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The Prevailing Third-Dimensional Paradigms

Yep, when you come to the fork in the paradigm..take it!  DT the ET 

Posted by Steve Beckow On May 11&12, 2013 flow is the paradigm for the way of life in the Fourth Dimension, what have been the predominant paradigms of the old Third?

The scientific paradigm is empirical materialism. And we’ll return to that in a moment.

The prevailing social paradigm for perhaps the last 150 years has been Social Darwinism.

What are its tenets?

Social Darwinism is the view that life is a struggle for existence. It sees there as being scarce resources for which we compete. And it predicts that only the fittest will survive.

It sees nature is red in tooth and claw. That is, nature is neutral and favors the strong. Whether that tenet is true or not, its implication is that the social environment is also red in tooth and claw.

Predation does exist in nature. To that extent it may be red in tooth and claw. But even nature is weighted toward the good and the benevolent. That is, while life forms may prey on each other, the natural order, the universal law, etc., though impartial, tends to favor the good. Here is Lao Tzu making this important observation:

“Impartial though the Way of God may be,
It always favors good men.” (1)

The fact that the natural order, or divine order, can be impartial and yet favor the good is a mystery that the spiritual student needs to solve. For free will to be allowed, impartiality has to be the case at the level of the Divine.

But for the purpose for which life was created to be served – for us to travel from God to God – the Good must also be favored. If life were not purposeful, this tendency toward the Good might not be the case.

So the mere fact that nature may on some level and in some ways be red in tooth and claw does not invalidate its pointing and tending towards the Good.

And the mere fact that the animal world features predation is no reason for the human world also to do so. Spiritual evolution lays down that it not be so. The human level of existence is there, I believe, to promote the ability to love one another, not to promote the ability to prey on one another.

The notion of spiritual evolution is what’s missing from the Social Darwinist interpretation. It emphasizes the physical but leaves out the spiritual.

Life forms evolve to higher and higher levels of divine existence. Human society is not and never was intended to be red in tooth and claw. That applies to its first tenet.

Its second tenet is that only the strongest survive. The weakest go to the wall. This tenet has never been observed in human society, although there have always been people who’ve tried to make it prevail.

Any kind of care-giving in our society – care of the young, the sick, the disabled, the poor, the old, and the dying – is a refusal to live by this merciless interpretation of life.

The weakest seldom go to the wall. The young are protected. The sick are tended to. The disabled are assisted. The old are cared for. And the dying are made comfortable.

If we knew that the dead live on in circumstances much preferable to the living, we might give them a joyous send-off. (2) I certainly ask for one myself.

I predict that access to the medical and hospital care system based on wealth is not a system that will last. Universal medicare is practised in many countries and is seen as an “enlightened” social approach. All citizens who live under such a system, when general economic conditions are not limiting, would never live under any other.

zEducation, roads, bridges, electrical, telephone, and water systems – all manner of projects are in whole or in part paid and provided for by society at large. If not these projects, then others.

The elites of society preach rugged individualism and free enterprise only as long as they’re winning. When they’re losing, they look to government to bail them out. bank bailout of former years is one example of this “free enterprise” while the rich are winning and “government assistance” when the rich are losing. They extract wealth from society while attempting to pass the costs along, which is one way the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Until now.

The defense industry, paid for by all of society but manipulated by the planetary controllers to enhance their global dominance, is another example of the rich elite requiring society to fund it, while obstructing or limiting funding for such things as medical care and education.

Nonetheless, in our society the weakest have still seldom gone to the wall. The instances in which they have, such as in Nazi Germany’s eugenics program, are held up as examples of inhumanity.

If we were to be quite callous about the matter, I’d say that males are typically looked to to provide for and protect. A man may be evaluated for his outlook as a good protector and provider.

Women are typically looked to to nurture and support and are often represented as being valued for their proficiencies there.

Our male-run society has moved further and further from flow and into strategy, manipulation, and control. This is the manner in which the constructed self is born and rules.

What can arise in such a society has been suggested by Mother Earth through Pamela Kribbe. She recently made the distinction between these two paradigms, associating one with the male and one with the female.

“If you are aggressive, and you focus on control, power, and manipulation through mental processes, the feminine soon becomes your enemy, because the feminine is by nature more flowing, more flexible, and more connected to qualities of feeling and emotion.

“The feminine is the source of all inspiration. She creates the bridge to your soul. Your soul flows through your feminine energy. The masculine energy is meant to support that inspiration, and to make it possible for this inspiration to become established in the material world.” (3)

She describes the male as being ensconced in armor – what Wilhelm Reich might have called “character armoring.”

“When you see how a man looks historically, at the pain he has suffered, then you see a man whose emotions are not allowed to flow sufficiently. Men have identified with thinking, doing, and acting, but the connection with their heart is broken or difficult to find.

“If you look at the figure of a man, you can see that he lives partly within a shell or an armor. This armor gives him the feeling of security on the one hand, but at the same time it restricts him, because his heart is stifled. You can see his tide of passion and love, but that current may not flow very freely through his armor; there is congestion and blockage within him.

“Men cannot express their feelings very well, because they have to contend with an old armor that no longer actually fits them, and you can perceive there are already cracks in the armor of this representative male.” (4)

One has only to watch the crime dramas on TV – NCIS, the Mentalist, the Listener, Criminal Minds, Homeland, Warehouse 13, Flashpoint, on and on the dramas go that reinforce the masculine view of life that society is a dangerous place, that we need the authorities to protect us, that the male skills of analysis, control, and prevention are essential, etc.

But none of that – or very, very little of it – (5) is destined to go forward with us into the higher dimensions. The Social Darwinist point of view, that underpinned the rise of armies and constant war, reduced civil rights, led to the battening of the rich, the abandonment of social services, etc., is now falling around us and is destined to collapse completely.

Social Darwinism is our dominant social paradigm. It dovetails nicely with our dominant scientific paradigm, which is empirical materialism.

This scientific paradigm holds that only things that can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, etc., are real.

Those people who are aware that a planetary elite tried unsuccessfully to take this planet over (they’ve been stopped) can see how well the paradigm of empirical materialism might serve them.

Empirical materialism removes from our information banks the only other source that can help the underdog when manipulated and placed under the control of the planetary elites – and that is the very Company of Heaven which we listen to every day. These higher-dimensional beings, often from distant parts of the universe, who serve the Divine Plan, observe the universal laws, but cannot be seen are our natural allies.

The standard approach to these invisible beings, who are known to the planetary controllers, is to ridicule mention of them. But this being a time of shift, these beings, our natural allies, have seen that none of the plans of the cabal have been allowed to succeed, even if certain actions cannot be prohibited by universal law.

Besides cutting us off from our natural allies, empirical materialism cuts us off from our own invisible soul or any of our other higher-dimensional bodies, all of which are unseen. And it instils in us the fear of death.

Life becomes about this one physical body we’re in. There’s no sense of survival after death. And so all attention is placed on prolonging the survival of this body we presently inhabit in this Third Dimension.

Under these two paradigms, life becomes about “survival.” Take away any belief in a beneficent God and we’re left with the idea that resources are scarce and we must compete with each other to survive. This paradigm is guaranteed to keep us in a dualistic and polarized perspective, fighting each other.

So empirical materialism deprives the downtrodden of their allies and increases the likelihood that the advocates of Social Darwinism will prevail in the struggle for existence which they themselves lay down. It creates a view of life that keeps people perpetually separate, divided, and competing. These two paradigms are central in keeping our consciousness in the Third Dimension.


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