distress they are in, no matter where they are in their climb, no one you meet will feel anything but supreme peace in your presence. You need not be physically present. Hold them in your golden arms, smile in on them with your heart, write them a little note when you are at your desk at work, telling them of your great respect for them, and them just discard the note. The message was sent. The message was sent. The message was sent.

No one you meet who is in pain will be in as much pain as prior to being in your presence.

Do you understand this?

Do you believe it>?

Sit and feel it.

Imagine, now, the most difficult, the ugliest, the most obscene and perverse situation you can think of... perhaps something you saw of facebook? Go...

You see now what you are capable of. And it feels very good, does it not, our friend, our fine friend?
Do you understand that his is not a gift which is yours alone?

Do you understand that every word you write, every word you allow us to write, these words add up, and you are assisting greatly. Do not worry. Others will soon be reading. How can they not? How can they not?

Fear not. Be still. Love.

Love all, love self, love it all. There is no pain here.

Yes, you suffered last night, and this morning you were in such pain, you were crying, there in your car, smoking and crying, feeling like your heart was breaking, because it hurts so bad. Do you remember?

Do you remember?

And do you remember what happened next?

The heavens, my dear, split open JUST FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR WORLD.

The pain you have now is ALWAYS a gate.

Do you understand?

Stop using yourself as a tool for self deprecation, self doubt, self recrimination. Cast away your doubt! Cast away your fretting. These are small things not fitting a warrior of your caste.

Take up your sword, and walk through the crowds. See them part. See them part. See them part.
A blessing, each step upon the earth now.

Peace to all, peace on earth, peace to you this day and in all your days, our beloved.

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